Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 101:
By: Kenneth James

Grand King Ghidorah cackled as he flew over the city, casting down beams of yellow energy and sending plumes of fire and smoke high into the air. He was the antithesis of life, his existence only had one meaning; to cause death and destruction wherever he went. All life despised him, and in return, he despised all life. King Ghidorah was simply a cosmic force of destruction, nothing more, nothing less, even he didn't know where he'd come from, why he'd been created. But he didn't care. He loved the destruction he left in his wake, the smell of burnt flesh and the screams of dying organisms as he flew over and destroyed all that dared laid eyes on his golden scales and horrific visage. The King of Terror flew in low, allowing his passing to level buildings from the windstorms his massive form created merely by flying at high speeds… until a massive silver leg suddenly erupted from the earth and smashed into the tyrant, sending him crashing to the ground. King Ghidorah cackled in fury, swiftly rising to his feet to see what being would dare assault the King of Terror.

The Queen Legion tore her gigantic frame free from the ground with an unearthly bellow, standing before her fellow space monster. As ironic as it may be, she was here to kill Ghidorah to save the Earth. Why? Because if Ghidorah destroyed the Earth, then her kind wouldn't be able to colonize it. Truthfully, Legion wasn't evil, she wasn't some demonic destroyer or alien conqueror. Only one thing drove her: To protect her colony. At their most basic purpose, Legion and Gamera were the same, they were guardians of a certain kind of life; Gamera life on Earth, Legion the life of her colony. Certainly this put them at odds, made her predecessor and Gamera fight to the death, but at their most basic of motives, Legion and Gamera were identical, just the species they were guardians of were simply enemies. But that wasn't her only motivation, no. While King Ghidorah certainly threatened her colony, that wasn't her only reason to attack him. Despite all life being very different, there was a universal constant in the universe. On an instinctive level, all life despised King Ghidorah, for as an antithesis of life, he was the enemy to all lifeforms in the entire universe, thus any of them would, given the chance, attempt to kill King Ghidorah without hesitation. Legion was no different.

King Ghidorah cackled in rage at this monster that dared assault his cosmic might, and reacted with a barrage of Gravity Bolts from his three mouths. To his shock, however, Legion's upper legs quickly weaved a web of electricity, catching the destructive rays and dissipating them into the air. Legion bellowed as her horn suddenly split open down the middle, electricity crackling between the separated parts as she charged before letting loose a powerful electromagnetic beam. Ghidorah stood his ground, only, to his shock, receive a devastating impact on his chest, the resulting explosion sending golden scales flying into the air and cries of agony from his three mouths. He then realized his mistake, his scales deflected light-based attacks by manipulating the light composing them into a barrier. But this beam wasn't light, it was electricity, something he wasn't used to. Grand King Ghidorah roared in fury and charged Legion before she could fire off another shot and sunk his jaws into her armor, pressurized air shooting out from the holes his powerful jaws poked in her armor, more following as he tore chunks of armor out.

Legion screeched in rage, quickly rearing up and swinging her still blazing hot horn down, slicing a gash along King Ghidorah's chest, cauterizing the wound with the heat still present. The King of Terror roared out in pain, then quickly replied by letting loose bolts of electricity from his wing spikes, getting an extremely satisfying roar of pain from Legion as the bolts tore into her form, ravaging her body. The queen wouldn't let this go unpunished and brought her massive hind legs forwards, Ghidorah breaking off his attack to evade, only to have his right wing impaled on the sharp points. King Ghidorah roared in fury, tearing his wing free, knowing he could still fly without it. King Ghidorah quickly let loose his Gravity Rays, Legion not having enough time to raise her shield and having a large chunk of her chest armor sent flying into the air. Roaring in fury, Legion opened her horn and charged, King Ghidorah taking flight to evade, allowing the ground he'd been standing on moments before to erupt into a tower of fire, smoke and debris as the deadly ray tore into it.

Grand King Ghidorah took to the sky, intending to use his flying ability to gain the upper hand. After all, Legion hadn't yet shown she could follow him. Unfortunately for the King of Terror, a set of insect-like wings emerged from her back, sending the queen of the Legion horde into the sky in hot pursuit. Ghidorah was thankful, however, to find Legion was slower than him, letting him get ahead. She quickly responded to this by opening her horn and letting loose with her beam, King Ghidorah wisely dodging this time and returning fire with his Gravity Rays. Legion, unable to use her shield very well while airborne, evaded the attack. The two exchanged beams in a deadly dogfight, each narrowly avoiding getting hit by the other one, the missing attacks striking the ground below, blowing buildings to smoldering rubble as the conflict continued to rage. Legion, realizing this was meaningless, managed to close the distance between them, attempting to gore the King of Terror on her horn. However, Ghidorah saw this coming and narrowly evaded a full impact, but gained a deep gash in his side. King Ghidorah took advantage of his position by firing his Gravity Beams, piercing Legion's fluttering, but fragile wings. Roaring in rage, Legion was cast from the sky and plummeted toward Earth, but managed to get off another shot of her horn beam, striking Ghidorah in the chest with enough force to shoot him down as well.

The two space monsters crashed hard into the ground below, both leaving impact craters of a sizable sort in their wake and toppling several large buildings. However, Legion, used to arriving unprotected from reentry, was quick to rise, her body having endured little damage. Grand King Ghidorah, while mostly unharmed from the crash, was still dazed from the impact, used to having a meteor protecting him from the reentry impact. Legion took advantage and stampeded towards the still-downed King of Terror and reared up, attempting to crush him under her massive bulk. King Ghidorah, however, had the clarity of mind to let loose his wing lightning, striking Legion's body and sending her back as she attempted to get away from the painful assault, giving King Ghidorah enough room to return to his feet. The space monster took flight and dove down, kicking Legion in the face and forcing her back. He continued and flew around behind her, blasting Legion with his Gravity Rays, sending chunks of armored flesh flying with highly pressurized air escaping the holes. Legion roared in pain, but before she could move her massive form around, she was buffeted with another onslaught of Gravity beams, blowing off more of her armored skin. Before King Ghidorah could fire another barrage, Legion managed to get around and block his Gravity Beam with her energy field.

