Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 100:
By: Christian Salabert

Monster Island. Home to many of Earth's giant monsters. The South Pacific isle was no stranger to epic battles between the titanic creatures, but today the island would experience something different. Something far greater. A battle beyond the scope of mankind's imagination.

The King of the Monsters snarled as he glared at the beast standing before him. Unlike his other foes, Godzilla was infuriated by the mere fact that this creature existed. He thought he had slain the beast before, but he could plainly tell he had failed. Rearing his head back and roaring furiously, Godzilla let it be known that he wouldn't rest until the hideous monster in front of him was completely eradicated from the Earth.

The Super Monster staring back shared Godzilla's hatred. The two had clashed before, yet Godzilla still lived. This enraged Bagan. The fact that there was a beast capable of withstanding his awesome power was an insult to his very being. Bagan flexed his claws and bared his razor-sharp teeth. His powerful tail swung menacingly behind him. This time, he would be sure to reduce Godzilla to a pile of broken, bloody ashes.

Almost instantaneously, the two attacked.

Their bodies crashed together with a thunderous noise, their claws and teeth sinking into the other's flesh. Barely even feeling Godzilla's attacks, Bagan slashed at his neck with his snout horn, only for the Monster King to rear his head back and unleash a point-blank blast of his atomic ray into Bagan's face, scorching his flesh. Bagan staggered back, clutching at his head. Godzilla's dorsal fins flashed as he prepared to fire another blast, only for Bagan to spew a burst of his plasma breath, striking Godzilla hard in the chest and knocking him off his feet. Bagan growled angrily and marched forward as his face healed. Raising his foot, he brought it down on Godzilla's chest, doing his best to crush the mighty monster underfoot. Godzilla grabbed Bagan's foot and struggled to shove it off his chest but had no such luck. Godzilla groaned as he started to find it hard to breathe and felt his ribs begin to crack. Bagan let loose a sinister cry as he applied even more and more pressure to Godzilla's chest and was rewarded by loud, sickening cracks.

Godzilla growled. Enough was enough. His dorsal fins flashed, followed by his entire body. In a powerful shockwave of nuclear energy, Bagan was blasted off of Godzilla and onto his back some distance away. Roaring angrily, Godzilla got to his feet and began making his way towards the downed Super Monster, his fins flaring with bluish-white energy.

But before Godzilla could unleash his wrath upon Bagan, a crimson energy blast struck him from behind, engulfing him in a series of explosions. Godzilla staggered, then turned to see what had dared to strike him with such a cheap shot.

He was greeted by Gigan landing and letting loose his high-pitched shriek, posing his scythe-arms as he struck a battle stance.

Godzilla growled angrily. Not Gigan again. He charged up his atomic ray and let it loose, blasting the cyborg square in the chest and knocking him back. Digging his spiked feet into the ground, Gigan attacked again, two small compartments opening in his torso. Before Godzilla could react, two circular discs flew out of the compartments and sped towards him. They sliced into his chest and quickly emerged from his back. Godzilla cried out as they slashed through his flesh even though he was already healing the damage they inflicted. Suddenly, they cut him again, this time on each side of his neck, as they returned to whence they came. Bagan got back to his feet just in time to watch Godzilla crash to the ground, blood spurting from his neck. Bagan and Gigan glared at each other, each monster briefly considering attacking the other. But almost at the same time, they came to and agreed upon an even better idea, and returned their attention to the fallen Godzilla, who was just getting back onto his feet. Just as he did so, Bagan's tail smashed into his face, sending him staggering towards Gigan. The cyborg lashed out, smacking Godzilla across the face with his right scythe. As Godzilla stumbled back towards Bagan, Gigan fired another blast of his Cluster Light Ray, surrounding the Monster King with explosions. Before he could recover from that, Bagan unleashed a powerful blast of his plasma breath, knocking Godzilla flat.

Gigan and Bagan watched with glee as Godzilla writhed about in pain. The two were about to advance, when they noticed a bright light in the sky. It quickly came closer and closer, revealing itself to be a large, flaming meteorite. The two evil kaiju watched as it neared the island at an alarming speed. It slammed into a nearby mountain range, completely atomizing it in the explosion brought about by its crash landing. From amongst the burning debris emerged another monstrosity. Its forked tail swished behind it as it approached the battle scene.

Gigan chirped a welcome as he recognized his ally.

Bagan did not share the cyborg's enthusiasm for the new arrival.

The six red eyes of Monster X narrowed in fury as they fell upon Bagan. He may have been sent to assist Gigan against Godzilla, but he had a new objective now.

Charging at top speed, Monster X ran at Bagan, leaping into the air and tackling him to the ground. Gigan watched in surprise as Monster X slammed his bony fists against the side of Bagan's head over and over and over. The gray dragon tried to unleash his plasma breath into Monster X's face, but the skeletal kaiju grabbed Bagan's mouth and tightly held it shut. Bagan growled angrily. Without his true strength, this beast was a much larger threat than it was before. Rolling onto his side, Bagan managed to throw Monster X off of him and climb back onto his feet. But Monster X was up even quicker, firing a flurry of Gravity Bolts from his eyes. Bagan howled in pain as they exploded against his flesh, energy of his own building up within his jaws. Searing white energy flew from his mouth, slamming into Monster X's torso and sending him skidding back across the ground.

Just as Gigan was about to intervene on his skeletal ally's behalf, an atomic ray blasted him in the back, knocking him face-first into the dirt. He quickly returned to his feet and turned to face Godzilla, who by now was almost on top of him. Gigan swung his arm at Godzilla, but the Monster King snatched it before its scythe could slash him. When Gigan brought his other arm forward, Godzilla grabbed that one as well. The two grappled like that for a moment until Gigan activated his buzzsaw and thrust his body forward, letting the blades dig into and shred Godzilla's flesh. Stumbling back, Godzilla unleashed an atomic blast into Gigan's face, causing the cyborg to shriek as the ray struck him square in the visor. Seconds later, Godzilla's tail swung around and struck Gigan's legs, knocking the bird-like beast to the soil. Gigan raised his head and fired his Cluster Light Ray again, but this time it only succeeded in angering Godzilla, who returned fire with another atomic ray to the face.

Monster X swung his fist at Bagan's face, only to howl in agony when the ancient beast bit down on it, his teeth sinking into the armored creature's hand. Monster X kicked hard into Bagan's gut, forcing him to release the Xilien monster's hand and driving him back. Monster X fired another blast of his Gravity Bolts, searing Bagan's flesh. Just as Bagan was about to retaliate, the ground began to quake. The two evil beasts looked around, trying to find the source of the disturbance, and growled with what appeared to be annoyance when they finally did so. Godzilla, however, grunted with approval.

The cavalry had arrived.

Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Godzilla Junior, Daigoro, Varan, Titanosaurus and Zilla were quickly approaching the two demons. The ground began to buckle and split, revealing Gomora and Baragon. Rodan circled the area, letting loose his famous cackle. The residents of Monster Island had been jolted awake by Monster X's explosive landing and had finally arrived, sensing the threat to their island home.

Anguirus and Gorosaurus were the first to attack. Flinging himself backward, Anguirus smashed his spiked shell into Bagan's torso, sending the Super Monster careening to the ground. Gorosaurus reared up on his tail, slamming his feet into Monster X's chest and sending him crashing onto his back. Anguirus lunged in closer, clamping his jaws down onto Bagan's throat. But the great gray dragon was not about to let such an insignificant insect harm him, especially not one he had killed so easily before. As Anguirus shook his head back and forth, digging his fangs deeper into his foe's neck, Bagan rose up onto his feet and placed his claws around Anguirus' neck, pulling his jaws off him. Holding onto his neck, Bagan spun around and swung Anguirus through the air, sending him crashing into Gorosaurus and knocking them to the ground. Just as he was about to incinerate the two with his plasma breath, the crimson energy pulses of Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave slammed into him, driving him back in a burst of sparks. Before Bagan could recover, Gomora had moved in close, slamming his fists into the reptilian demon again and again. Monster X was back on his feet and prepared to attack, when Titanosaurus tackled him from behind, grabbing onto his arms. Zilla ran up, slashing at Monster X with his claws. Unfortunately, the mutant lizard's claws inflicted no damage to Monster X's bony armor. With a mighty heave, Monster X flipped Titanosaurus over his back and brought him crashing down on top of Zilla, stunning both creatures. Before he could strike them, Rodan slammed into him from behind, knocking him clear over both reptiles and to the ground. Monster X was quickly back on his feet, his vision zeroing in on Rodan. Golden Gravity Bolts flew through the air, blasting Rodan and sending him spiraling out of the sky. Warily, Godzilla Junior and Daigoro did their best to look intimidating as they approached Gigan. The cyborg opened his arms wide then clapped them onto their heads, striking them with the flat of his blades. As the two staggered, Gigan fired a burst of his Cluster Light Beam. The ensuing explosions caused Daigoro to leap back in surprise, toppling onto into his back. Junior reacted with a blast of his atomic ray, scorching Gigan's chest. The cyborg spun around, thrusting his tail towards the young monster. The claw at the end of Gigan's tail clamped around Junior's neck and, with a tug, he tossed the son of Godzilla to the ground. Gigan turned to face the fallen Junior and raised his right scythe, preparing to bring it down and cleave the reptile in two, when he suddenly found himself lifting into the air. Holding onto his tail, Godzilla pulled him down, slamming Gigan face-first into the dirt. Again he lifted, then smashed Gigan downward. On the third time, he swung the cyborg around and sent him crashing into a nearby cliffside. Gigan got back to his feet and prepared to strike when a powerful atomic ray pushed him back against the cliff. Godzilla roared angrily at the cyborg, a warning not to harm his son. He turned to make sure Junior wasn't seriously injured.

Gomora hit the ground hard, his chest smoking after a rather strong blast from Bagan's plasma breath. Zilla leapt up onto the Super Monster's back, but Bagan easily dislodged the lizard and snatched him in his claws. Slashing the reptile across the face, Bagan sent Zilla crashing to the dirt. His snout bleeding, Zilla pulled back. Varan attacked Bagan next, biting and clawing at him. The assault irritated the dragon more than anything else, and he responded by swinging around and slamming his tail into Varan's midsection, sending him hurtling into Godzilla's side, spines-first. Godzilla shrieked as he was stabbed, then knocked to the ground, by Varan, and the two reptiles struggled to separate themselves. Baragon moved in next, snarling at the monstrosity that had turned his body into nothing more than a fleshy cocoon. Unleashing a blast of his fire at Bagan's feet as a distraction, Baragon leapt into the air, ready to tackle Bagan to the ground. Unfortunately, Bagan snatched him out of the air and tossed him away, sending him crashing onto his back. Baragon was quickly back on his feet, however, and fired a stronger blast of his heat ray, striking Bagan in the back. The hellacious beast turned to face the subterranean monster, but all he saw was Baragon get knocked away by Monster X's foot. The alien skeleton turned to face Bagan and charged him again. Bagan turned and swung his tail at Monster X, but the creature skillfully caught it and began tugging on it. Bagan growled in annoyance as he tried to pull his tail out of Monster X's grip, but that was not proving to be an easy task. Bagan cried out when Gravity Bolt after Gravity Bolt exploded against his back. In front of him, Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Baragon, Titanosaurus and Gomora were regrouping and preparing to make a united strike. Gathering his energy, Bagan's eyes and horns crackled with energy. Moments later, glowing diamonds rained down from the sky, crashing hard into each kaiju present and surrounding them with explosions. The five reptilian beasts in front of Bagan were felled and Monster X was sent careening onto the dirt, having lost his grip on Bagan's tail. Godzilla and Varan were blasted apart when one of Bagan's projectiles crashed in between them.

The Diamond Storm complete, Bagan turned and faced the fallen creatures. He growled, his lips snarling, daring them to continue the fight.

* * * * *

A few miles away, another battle was taking place.

Gamera shrieked as the golden ray of his ancient enemy lanced across his forehead, drawing green blood. Gyaos rasped evilly, happy it had inflicted another wound on the guardian. The two eons-old foes were engaged in a dogfight amongst the clouds over the South Pacific and had been for some time now. Each fireball Gamera had launched had missed its mark. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Gyaos' sonic beam. Luckily, this particular Gyaos did not employ it as frequently as its brethren, preferring to rake its talons against Gamera's flesh. And it did so once again, slashing them across Gamera's face as the titanic tortoise was distracted by the pain from the previous sonic blast. Gamera was quick to react, lashing out with his jaws and biting down hard on Gyaos' leg, just above the ankle. Gyaos screamed in pain as Gamera's tusks and fangs pierced its flesh. The bird-like reptile responded by wildly firing beam after beam, trying to force Gamera to release its leg. Most of the blasts bounced harmlessly off Gamera's shell, but three struck his face and neck in rapid succession, causing him to open his mouth, crying out in agony as more of his blood was spilled.

Now free from Gamera's toothy grasp, the Shadow of Evil swerved away, putting some distance between the two. Gamera quickly belched forth a plasma fireball, which came dangerously close to detonating against Gyaos' chest. The crimson beast dove down, then came up behind Gamera, preparing to fire its sonic beam into the turtle's hind jets. But Gamera was ready for the attack and quickly spun around, spewing another fireball in Gyaos' direction. The evil creature shrieked and moved to avoid the flaming projectile. For the most part, it succeeded, but the edge of its left wing was singed. Gyaos needed to get away from the armored guardian before the next fireball hit home.

Gyaos spotted an island not too far away. Turning its back to Gamera, Gyaos made a beeline for the land mass.

Gamera called out after his foe and began to give chase. But at its full speed, Gyaos was too fast for only two jets. Withdrawing his arms and head into his shell, Gamera began spinning with all four jets firing and quickly started to close the gap between the two. Gyaos would make it to the island, but it would have no time to hide.

As Gyaos, then Gamera, flew past Monster Island's shores, neither of them noticed the water bubbling, something forming underneath.

* * * * *

Godzilla, Gorosaurus and Gomora crashed to the ground one-by-one, each outmatched by Bagan's impressive strength. Monster X leapt in, pummeling Bagan's face with his fists. He grabbed the Super Monster's nasal horn, pulling Bagan's head down and slamming his spiked elbow into the horn's base. Bagan responded with a blast of plasma to Monster X's gut, knocking him back. As Monster X reeled from the blast, Bagan swung around and slammed his tail into the skeletal kaiju, knocking him to the ground. Godzilla's ray struck Bagan square in the back, causing the gray beast to turn, screaming in rage. Gomora was suddenly in front of him, stabbing his snout horn into Bagan's gut and pumping him full of his oscillatory wave. Bagan growled as the explosive energies were unleashed into his body, but paid them no attention. Grabbing Gomora's crescent head horns, he pulled the dinosaur's horn out of his flesh, then tossed the beast away as if he were nothing but mere garbage. Gomora rolled back onto his feet and slammed his fists together, then charged into battle again.

Anguirus howled in pain as Gigan smashed his spiked foot into the quadruped's lower jaw, kicking him aside. Godzilla Junior fired his atomic blast, striking Gigan in the chest and startling him more than anything else. The cyborg took a step towards Godzilla's son, only to have the ground collapse underneath him. Gigan shrieked in surprise as he fell into the ditch, the ground buckling on either side of him. Baragon and Zilla emerged and immediately began clawing and biting at Gigan's face. The cycloptic alien thrust his scythes forward, gashing the two subterranean reptiles in their stomachs. The two stumbled away as Gigan climbed out of the ditch, ready to slice the pair in two.

A moment later, the shriek of Gyaos was heard. The bird-like reptile landed in the middle of the carnage, having spotted it from the air and hoping to lose Gamera within it. Unfortunately, the Guardian of the Universe knew exactly where his foe was. The spinning shell came down and out popped his head and limbs, landing directly in front of Gyaos. The blood red reptile lashed out with its clawed fingers, trying to scratch Gamera's eyes out, but the turtle batted its wings away. Bringing his arm up, Gamera slashed his elbow claw across Gyaos' chest. The evil beast reeled back, shrieking wildly. Just then, its flight was suddenly halted as it smashed into something. Turning around to see what it had struck, Gyaos found itself face-to-face with Bagan.

In a white hot blast, the Shadow of Evil was gone. Only its charred wings remained.

Gamera reared his head back in horror. Bagan?! Immediately, the shelled reptile belched forth a trio of plasma fireballs. Bagan batted the first two fireballs away with his hands, the third striking him square in the chest. Already, his regeneration was healing the damage the flames had done. Gamera's hind legs were gone, replaced by roaring blue flames, sending the turtle rocketing towards the gray dragon. Gamera slammed into Bagan, grabbing and biting him. Bagan reached up, sinking his claws into Gamera's throat. The mighty tortoise gurgled for a moment, then was suddenly back in spinning form. Bagan shrieked as Gamera's shell sliced into him like a circular saw, gashing his chest open and sending his blood everywhere. Gamera flew over Bagan as he crashed to the ground, allowing Godzilla and Gomora a clean shot. Just as Bagan got back to his feet, their respective beam weapons slammed into his opened chest. Bagan groaned as they burned into him, then fired his plasma breath again, blasting Gomora off his feet and knocking Godzilla to his knees. Just as Bagan began to grin at his foes' pain, another of Gamera's fireballs exploded against his face.

Gorosaurus cried out as Monster X's Gravity Bolts scorched his torso. Anguirus rushed forward, snapping his fangs at the skeleton, only to receive a kick to the face, knocking him aside. With Monster X distracted, Gorosaurus leaned up onto his tail, smashing his powerful legs into Monster X's chest, sending the Xilien creature spinning head over heels. Titanosaurus moved forward and kicked Monster X in the side, sending him hurtling through the air once again. But this time, the red-eyed monster rolled as he landed, quickly getting back to his feet and launching a series of golden beams, instantly dropping the aquatic beast. Varan leapt onto X's back, battering the alien's head with his claws. As Monster X tried to snatch the Obaki, Daigoro flew through the air, slamming his feet into Monster X's chest. The skeletal beast crashed to the ground, knocking Varan away, then got back to his feet, glaring at Daigoro. The tubby monster shrunk back as Monster X charged and backhanded him across the face. But X wasn't done yet, leaping into the air and whipping Daigoro with his tail, knocking him to the dirt. The mere Earth monsters taken care of, Monster X turned his attention back to Bagan.

* * * * *

The seas just off of Monster Island's shores continued to bubble as a large, hulking form raised up out of the waves. It waved its tendrils in the air and narrowed its dull yellow eyes, making it way onto shore and towards the sounds of battle.

A second creature rose up out of the water, having been watching the previous monster's body form beneath the waves. Ebirah knew it was no match for the being that had just emerged from the water and had wisely decided to stay out of its way. Just as the colossal crustacean began to sink back under the waves, another creature made its presence known.

Manda's green eyes fell upon the giant lobster in front of him. Like Ebirah, the massive snake had been disturbed by the large monster's appearance and had emerged to watch it leave. But the sea snake was in no mood to battle now. He hissed at Ebirah, warning him to stay back.

Unfortunately for Manda, Ebirah was not a very good listener.