King Ghidorah quickly realized this and flew up, trying to get around behind her again, but before he could, the Legion Queen dove underground disappearing beneath the surface. The King of Terror searched around for his foe, trying to locate her so he could resume his assault and retain the upper hand. He waited but got impatient and unleashed his Gravity Bolts on the ground, sending explosions of earth, rubble, and fire high into the sky. After a few moments of this onslaught, he stopped and looked, seeing if he'd hit his rival. It didn't take long for Legion to reveal that she hadn't been struck and her head to emerge from the ground, horn open and charging, the resulting electromagnetic ray hitting King Ghidorah hard in the back, sending him falling hard to the ground. The King of Terror managed to catch himself and land on his feet, swiftly turning to face Legion as she completely tore free of the earth, charging him as fast as she could. King Ghidorah dodged her deadly horn and sunk his fangs into her sides, ripping loose more chunks of silicon-based flesh. There was one thing King Ghidorah was beginning to despise Legion for: not only would she not die already, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her blood! Thirsting to see blood, he sent his snaking heads into the wounds and tore out a larger hunk of armor from inside her, spitting it away. Before he could perform the attack again, Legion's hind legs sprung forwards, one piercing his unhurt wing, the other into his stomach, driving a spurt of blood from the cosmic demon. Retreating quickly to avoid more damage, Grand King Ghidorah realized he couldn't win like this, Legion was simply a superior melee fighter. He then decided to change tactics, he had to destroy her horn, that was the bare facts.

King Ghidorah took flight as Legion pressed her attack and attempted another horn thrust. King Ghidorah quickly caught sight of a ferris wheel nearby and got a nasty thought in his heads. He dove down and grabbed the structure in his talons, picking it up off the ground and flying straight at Legion. Legion turned slowly, in time to see this, but not time to do anything about it. The ferris wheel was driven into her face, her horn stabbing through the center as it did so. Legion roared out in pain, staggering backwards, trying to open her horn, but how far down the ferris wheel had gone prevented it from doing so. King Ghidorah took advantage by letting loose his wing lightning, the electricity using the metal structure as a conductor, intensifying the shock and causing Legion to roar out in agony. Grand King Ghidorah relished her howls of pain and finally let up. Legion crashed to the ground hard, clearly hurt. The King of Terror saw her trying to rise and decided to take advantage of her weakness and destroy that infernal horn of hers and take out her most powerful weapon. King Ghidorah took flight, sailing through the air and slamming his feet hard into Legion's horn, earning a crack. He flew around again, repeating the act. Legion, in her weakened state and with her horn stuck shut, was unable to counterattack. Finally, one of the kicks snapped off the horn, sending it falling to the ground in two large chunks. Legion screeched in agony, rearing back as the now-free ferris wheel fell to the ground. Legion soon followed, her eyes going black.

King Ghidorah examined the seemingly dead kaiju, approaching slowly, fairly certain victory was his. But suddenly, and to his shock, Legion's eyes lit up a blazing and furious red. The alien queen surged back to her fighting stance. Destroying her horn had been a mistake, one Legion was certain to make his last. Her horn's stump let loose a multitude of scarlet energy whips that tore through the air, hungry to taste Ghidorah's blood. Unfortunately for Legion, these were a light-based weapon, one which Ghidorah's scales refracted, rendering it useless. The King of Terror countered with his own Gravity Bolts, sending several of her upper legs flying into the air and a roar of agony from her mandibles. King Ghidorah let loose another volley, Legion raising her shield, only for the weakened barrier to be unable to block it, her right eye exploding into a fireball as the beams slammed into it. King Ghidorah watched Legion slump over, weakened and hurt. King Ghidorah paused to relish her suffering. This was a mistake.

Legion launched up, the area behind her head glowing as well as the hive-like structure on the front of her. She unleashed her secret weapon, a swarm of Symbiotic Legion from her chest. The swarming army quickly covered Grand King Ghidorah from head to toe, ripping and tearing into his flesh, blood quickly trickling from their mandibles. King Ghidorah screeched in agony, slamming his body against buildings and blasting himself with his own attacks, trying desperately to rid his body of the tiny terrors. Legion took advantage as, once she regained her strength, she charged forwards, a cluster of Symbiotic Legion moving out of the way on King Ghidorah's chest as she relayed information to them. She planted her horn stump into the exposed area so his scales wouldn't be able to protect him as the Legion on his back did the same as those on the front. Her energy whips erupted forth, directly into King Ghidorah's chest, tearing out his back, going through his black heart in the process. King Ghidorah roared in agony, trying to get free but Legion directed her whips into his spinal column, cutting it in two. Legion ended her whips, allowing King Ghidorah to collapse paralyzed to the ground. While he could move his heads, it didn't do much good, as she was soon behind him were she couldn't be reached. She merely stood silent, watching her offspring bite and claw into King Ghidorah, his roars of pain going unanswered.

Hours later, Legion watched as her offspring crawled off what was left of Grand King Ghidorah. The once powerful King of Terror, destroyer of thousands of worlds, now was nothing but a pile of bloody bones laying in the city streets, and soon even that wouldn't remain as his bones were broken down to make the nest. With King Ghidorah dead, Legion could now turn her focus on her nest. Perhaps this time none would be foolish enough to dare challenge her and her swarm after word spread that they'd killed the mighty Grand King Ghidorah.