The mighty crustacean lunged forward, clamping his right pincer down on Manda's body, just above his arms. Manda grunted in fury, then struck, biting down at Ebirah's head. But the serpent's teeth only harmlessly bounced off Ebirah's shell, barely even scratching it. A second strike also failed to inflict any real damage, but came dangerously close to Ebirah's eyes, causing the crustacean to release his foe and back away. Angry now, Manda quickly wrapped his coils around Ebirah's body and began to squeeze. The lobster screeched as he felt the pressure start to press down on his body, his shell beginning to crack. Waving his arms wildly but unable to reach the snake, Ebirah dove down beneath the waves. Manda roared in his opponent's face, biting down on the pointy crest jutting from the top of his head. Ebirah was quickly finding it hard to breathe as his shell split more and more. Coming upon a large, jagged rock, Ebirah slammed into it, bashing Manda between the rock and his spiny shell. Manda cried out from the blow, but refused to let go, only tightening his grip on the lobster. Shrieking, Ebirah smashed into the rock again, then again. His flesh gashed open, Manda reluctantly loosened his coils, releasing the crustacean from his grasp as he pulled away from the rock. Able to breathe again, Ebirah lashed out, clamping his large pincer down on Manda's tail. The snake hissed in pain, but Ebirah was not done. His other pincer lashed out, closing down on one of Manda's hind legs. The snake decided to return the favor, bringing his head around and sinking his fangs into Ebirah's tail, eliciting a cry of pain from the lobster.

* * * * *

Bagan swatted Gamera away, sending him careening into Gomora and knocking both reptilian defenders to the ground. Gorosaurus leapt up, planning on smashing his feet into the dragon's face, only to be blasted through the air by his plasma breath. Rodan swooped in from behind, cracking his beak against Bagan's skull, but a flick from the dragon's powerful tail sent the mutant pteranodon crashing to the soil. Godzilla moved in, firing his ray directly into Bagan's face as he closed in. But the evil creature braced himself through the pain and lunged forward, biting down onto Godzilla's snout, cutting off his ray and drawing blood. Releasing his bite, Bagan let Godzilla back away and kicked him in the gut, causing the Monster King to topple onto his back. Bagan charged his plasma breath and prepared to fire upon the fallen Godzilla, when he suddenly sensed something new and looked up to see what it was.

It was then that the less... heroic denizens of Monster Island made their presence known.

Rising up and out of the jungle, Kumonga chittered, flexing his mandibles. Kamacuras zoomed in and landed atop a nearby mountain, twitching his head. Gabara reared his arms back, cackling as he let his electric power surge through him. Goliath was next, swinging his massive, gorilla-like arms around, preparing to strike someone with them. And lastly, running headfirst into battle while beating his chest, was Red King, shrieking his arrival to the monsters gathered before him.

Unlike the other Monster Island residents, these beasts were not here to stop Bagan's evil, or to defend their island home. They weren't even here to help topple Godzilla from his throne. They just wanted to fight. To prove their dominance over the rest of the monsters. And maybe even make a meal out of their corpses.

As one, they attacked.

Gabara advanced on Godzilla Junior, his horns crackling with energy. The son of Godzilla reared back, roaring at the ogre, but Gabara paid no attention, slamming his electrically-charged fist into Junior's face. Junior's stubby dorsal fins flashed, signaling the arrival of his atomic ray, but Gabara quickly moved behind the young monster, grabbing his tail and unleashing hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity into him. Junior screeched as bolts of energy arced over and through his flesh. Kumonga began to spew his silken web at Anguirus and Gorosaurus, covering the two with the sticky threads. Anguirus managed to escape the webbing, and Kumonga focused his efforts on blanketing Gorosaurus entirely. Unfortunately, with his attention now on the oversized allosaur, the giant spider didn't see Anguirus coming up from behind, crunching his jaws down on one of Kumonga's hind legs. The arachnid shrieked and stopped spraying his web, trying to get Anguirus to release his limb. Kamacuras landed on Baragon's back and began slamming his sickle-like claws down onto the subterranean reptile. After a few moments of trying to shake the mantis free, Baragon threw himself backwards, smashing Kamacuras between the ground and his ridged back. Getting back to his feet, Baragon turned and prepared to assault the mantis with his heat ray, only to have Kamacuras' claw smack him across the face. Spotting Daigoro, Goliath charged forward, his horn crackling with electricity. Suddenly, he found his path blocked by Varan and Zilla. The hulking blue beast narrowed his eyes at the two and unleashed a storm of lightning from his horn, stunning the two reptiles. Advancing once again, Goliath plowed his powerful fists into the two, knocking Varan and Zilla out of the way as he advanced on Daigoro. The younger monster charged, only to have Goliath bat him away with ease. Red King pounced at Titanosaurus, immediately slamming his fists into the dinosaur's chest over and over. Titanosaurus cackled in response and reached out, wrapping his clawed hands around Red King's neck. The bumpy reptile responded in kind, only once he got a decent grip around Titanosaurus' lengthy neck, he pulled the aquatic monster to the ground. Once Titanosaurus was down, Red King began kicking him hard, then climbed onto his chest, raining his fists down on Titanosaurus' face.

Out of the corner of his eye, Red King spotted Bagan. In an instant, the greenish-white creature knew that if he was to be feared above all others, then it was this gray dragon before him he would have to slay. Climbing off of Titanosaurus and giving him one last kick for good measure, Red King turned to face Bagan and screeched into the air, beating his chest with his fists. Red King sped towards the evil creature, and in an instant, he was upon him. Bagan hadn't even noticed Red King's display until the bumpy beast began smashing his fists into him. Roaring angrily, Bagan turned and stared Red King directly in the eyes. For a moment, the reptile faltered, doubting his decision. But as soon as it came, the doubt was gone, and he reached up and grabbed Bagan's horn. He began to pull it down so that he could start kicking Bagan in the teeth. Unfortunately, the reptilian terror had other plans. Heaving his head upward, Bagan sent Red King flying clear over him, striking the ground with a thunderous crash. Bagan turned to face his would-be destroyer, who was struggling to regain his wits and get back to his feet.

Smoke began to come from Junior's skin as it was sizzled by Gabara's electric power. Just then, an atomic ray blasted the ogre square in the chest, sending him flying away and bashing his head on a rock. Junior collapsed to the ground, weak and hurt from the electrical assault. Godzilla stepped forward, placing his hand on Junior's head, telling him that it was alright. Glaring angrily at the green, bumpy creature, Godzilla opened his jaws again, nailing Gabara with another atomic blast. Kamacuras quickly flew by, slashing Godzilla's shoulder with his claws. Blood spurted from his shoulder, and Godzilla staggered, roaring furiously. He fired an atomic ray at the mantis, but he easily avoided the beam thanks to his supersonic speed.

Bagan growled, preparing to vaporize Red King's skull with a plasma blast. Suddenly, the creature was back on his feet, slamming his fists into Bagan's armored chest. The dragon almost laughed at Red King's attempts to harm him. When Red King pulled his right hand back, Bagan expected another pathetic punch. The mighty monster was taken by surprise when flames erupted from Red King's fist and he slammed it into Bagan's torso! The Super Monster staggered back, his chest smoking. The blow was nowhere near sufficient to destroy the mighty Bagan, but it was a far more powerful move than was expected from this strange-looking reptile.

Before Red King could press his advantage, a purple energy beam struck him in the back, causing him to falter. Bagan quickly spun around and slammed his tail into Red King's side, sending him hurtling through the air. With that foe taken care of for the moment, Bagan turned to face the source of the purple blast.

The aggregate form of Destoroyah, this one a mere head shorter than Bagan, flailed its tendrils around, screaming for Bagan's destruction. The tank-like beast charged forward and began smacking Bagan around with its spiked limbs. From its jaws came a blast of micro-oxygen, burning into Bagan's chest. Bagan responded in kind, using his plasma breath to blast off Destoroyah's tendrils one after the other. Shrieking in pain, the aggregate creature responded by lunging forward and unleashing its inner jaws, sinking them deep into Bagan's chest. Within seconds, Destoroyah was pumping the Super Monster full of micro-oxygen. Unlike before, Bagan felt true pain this time. Reaching up, he snatched Destoroyah's inner mouth with his claws and crushed it in his grasp. Before the crustacean-like beast could respond, Bagan tugged hard and ripped it out completely, spilling yellow blood from Destoroyah's mouth. Destoroyah's cry of agony was gurgled, but it still tried to fight back, snapping at Bagan with its crab-like claws. Bagan returned fire with another plasma blast, sending the aggregate skidding back a good distance away. The microbe beast narrowed its eyes at Bagan, planning its next move.

Unfortunately, Destoroyah never got the chance.

A blinding light in the sky distracted every monster momentarily. It quickly became apparent that it was another meteor, though this one was not as large as the one Monster X had arrived in. Within seconds, it smashed down into the soil of Monster Island, exploding violently.

Destoroyah was pulverized underneath it.

Seconds after the meteor hit, the ground began to shake. Crystals of all shape and size burst from the ground, crackling with lightning. A massive shape emerged from the smoke, unleashing its unearthly cry, letting every creature present know that their time had come.

SpaceGodzilla had arrived.

The crystalline terror immediately zeroed in on the more powerful kaiju present and opened fire with his Corona Beam. The orange bolt circled around the area, striking Godzilla, Bagan, Monster X, Gamera and Gomora. The creatures cried out as SpaceGodzilla's blast tore into them. Another blast struck Gigan, Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Goliath and Red King. Energy poured from the crystals in the ground to those on SpaceGodzilla's shoulders, giving the alien beast even greater strength. Pulling himself up off the ground, SpaceGodzilla hovered towards his Earthen counterpart. Godzilla opened fire with his radioactive blast, but SpaceGodzilla's crystalline shield instantly appeared, reflecting it back at the King of the Monsters. As Godzilla reeled back from his own weapon, SpaceGodzilla got too close, smashing one of his shoulder crystals into Godzilla's face and knocking him flat to the ground. Gamera and Gomora stepped up, ready to fire their own projectiles at the space monster, but SpaceGodzilla unleashed another Corona Beam, blasting the two right in their faces. The two clutched at their burning eyes as SpaceGodzilla plowed through them, knocking them onto their backs. Landing back near his crystals and absorbing more of their energy, SpaceGodzilla wailed at Bagan, challenging the great beast to combat. Bagan flexed his claws and eagerly accepted, charging forward. SpaceGodzilla unleashed a Corona Beam at the gray beast, but Bagan advanced regardless, charging up a plasma blast. Once he was close enough, he fired it, blasting SpaceGodzilla between his neck and left shoulder crystal. With the space monster distracted, Bagan's claws raked SpaceGodzilla's flesh, who responded in kind, zapping Bagan with alien energy. The two traded blows for a moment until the nearby ground exploded, taking several of SpaceGodzilla's crystals with it.

The final form of Destoroyah howled into the sky.

Bagan shoved SpaceGodzilla away, then turned to face the ultimate form of the living Oxygen Destroyer. The monstrous entity flapped his wings and took to the air, speeding directly towards Bagan. Planting his enormous legs into Bagan's face, Destoroyah floored the Super Monster, then moved on towards SpaceGodzilla. In a blinding flash of light, SpaceGodzilla encased himself in a crystalline cocoon and took to the air, narrowly avoiding Destoroyah's flying tackle. Destoroyah began to turn and face SpaceGodzilla, but the alien creature immediately opened fire with his Corona Beam, scorching Destoroyah's back and wings. The jagged bolt tore a hole in Destoroyah's right wing, forcing the massive beast to land. As he did so, Godzilla's atomic ray blasted him, exploding against his face and neck. Destoroyah shrieked and returned fire with his Micro-Oxygen Beam, the blast knocking Godzilla off his feet. Gamera flew in to attack next, but another blast took him down as well. Gomora ran in, but Destoroyah swung around and lashed out with his tail, the claw at the end clamping around Gomora's neck. Gomora tugged at the tail, but had to time to pull it off before Destoroyah swung around, sending the underground dinosaur crashing to the soil. Gigan eagerly moved in, ready to attack the downed beast, but Gomora rolled onto his back and unleashed his Super Oscillatory Wave, blasting the cyborg in the face and knocking him back. Anguirus moved in and reared up onto his hind legs, but an almost lazy swing from Destoroyah's arm sent the quadruped reeling back. Roaring a challenge, Zilla moved in to attack, opening his jaws and holding his arms wide open. Destoroyah laughed at the mutant lizard's effort and sent a Micro-Oyxgen Beam into him, slamming him up against a cliffside. Crippled by the blast, Zilla collapsed. Varan flew in next, but Destoroyah smacked the triphibian in the head, sending him spiraling out of the sky and crashing into Anguirus.

In another flash of light, SpaceGodzilla returned to his land form and once again opened fire with his Corona Beam, blasting Destoroyah. The Precambrian beast turned to face his attacker, unleashing a micro-oxygen blast at him. The purple ray struck SpaceGodzilla square in the chest, eliciting a cry of pain from the intergalactic Godzilla. Bagan was about to move in when Monster X leapt onto him from behind, slamming his fists into Bagan's back and neck. Bagan growled. Hadn't this beast had enough? Gathering his power, Bagan summoned forth another Diamond Storm, the falling projectiles striking Monster X, SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah. The skeletal kaiju fell from Bagan's back, and the other two staggered as they were hit. Forgetting their battle, the two turned to face Bagan, their energy weapons building in their mouths.

Destructive power exploded all around the three monstrosities as gold, blue and purple energy beams rained down, hitting them hard. Godzilla looked up to the source of the blasts, instantly spotting what had fired them.

Mothra, Battra and Rainbow Mothra swooped down, joining in the fight!

Again the mothly trio opened fire with their powerful rays, striking Bagan, then SpaceGodzilla, then Destoroyah, then Monster X. The evil entities cried out as the powerful energies blasted them, engulfing them in smoke and flame. Gigan swung his scythes around and rushed forward, ready to tear into the insects, but instead was blasted to the ground by their combined firepower. The other monsters joined in, Godzilla, Gamera, Gomora, Rodan, Baragon, Junior and Daigoro all firing their blasts. Rainbow Mothra reared back, firing a massive blue beam from his abdomen. When the smoke cleared, Monster X was laying unconscious on the ground. Gigan was in a similar position, except one of his wings had almost been burnt all the way off. A good deal of Bagan's skin was gone and his eyes had been cooked away. SpaceGodzilla's left shoulder crystal was cracked and chipped. Destoroyah was gone completely.

With the evil beasts noticeably weakened, the Earth monsters moved in. Godzilla charged in, biting and clawing at SpaceGodzilla. Gomora spun around, bringing his whip-like tail across Bagan's sightless face. Gamera flew in, his shell spinning rapidly, but a Corona blast from SpaceGodzilla brought the giant turtle down. Anguirus ran in and leapt up, biting down on SpaceGodzilla's throat. A surge of galactic energy forced the spiked monster to let go, but this only allowed Gorosaurus to rear back and deliver a powerful kangaroo kick to the cosmic saurian, worsening the crack in his shoulder crystal and causing a shard to fall off. Junior moved in and fired an atomic ray, but SpaceGodzilla reflected it with his shield, blasting the younger kaiju in the chest. Rodan flew in and attacked Bagan, pecking at the monster's face. Titanosaurus moved in, grabbing Bagan's horns and tugging on them. Red King ran in, tackling Titanosaurus and knocking him away, then slammed his fists into Bagan's chest and throat. Though blind, Bagan was far from defenseless. Rodan swerved away as he saw Bagan charging his plasma breath, but Red King took the blast in the face, charring his flesh black and smashing him to the ground, unconscious. Gabara and Goliath moved in next, but a Corona Beam swirled around their feet and detonated the soil around them, bringing them crashing down. Kumonga and Kamacuras moved in on Gamera, preparing to take him down from behind. Kumonga began to spray his web, but as soon as the sticky strands came into contact with the guardian's shell, Gamera turned and launched a fireball that blew off one of Kumonga's legs. Chittering wildly in agony, Kumonga flipped over onto his back. Gamera unleashed another ball of fire, but this one exploded harmlessly against the dirt, Kamacuras having flown out of the way in plenty of time. Monster X and Gigan stirred and awoke at the same time, groggily getting back on their legs. Mothra and Battra were quick to react, blasting the two with antennae rays and Prism Beams. The two alien monsters turned to face the ancient moths, but that only set them up for Rainbow Mothra, who swooped down behind them and struck them with his wings, knocking the beasts flat on their faces.

* * * * *

Manda hissed in rage as Ebirah's right pincer slammed against his skull, his left claw shut around the serpent's body. Manda grabbed at Ebirah's left pincer with his arms, trying to pull it away. Unable to do so, Manda whipped his head down and bit onto Ebirah's pointy crest. Biting down harder, Manda wrenched his head up and down. Ebirah smacked Manda's head with his pincer again, but the snake only growled in response. With a sickening snap, Manda broke the crest off Ebirah's head, eliciting a shriek of agony from the crustacean. Reeling back as blue blood dripped from where his crest once was, Ebirah reached underneath the waves and plucked a boulder off the ocean floor. Pulling it up out of the water, he tossed it at Manda, bouncing it off the serpent's cranium. Manda growled angrily and moved in to attack, coiling around the lobster once more.

During the course of their battle, the two sea monsters soon realized that they were not the only creatures in the area. More beasts rose up out of the water, wading past them. Even more flew by overhead, casting their shadows upon the serpent and crustacean.

* * * * *

The battle grew larger and larger as even more combatants joined the fray.

The alien heroes, Ultraman and Zone Fighter, flew in, landing next to each other and striking battle stances. Gaira shook the sea water out of his fur as he roared into the air. In a blur, Megaguirus appeared, screeching as she flexed her pincers. The ancient knight, Utsuno Ikusagami, appeared in a flash of light, ready to strike. Jet Jaguar landed, taking his place near Ultraman and Zone Fighter. King Caesar growled, folding his ears upward as he reared his arms back. With a loud rumble, Gororin rolled onto the scene, its yellow eyes narrowed. The soil burst as Megalon erupted from underground, clashing his drills together. From the shattered remains of SpaceGodzilla's crystals rose Krystalak, roaring as he slashed his claws through the air. The ground exploded again, spilling flames into the air as Kumasogami was born into the Earth once more. Kiryu, Super Mechagodzilla and Moguera landed with a series of metallic thuds as their feet hit the earth. In a series of pink flashes, the final form of Hedorah appeared, the Smog Monster gurgling as he raised his arms. Golden spores fell from the heavens and into the soil, seeding it with Biollante's essence. From within the crater left by Kumasogami's arrival came Obsidius, smashing his rocky fists into his chest. In a blinding vortex of energy, Mecha-King Ghidorah appeared in the sky. The strange beast Wargilgar opened and shut his pincers, having been sent by his alien masters to destroy Zone Fighter. Cutting off his jets, Iris landed, waving his tentacles around. Pounding his chest, the thunderous roar of King Kong echoed across the island.

For a moment, nothing happened. No one made a move.

And then there was chaos.

Hedorah fired a blob of sludge at Godzilla, striking the Monster King in the snout. Godzilla shrieked as the slime began to eat away at his flesh and unleashed an atomic blast at the Smog Monster. Lightning sparked over Hedorah's slime, and the pollution monster responded by firing jagged red bolts out of his eyes, exploding against Godzilla's feet and bringing him to the ground.

Ultraman and Zone Fighter charged Bagan, but Monster X leapt in their way, clutching his bony fingers around their throats. Before the skeletal demon could do much damage, the two humanoid defenders lashed out, kicking Monster X in the gut and driving him back.

Krystalak slashed his crystalline claws across Obsidius' rocky chest, throwing sparks. The molten golem responded by raising his fists and slamming them down onto Krystalak's shoulders, knocking his counterpart flat to the ground.

SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona Beam into the air, striking Battra and Mothra. Rainbow Mothra hovered over Godzilla's dopplegänger, firing his Mineral Chest Beam down onto SpaceGodzilla's head.

Facing Jet Jaguar, Kumasogami transformed his right hand into a sword and raised it high into the air. The demon brought it down, but the robot crossed his arms, catching the blade in between them. Throwing himself backward, Jet Jaguar planted his feet into Kumasogami's gut, sending the creature flying through the air and crashing onto his back. As the molten demon got back to his feet, he found himself face to face with King Kong. The mighty gorilla lunged forward, grabbing Kumasogami's face and doing his best to crush it.

Megalon stood next to Gigan and attacked Wargilgar, smacking the Terro-Beast with his drills. When Wargilgar returned fire with his flamethrower breath, Gigan moved in, firing his Cluster Light Ray at the Garogan monster and causing him to jump back. Gigan attacked again, slamming one of his scythes into the bizarre creature's back and knocking him to the ground.

Gabara and Goliath resumed their rivalry, pounding each other with their fists. Goliath sent a burst of lightning into the ogre, but Gabara ignored the attack, grasping at the blue monster's neck with his claws. Rodan flew by, knocking both electric ogres to the dirt.

Mecha-King Ghidorah fired a Triple Beam Laser, obliterating a boulder that had been sent sailing towards him by Red King. The bumpy beast charged the futuristic cyborg, slamming his fist into Mechaghidorah's chest plate and recoiling in pain, clutching his hand. A series of Triple Beam Lasers and Gravity Bolts blasted Red King to the ground.

Charging his sword with holy energies, Utsuno Ikusagami swung the blade at Megaguirus, but the prehistoric insect was far too fast, easily avoiding the attack. She was instantly behind the warrior, smashing her claws down on his shoulders, but found that they were unable to inflict any lasting damage to his armor.

Gororin fired his spines at Gorosaurus, Varan and Baragon, causing the beasts to shriek in pain as the needles embedded themselves into their skin. Roaring a challenge, King Caesar charged forward, ready to attack Gororin. The cactus monster rolled towards him and leapt into the air, planning on stabbing into the feline beast with his spines, only to have King Caesar leap into the air and spin around, kicking Gororin hard and sending him sailing into SpaceGodzilla.

Titanosaurus shrieked as Gaira sank his teeth into the reptile's arm, drawing blood. The long-necked beast swung his head down, slamming it into Gaira's and knocking him back. Quickly turning around, Titanosaurus began to flap his tail, battering the gargantua with hurricane winds.

Daigoro screamed as Kumonga began to cover him with webbing, tangling his arms together. Before the web could become too thick, Godzilla Junior stepped up, blasting the spider with his atomic ray and forcing him to pull back. Before Junior could help free his friend from his binds, Kamacuras landed on his back and began jabbing him with his scythe-like claws. Daigoro reared his head back and spewed flames from his mouth, scorching the mantis' head and causing him to zoom off of Junior's back and disappear.

Gamera crashed to the ground after Iris slammed into him, struggling to get back to his feet. Gomora ran up and swung his tail around, nailing Iris in his arrow-shaped face. The mutant Gyaos groaned angrily and responded by firing twin sonic beams. The golden energy lanced through the underground monster's arm and neck, bringing him down with a cry of pain. Anguirus ran up and bit down hard on one of Iris' tentacles, but the ancient creature easily shook him free, whipping him across the face with one of his tentacles' spear-like tips, gashing it open. Anguirus toppled to the ground, wailing in pain.

Fully healed, Bagan made his way into the heart of the war zone, looking for his next opponent. His quest was answered for him when Moguera rolled forward, followed by Kiryu and Super Mechagodzilla on either side. Bagan stepped forward, ready to reduce the three mechs to scrap metal. But then they opened fire. Mega-Busters, Plasma Grenades, Eye Lasers, Garuda cannons, paralyzer missiles, Plasma Laser Cannons, chest masers, Spiral Grenade Missiles, Type 90 Maser Cannons and an endless array of rockets tore into Bagan, flesh and flame bursting from his body as weapon after weapon exploded against him.

Kong screamed as Kumasogami plunged his molten blade into the great ape's flesh. With a roar of fury, Kong snatched the sword in his hands and snapped it off, spilling lava from Kumasogami's stump. The demon shrieked as he backed away, turning his limb back into a hand. Kong pulled the curved blade out of his body, then turned it back on its wielder, plunging it into Kumasogami's rocky shoulder. The hellish beast roared in agony when a metallic knee smashed into his back. He turned and received a karate chop to the neck from Jet Jaguar. Kong grunted at the machine, grappling Kumasogami from behind and holding the demon still, bracing the burning pain in his hands. Jet Jaguar slammed his fist into Kumasogami's stomach, but the demon raised his foot and planted it into the robot's gut, pushing him back. Wrenching his left arm from Kong's grasp, Kumasogami transformed his fingers into arrows and launched the fiery projectiles at Jet Jaguar, exploding against his armor. Turning around, Kumasogami jammed the arrows into Kong's gut, letting them erupt against his skin. Kong howled as the weapons burnt his flesh, then smashed the back of his fist across the demon's face.

Mecha-King Ghidorah's organic heads cackled as Gigan's Cluster Light Ray exploded around them. The three-headed cyborg returned fire with his Gravity Bolts, blasting the bird-like beast and showering him with sparks. The cyborg Ghidorah continued the assault with his Triple Beam Laser, but Gigan crossed his scythes in front of him, blocking the blast in a shower of sparks. Gigan lunged towards the armored Ghidorah, hugging the cyborg with his scythes as he activated his buzzsaw. Mecha-King Ghidorah cackled as Gigan's blades sliced into his chestplate, throwing even more sparks around. The future born monster's cybernetic head spat out a Triple Beam Laser, exploding against Gigan's face. The alien beast staggered back, shrieking in agony as his visor burned. Soon the anger turned to rage and Gigan attacked again, raising his right arm and bringing it down on Mecha-King Ghidorah's left wing, his scythe hacking through the solar paneling and crumbling off the upper tip of the wing. The Futurian cyborg's three heads turned, firing their energy bolts and knocking Gigan away. Stepping forward, Mechaghidorah slammed his mass into Gigan and shoved him to the ground.

Red King pulled his fists back and slammed them into Daigoro's head, pummeling the young monster again and again. The tubby beast tried to fight back, but Red King was too fast and too vicious. Grabbing Daigoro's neck, Red King shoved the creature down and slammed his knee up into Daigoro's snout. The orange monster cried out as Red King's knee struck his face, toppling over onto his back. Red King rubbed his hands together, ready to finish the little monster, when a surge of lightning burst into his back. Shrieking angrily, he turned around and found Goliath staring him down. The blue beast roared furiously. Daigoro was his to torment. Red King held his hand out and gestured for Goliath to come and get him. Raising his arms into the air, Goliath charged, his horn crackling with energy. The two monsters crashed together, biting and clawing and slamming their fists into each other. Goliath blasted Red King with electricity, charring his skin. The bumpy monster reached up and grabbed Goliath's horn, tugging on it. The electric monster roared in a panic and unleashed a powerful surge of electricity into Red King's hands, blasting them off his horn. Angrily, Red King spun around, slamming his tail into Goliath's face. The blue bully stumbled back, tripping over Daigoro.

Hedorah let out gurgled laughter as Utsuno Ikusagami brought his energized sword down, slicing harmlessly through Hedorah's body. The ancient warrior pulled back, glaring at his weapon in surprise. The blade was smoking and starting to corrode. He looked back at the Smog Monster, who began to move towards him. Returning his sword to whence it came, Ikusagami struck a battle pose, then rushed the slimy beast, preparing to wrestle him to the ground. The toxic terror was ready for him, however, and leapt into the air and landed on top of the holy knight, tackling him to the ground. Ikusagami clutched at strands of sludge dangling from Hedorah's arms and body, but the creature was nonplussed. He began to unleash torrents of viscous, black slime onto the armored warrior. Smoke began to sizzle from the silver and gold plating as the slime coated Ikusagami. Unable to get a good hold on the monster, the sun-like medallion on his forehead began to glow. A golden beam of light shot out, punching through the Smog Monster and searing his sludgy flesh. Hedorah screamed as the holy energy burned through him, truly harming the slimy beast. Flailing his arms, he fell from Ikusagami, writhing about on the ground. His armor still smoking, Ikusagami rose to his feet and brushed himself off.

Warping the air itself with their supersonic speeds, Kamacuras and Megaguirus were engaged in an epic dogfight amongst the clouds. The prehistoric dragonfly snapped at Kamacuras' large compound eyes with her pincers, but the mutant mantis slapped his claw across her face. Megaguirus tried to bring her deadly stinger into play, but her foe was too close to her body. Any attempts to use it on him would impale herself as well. The Meganula Queen shrieked in frustration as she and Kamacuras rocketed through the clouds, spinning around and around as they each tried to gain an advantage on the other. Kamacuras leaned in, sinking his tiny jaws into Megaguirus' neck, eliciting a cry of pain from the purple creature. But Megaguirus was not completely defenseless, stabbing the tip of her right pincer at Kamacuras' head over and over. One of the jabs landed a successful hit, stabbing into one of the mantis' bulbous orange eyes. Screaming wildly, Kamacuras dislodged from Megaguirus and, in a blur, was gone. Satisfied that she had driven the mantis away, Megaguirus shrieked victoriously, when she suddenly heard Kamacuras' familiar screech from behind and a huge weight land on her back. Suddenly, the mantis decloaked, becoming fully visible again. He slammed his scythe-like claws into Megaguirus' wings, causing the insect queen to screech in pain.

Gororin's yellow eyes shifted back and forth. The cactus orb found itself between two ancient guardians - Gamera and King Caesar. The titanic turtle stepped forward, but Gororin responded by firing a wave of needles into his neck, causing Gamera to stagger back and scream in pain. King Caesar roared and charged, forcing Gororin to launch another series of spines at him as well. Holding his arms up in front of his face, Caesar continued his charge, his tough, stone-like skin deflecting most of the sharp projectiles. Again and again the plant launched its spines at the approaching deity, but they struck with little effect. Before Gororin could react, Caesar raised his foot and stomped it down onto the sphere. Despite the pointy spines, the leonine beast seemed completely unaffected and continued to jam his foot on top of Gororin, driving him down into the soil. Unable to reach the spines stuck in his throat, Gamera shrieked angrily and launched a plasma fireball. Already feeling the heat from the rapidly-approaching ball of flame, Gororin quickly rolled out of the way, allowing it to explode against the ground directly in front of King Caesar, knocking the golem to the ground. The Guardian of the Universe spat fireball after fireball at the fleeing Gororin, each blast barely missing the plant monster. Rolling up a mountainside like a ramp, Gororin flung himself at Gamera, ready to impale the reptile's face with his spines, but the turtle reacted quickly, nailing the evil orb with a plasma fireball. The blast sent him hurtling towards King Caesar who, with another kick from his powerful legs, smashed him back into the mountain, dazing the cactus creature.

Elsewhere, the three mechanical defenders of humanity continued to unload their firepower into the demonic Super Monster. Takuya Sasaki, captain of the Mechagodzilla crew, spoke up, not only to his co-pilots, but to the pilots of the other two mechs as well.

"Alright now," he announced over the radio. "Let's ease up and see how much damage we've done."

"Understood," replied Koji Shinjo in Moguera. "Powering down weapons systems."

"Deactivating weapons," echoed Akane Yashiro within Kiryu.

The various pilots hit buttons and flipped switches. In an instant, Mechagodzilla, Kiryu and Moguera ceased firing and lowered their arms.

The grotesque remains of Bagan slumped. The Super Monster's entire front half had been incinerated, exposing his innards, which in turn had also been vaporized. Brain, lungs, stomach, even the beast's black, immortal heart... All had been obliterated by the arsenal of the three mechanical marvels. Now only the burnt-out husk of Bagan's backside remained.

Lifeless, it crashed to the ground.

"Hey, we did it!" Lt. Kiyoshi Sato declared, grinning.

In the cockpit of the Super Mechagodzilla, the mech's crew wasn't as celebratory.

"Sir!" cried Susan, the blonde American pilot. "We are detecting a large amount of micro-oxygen!"

"What? What's that?" Takuya asked in shock.

Indeed, what was left of Bagan's corpse was beginning to be eaten away by the deadly chemical. Suddenly, the slain dragon was engulfed in a shockwave of energy and a puff of smoke as the final form of Destoroyah returned, having fully healed the wounds inflicted by the Mothras and Battra. Before any of the crews could react, Destoroyah reared back and spat out his Micro-Oxygen Beam. The purple bolt struck Super Mechagodzilla in the chest and managed to topple the mighty machine, knocking it off its feet and onto its back.

Gaira shrieked in pain as Krystalak stabbed his long, crystalline claws into the gargantua's flesh in rapid succession. The pinkish-white demon grinned evilly, pleased with himself as blood began to spill from Gaira's wounds. The Green Gargantua raised his arms into the air, howling in fury, then lunged at the crystal beast. He tried to get his hands around Krystalak's throat, but the creature's beard of crystals made that an almost impossible task. After another failed attempt, Gaira simply pulled his fist back and let it fly into Krystalak's face. The crystal creature grinned again, having barely felt the blow. He flipped backwards, slamming his feet up into Gaira's chin, sending him staggering back. Once back on his feet, Krystalak spun around, unleashing shards from his tail that flew through the air and exploded against Gaira as they made contact with his flesh. Furiously, Gaira began kicking up dirt and rocks and trees, sending them sailing towards and bouncing off of Krystalak. Not finding the attempt amusing, the pink creature inhaled deeply, then spewed forth his Prism Beam, nailing the Green Gargantua square in the chest and sending him crashing against a mountain.

Sparks flew as Megalon's drills slammed down onto Obsidius' rocky hide. The insect deity attacked again and again, banging his metallic limbs against the lava golem over and over. Growling angrily, Obsidius grabbed one of Megalon's drills in his left hand, then the beetle god's throat in his right. Roaring intensely into Megalon's face, Obsidius began to squeeze down on his throat. The subterranean deity was quick to respond, however, his horn firing a bolt of lightning into Obsidius' permanently-open mouth. Instantly releasing his grip on Megalon's throat, Obsidius staggered back, clutching at his mouth. Megalon chittered happily, clapping his drills together, when Obsidius unleashed his Inferno attack, spraying Megalon's face and upper torso with a torrent of molten lava. Megalon fell back, rolling around on the ground as the steaming liquid scorched his flesh. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and split open, tendrils rising up out of the soil. Obsidius watched as Biollante pulled herself up out of the ground, shrieking into the sky. She immediately focused on Obsidius and charged, attacking him with her vines as well, but their spearing tips burst against the stone beast's skin. Biollante lowered her head, biting her massive jaws onto Obsidius' shoulder, only for the molten monster to spew more lava into her face. Biollante released Obsidius and howled into the air as the lava burned her face away. Satisfied with his attack, Obsidius wasn't expecting it when one of Megalon's drills clobbered him over the back of his head, knocking him to the ground. Turning his attention to Biollante, Megalon spat out a napalm sphere. The red ball got stuck in the mutant plant's body - just above her power core - and detonated, eliciting another cry of pain from her.

Gigan swung his scythes forward, slamming them against the necks of Ultraman and Zone Fighter. The twin heroes staggered and choked as the metal limbs struck their throats, but they quickly recovered and went on the attack. On either side of the cyborg, the two raised their legs, kicking at Gigan's face, but the cyborg blocked the blows with his bladed arms. He brought his scythes down, trying to cleave the humanoids in half, but they flipped out of the way, dodging the attack. Leaping into the air and landing behind the alien creature, Zone Fighter grabbed hold of Gigan's tail, tugging on it. Ultraman, meanwhile, knocked Gigan's arms out of the way, then landed an uppercut on the cyborg. Gigan fired his Cluster Light Ray, exploding against Ultraman and knocking him to the ground. Gigan lashed out with his tail, the claw at the end latching onto Zone Fighter's throat. Twirling around, Gigan tossed Zone Fighter through the air, crashing down near Ultraman. The two heroes rose up and prepared to strike, only to have Gigan hold out his arms and fire his capture cables. One set wrapped around Ultraman's neck, the other around Zone Fighter's. The two defenders clutched at the cables, trying to untangle them as they squeezed their throats. Gigan shrieked, pleased with their predicament, as he reeled them in, firing up his buzzsaw as he did so. Closer and closer they got, Gigan's rotating blade coming even nearer. Finally, Ultraman held up his hand and tossed a Cutting Halo at the cyborg. The energy saw swerved like a boomerang, slicing not only through the capture cables, but Gigan's arms as well. Gigan shrieked as his scythes fell to the ground with a clang, sliced off cleanly at the base. As Gigan staggered backwards, shrieking in agony, Ultraman and Zone Fighter ripped the cables off from around their necks. Ultraman crossed his hands. Zone Fighter brought his to his head.


"Meteor Proton Beam!"

The twin blasts flew through the air and struck the cyborg square in the chest, throwing sparks upon impact. Gigan squeaked, then fell face-first to the ground. In a brilliant ball of fire, the ultimate weapon of Star Hunter Nebula M was destroyed.

Godzilla Junior shrieked as Monster X's tail whipped across his face, knocking the son of Godzilla to the ground. Daigoro flexed his arms, ready to come to his ally's defense. Monster X turned just in time for Daigoro to begin his assault, slamming his fists into X's bony chest. The Xilien monster sneered in amusement as the young beast continued his futile attack. Pulling his arm up, Monster X backhanded Daigoro across the face, sending him stumbling back. The skeletal creature then lashed out with a spinning kick to Daigoro's gut, sending him rolling across the soil. Junior raised his head and fired a burst of his atomic ray, but the blast exploded harmlessly against X's chest. His eyes glowing with power, Monster X fired golden bolts of energy, detonating violently against Junior and Daigoro. Junior pulled himself up onto his knees as Daigoro stumbled back to his feet. The hippopotamus-like monster reared his head back, unleashing a sheet of flames from his mouth. The fire sparked against Monster X, causing him to growl in anger. Charging Daigoro, Monster X slammed his fists into the young creature's face again and again, bloodying and bruising it. Junior got to his feet and started towards the two, but he was too late to intervene before Monster X leapt up and kicked Daigoro in the neck, breaking it and sending his body crashing to the ground. Roaring furiously, Junior unleashed a powerful blast of his atomic ray, striking Monster X in the chest and knocking him back. Monster X turned, glaring at the young Godzilla. He stepped forward, only to have something large smash into his chest, sending him hurtling through the air and to the ground. Rising back to his feet, the skeletal kaiju found himself facing a very angry Gamera. As X got back to his feet, Gamera looked down at the slain body of Daigoro, sadness in his eyes. The sadness was once again replaced by fury as Gamera returned his attention to Monster X.

Monster X stumbled back as a trio of plasma fireballs exploded against his chest, sending fire everywhere. Before the alien monster knew it, Gamera was right in front of him, slamming his massive fists into Monster X's sternum. The black and white creature backhanded Gamera across the face, staggering the turtle, but when he tried to punch him square in the jaw, the guardian opened his mouth and bit down on the hand, drawing black blood. Monster X squealed as he tried to pull his fist out of Gamera's mouth, but only succeeded in shredding his own flesh even worse. Suddenly, a burst of flame erupted from Gamera's maw and Monster X staggered back screaming, his hand having been incinerated. Gamera's eyes narrowed as he planned his next move. He saw the flames at the end of Monster X's arm and the fires burning on the ground. Holding out his right arm, Gamera called the flames to him. Junior watched as the flames wrapped around Gamera's arm like snakes, forming a large, burning glove around his limb. Monster X backed away, knowing his end was near. With a mighty heave, Gamera slammed his fiery fist into Monster X's chest, the skeletal beast screaming as the flames burned into his torso. In a massive explosion, the Xilien champion was destroyed, scattering bits of his bony armor across the battlefield.

Varan roared as he swooped down at Destoroyah's head, swatting at his face. The Precambrian horror screamed in anger as he tried to snatch the Obaki with his claws, but Varan managed to avoid each of his foe's attempts to grab him. Again and again Varan smacked Destoroyah with his claws, then followed up by swinging his head down and stabbing one of his horns into the microbe monster's right eye. Destoroyah reared back, crying in pain, and unleashed a powerful stream of his Micro-Oxygen Beam, blasting Varan out of the sky and sending him crashing to the ground. His skin smoking, Varan struggled to push himself up off the ground, when a powerful kick from Destoroyah sent him rolling across the dirt. Varan crashed into something cold and metallic, and looked up to see Moguera. The mole-like mech targeted Destoroyah and opened fire with its Plasma Laser Cannons and chest maser, eliciting a cry from the beast. Destoroyah returned fire with his Micro-Oxygen Beam, throwing sparks as it collided with Moguera's armor, but the machine held steady. This time, its cone-shaped hands opened up and unleashed twin Spiral Grenade Missiles. The revolving projectiles smashed into Destoroyah hard, exploding with tremendous force and blowing his chest open. Destoroyah roared furiously and unleashed another blast of his purple ray. The beam struck Moguera in its still-open left hand, detonating the Spiral Grenade Missiles still inside and blowing off Mogurea's arm in a burst of flame. As Moguera stumbled back, Varan leapt towards Destoroyah, ready to rip the creature's face off. Seconds before he could strike, however, Destoroyah's head horn began emanating a bright yellow glow. Swinging his head down quickly, Destoroyah sent a blade of energy through Varan's body. The triphibian lizard's eyes went wide as he felt himself be cleaved in two by Destoroyah's Laser Horn. Moguera's crew watched in horror as the sliced body of Varan fell to the ground at Destoroyah's feet. With its remaining arm, Moguera launched another Spiral Grenade Missile at Destoroyah, blowing a large chunk out of his right thigh. Howling in pain, Destoroyah unleashed his Laser Horn once again, slicing diagonally through Moguera's upper torso. A moment later, the mighty machine's head, neck, right shoulder and right arm slid off its body, crashing to the dirt. Marching up to the defeated Moguera, Destoroyah shoved the headless, armless mecha to the ground.

King Kong crashed face-first into the dirt, having been bludgeoned over the head by Goliath's powerful fist. Rising back to his feet, the mighty ape found himself surrounded on both sides, not only by Goliath, but by Gabara as well. Thumping his fists against his chest, Kong lunged for Goliath, but the blue monstrosity slammed his fist into Kong's face once again, sending him stumbling towards Gabara. The emerald ogre swung his head down, headbutting Kong in the mouth with his horned head, splitting Kong's lip and drawing blood. Kong roared in fury at Gabara, but before he could attack, Goliath's tail smashed into his back. As Kong staggered and turned to face the beast, Gabara attacked from behind, sinking his claws into Kong's shoulders and unleashing torrents of electricity into the gorilla's flesh. This time, Gabara had no intention of ceasing his attack, of allowing Kong to use his enhanced strength against him. Nodding at Goliath, Gabara called him forward, letting him know to attack. Energy crackling from his horn, the space beast sent bolts of lightning surging into Kong's chest. As Gabara continued to pour more and more electricity into the ape, Goliath blasted him again and again. Smoke began to rise from Kong's skin. Gabara cackled with glee. His plan was working! Between him and Goliath, there was too much energy for Kong to absorb. He'd finally have his revenge on the big ape! However, fate was not on Gabara's side before, and unfortunately for him, it wasn't this time, either. Kong's hands reached up and clutched Gabara's head. With a mighty tug, Kong pulled Gabara clean off the ground and over his head, tossing him forward and sending him hurtling into Goliath, knocking both electric demons to the ground. As the two untangled from each other and got back to their feet, they realized in a panic that Kong was on top of them. Grabbing their heads in his hands, the mighty gorilla smashed them together. Their impacting skulls let out a sickening crack and the two beasts were knocked out. Kong tossed them aside, discarding them like the trash they were.

Godzilla cried out as the Corona Beam swirled around his torso before finally exploding against his chest. He stumbled and fell to his knees before another jagged blast sent him crashing to the ground. Godzilla groaned as he tried to get back up. He was tired. Sore. Running low on strength. A battle of these proportions was wearing him down. SpaceGodzilla, Bagan, Destoroyah, Hedorah, Monster X... It was too much! Even the King of the Monsters had his limits. But even as it strained him to stand, he refused to give in.

Narrowing his eyes and snarling at SpaceGodzilla, he got back to his feet. His dorsal fins flaring, he spat an atomic ray, aimed directly at SpaceGodzilla's head. A mistake. The crystalline alien immediately brought his shield up, reflecting the radioactive blast and sending it back to explode against Godzilla's face. With a shriek, Godzilla was instantly floored. SpaceGodzilla roared, enjoying his Earthen counterpart's suffering. He fired another Corona Beam, letting it spark and explode against the soil around Godzilla's fallen form. Before he could attack again, he sensed two creatures heading towards him. Turning to face them, he quickly spotted Anguirus and Rodan coming at him. Rodan reached him first, blasting the alien beast with his uranium heat ray. The purple blast sparked against SpaceGodzilla's flesh, allowing Rodan to get closer and begin clawing at the monster's face with his talons. Anguirus lunged in next, clamping his jaws down on SpaceGodzilla's left arm. The space monster screamed as the two Earth kaiju attacked him with their teeth and claws, but they were still no match for him. Sending a charge of alien energy through his skin, he dislodged Anguirus, who quickly backed away. Focusing his attention on Rodan, SpaceGodzilla unleashed a Corona Beam that exploded against the pteranodon's wings and torso. Rodan swerved away, putting plenty of distance between him and SpaceGodzilla as Anguirus flung himself backwards, smashing his shell into the demon's damaged shoulder crystal and breaking it apart in a shower of sparks and crystal shards. Crying out in fury, SpaceGodzilla scorched Anguirus with a corona blast, knocking the spiky quadruped to the ground. Before SpaceGodzilla could make another move, Godzilla's atomic ray blasted into his side, catching him off guard. SpaceGodzilla turned just in time to have Godzilla rake his face with his claws and bite into his neck.

Kumonga chittered as he backed away, waving his front two legs threateningly. But Wargilgar paid no heed to the warning, opening and closing his pincers as he advanced on the massive spider. Kumonga had already tried to coat the Terro-Beast in his silken threads, but the creature's breath was the hottest of flames, the perfect defense against the arachnid's webbing. Screeching wildly, Wargilgar moved forward, ready to snap his pincers down on Kumonga's legs. The giant predator spat out a stinger that lodged itself into the alien's thigh. Wargilgar stopped and looked down at the needle sticking out of his flesh. Reaching down and taking hold of it in his claws, the Terro-Beast plucked it out and nonchalantly snapped it in half, resuming his advance on the spider. Kumonga panicked as he realized his poison had no effect on the bizarre beast's alien physiology. Wargilgar reached up and clamped his pincers down on Kumonga's extended front legs. The two grappled with each other like that for a while, each trying to get the other to fall. Kumonga tried desperately to force his opponent down. If he could only get the Terro-Beast to the ground, then he could cover him with his web! Unfortunately, victory was not on Kumonga's menu, for as the harder Wargilgar pushed against him, the harder he also tried to close his pincers. With a sickening, juicy crunch, Wargilgar's claws shut down on Kumonga's legs, slicing off the ends and spilling yellow blood. Shrieking in pain, Kumonga backed away, finally admitting defeat. But Wargilgar was not a merciful foe. Throwing his arms open and opening his mandibles, the creature unleashed a searing torrent of flames that completely engulfed the spider. Kumonga tried to move away, but he was too badly hurt, and he wasn't the fastest of monsters even when he was in perfect health. On and on the fires came, roasting Kumonga alive. Noticing that the spider had stopped moving, Wargilgar cut off his flames and watched as Kumonga's corpse burned. The alien monster screeched victoriously, snapping his claws open and shut, when he suddenly heard a high-pitched ring from behind him. Before the Terro-Beast could turn and see what had created the noise, Megaguirus' stinger burst from his chest, the prehistoric dragonfly having plunged it into his back. For a moment, Wargilgar struggled, trying to remove the chitinous spike. He failed, however, and his body soon went limp. Withdrawing her stinger, Megaguirus allowed Wargilgar to fall to the ground. Hovering down and stabbing into the alien's corpse once again, she began to drain him of his remaining fluids and energy.

His drill hand whirring rapidly, Kiryu backhanded Megalon across the face with it, sending the Seatopian deity sprawling to the ground, missing parts of his mandibles and right eye. Before the mechanical Godzilla could advance, the pained shriek of Gamera was heard. Akane swung Kiryu around just in time to see Destoroyah plunge his head horn down into Gamera's plastron. The guardian tried to grab Destoroyah's head crest, but before he had the chance, the Precambrian monster stood upright, tossing Gamera clear overhead. With a thunderous crash, Gamera slammed onto his back behind the evil beast. Stunned and bleeding, Gamera couldn't move as Destoroyah turned around and unleashed a blast of his Micro-Oyxgen Beam, sending flames and sparks exploding around the titanic tortoise. Just as Gamera began to stir, Destoroyah marched forward, planning on crushing the reptile's head underneath his massive foot. Akane's eyes narrowed with determination. She would not let a fellow defender fall in battle, not when she could do something about it.

"Let's go, Kiryu!"

Kiryu lunged forward, plunging his rapidly-spinning drill into Destoroyah's gut. The Precambrian horror screamed in pain as Kiryu's drill spilled his yellow blood, the mech using his jets to shove Destoroyah far from the defenseless Gamera. Suddenly, a Micro-Oxygen blast escaped Destoroyah's mouth, scorching Kiryu's armor and knocking him away, dislodging his drill. Before Destoroyah could attack again, Kiryu swung around, slamming his tail into the beast's torso and sending him stumbling back. Kiryu opened fire with the twin Type 90 Masers housed in his mouth and wrist-mounted laser cannons, blasting into Destoroyah's open torso. The crustacean-like monstrosity cried out as the weapons exploded against him, waiting for an opening to attack. One such opening came, but it was not long enough for Destoroyah to take advantage of. One of Kiryu's shoulder pods shot off like a giant missile, smashing into Destoroyah's face and instantly flooring the monster in a burst of fire as the pod detonated upon impact. As Destoroyah struggled to get his massive form upright once again, Akane began flipping switches and hitting buttons within Kiryu's cockpit.

"Absolute Zero, stand by," she announced.

Holding his arms out wide, Kiryu stood still as his chestplates opened. Golden energy began to coalesce as Kiryu's ultimate weapon was brought to full power. Akane revealed the firing button and held her finger over it. At that moment, Destoroyah rose to his feet, turning to face the armor-plated machine.

"Absolute Zero!" Akane called out, pressing the button. "FIRE!"

Just as Destoroyah had turned all the way towards Kiryu, a sphere of blinding, bluish-white energy shot out of the machine's torso. Destoroyah had no time to react as the chilling blast struck him directly in the chest, instantly freezing him solid. Akane smiled as she realized the Absolute Zero Cannon had successfully hit its target. She was about to have Kiryu raise his tail and shatter the Precambrian monstrosity, when she suddenly heard a rapid, whistling sound. She looked up in time to see the spinning shell of Gamera fly through the frozen Destoroyah, obliterating the beast in a burst of snow and ice.

Godzilla and Anguirus cried out as the latter, ensnared by SpaceGodzilla's emerald Gravity Tornado, was sent careening into the former. Having raised another batch of crystals, SpaceGodzilla summoned more cosmic power from them into his one remaining shoulder crystal, blasting both Earth beasts with his Corona Beam. Godzilla and Anguirus groaned in pain as they struggled to return to their feet, only to be shoved back down by another Corona Beam. Just as the crystalline terror prepared to finish them off, a mighty roar filled the sky, causing SpaceGodzilla to turn and see what had challenged him. He found himself facing the Eighth Wonder of the World. Roaring furiously, King Kong thumped his fists into his chest, sparks of electricity flying with each hit. Rushing the alien beast, Kong attacked with a ferocity that took the intergalactic Godzilla by surprise. Kong's powerful fists smashed into SpaceGodzilla's chest, neck and face, striking with Herculean force. SpaceGodzilla cried out as he was assaulted not only by the gorilla's hands, but also the powerful surges of electricity emanating from them. Stumbling back, SpaceGodzilla fired a Corona Beam directly into Kong's torso, but the god of Farou Island barely even felt the blast. Again SpaceGodzilla fired, and again Kong was oblivious to the bolt that seared and lacerated his flesh. Kong reached out and latched one hand around SpaceGodzilla's throat, the other his snout. The giant gorilla squeezed as hard as he could, trying to crush what he held in his hands. SpaceGodzilla tried to fight back, but was no match for Kong's supercharged fury. SpaceGodzilla was shoved backwards by the ape, growling as he realized his throat and snout were charred from Kong's electric grip. With his foe momentarily distracted, Kong grabbed one of the creature's energy crystals and wrenched it from the ground. Swinging it up, he uppercuted SpaceGodzilla with it, causing the space monster to stagger. Bringing it down on top of SpaceGodzilla's head, the crystal exploded into fragments, dazing the alien beast. Reaching behind him, Kong ripped another crystal out of the dirt. With his opponent's back turned, SpaceGodzilla fired another Corona Beam, letting it travel up Kong's back until it hit the back of his skull.

Kong's eyes narrowed.

Turning around and raising his arms into the air, Kong quickly and forcefully brought them back down, plunging the energy crystal deep into SpaceGodzilla's heart. The space monster's eyes went wide. His shoulder and dorsal crystals flashed orange, then went dim. Crimson blood leaked from his mouth as the beast looked stunned, unable to believe what had just happened. Godzilla and Anguirus watched in shock as SpaceGodzilla staggered, then toppled onto his back, finally slain. Kong stepped forward, looking down at SpaceGodzilla. Only slight, subtle movements were made. Satisfied that his foe would soon be dead, Kong smashed his fists against his chest, roaring victoriously. He glanced momentarily at Godzilla, then ran back into battle, looking for a new opponent. Slowly, Godzilla got to his feet. He marched over to SpaceGodzilla's prone form, looking down at it. He watched as golden cosmic energy poured out of SpaceGodzilla's torso, swirling around the crystal jutting out of his chest as it went. The energy also circled around Godzilla, who began to feel strange the more he was exposed to it. Godzilla stood over SpaceGodzilla's corpse, watching the monster's power leave him. Anguirus shook his head and howled, calling Godzilla away from his slain dopplegänger. It took a moment, but the Monster King finally responded, turning to join Anguirus and leaving SpaceGodzilla behind him. Godzilla roared, ready to face his next challenger. As if in preparation, his dorsal fins flashed blue.

Then red.

Not too far away, Zilla began to stir from unconsciousness.

The mutant lizard woke up and rose to his feet. Having recovered enough from Destoroyah's earlier attack, he was ready for more action. Lowering his head, he ran immediately into the battle zone, letting out his famous cry. He quickly came upon the demon Kumasogami, who soon caught sight of Zilla as well. The two creatures watched each other silently for a moment before leaping forward. Kumasogami grabbed Zilla by the throat and punched him in the snout, sending him staggering back. Zilla groaned, his flesh burnt by the demon's mere touch. As Zilla dealt with that revelation, Kumasogami transformed his right hand into an axe and swung it at the mutant iguana's head. If it weren't for Zilla's superior speed, the reptile would've surely been decapitated. Running around to the molten creature's backside, Zilla leapt onto his shoulders, knocking Kumasogami to the ground. Getting back on his feet in an instant, Kumasogami got rid of the axe and instead morphed his hands into a bow and arrows. He quickly launched the flaming projectiles at Zilla. While most struck the ground, one stuck into the lizard's leg. Zilla howled in pain as the arrow seared his flesh, reaching down and managing to dislodge it. Zilla dove behind a rather large boulder when Kumasogami fired another wave of arrows at him. As intelligent as he was fast, Zilla quickly came up with a plan and began to burrow into the ground. After a few moments of waiting for Zilla to emerge from behind the boulder, Kumasogami got bored and returned his hands to bladed form - his right the sword, his left the axe. Just as he prepared to hack the boulder to pieces, Zilla's head burst out of the soil behind him, calling out and getting the demon's attention. Kumasogami roared fiercely and took a step forward, swinging his weaponized hands around. But with a mighty roar of his own, Zilla unleashed his powerful atomic ray at the molten nightmare. The emerald blast hit Kumasogami hard, sending him staggering back and crashing into the boulder Zilla had used for cover. Upon hitting the rock, Kumasogami crashed onto his back on the ground. Climbing up and leaping onto the fallen demon, Zilla put his claws to Kumasogami's chest and began to dig. The lava monster screamed as Zilla started burrowing into his chest, sending his molten blood everywhere. Zilla ignored the unbelievable pain as the liquid scalded his hands, continuing to dig. Within moments, Kumasogami had stopped moving. Seconds later, Zilla's claws hit dirt. The mutant lizard had burrowed all the way through Kumasogami's torso. Backing away, Zilla roared victoriously, then whimpered as he started to feel the loss of his skin and most of the flesh on his hands. It was then that some movements caught his attention.

Iris swatted two of his tentacles backward, smacking Gomora and Utsuno Ikusagami in the face, knocking both of them onto their backs. Spotting Godzilla, the mutant Gyaos raised his arm and fully extended its spear. Firing his jets, Iris began moving towards the King of the Monsters, ready to stab and drain him of his radioactive power. Unfortunately, Godzilla had no idea Iris was even there, let alone that he was about to be impaled by the armored beast.

Zilla knew he had to move fast. Charging at his top speed, he ran towards Godzilla, lowering his head and bracing himself. Within seconds, he had reached him and slammed his head into Godzilla's side, knocking the Monster King clean off his feet. Furiously, Godzilla raised his head to see who had attacked him, only to watch as Zilla was skewered by Iris' spear, the appendage jutting all the way through the reptile's body. Weakly, the mutant lizard cried out, then went limp. Iris looked down at Zilla's body in disappointment. In an instant, Godzilla knew what had happened and pulled himself to his feet. He shoved hard against Iris with his hands, red energy crackling from his claws into Iris' chest plate, throwing sparks. Iris brought his tentacles up to retaliate, but Godzilla opened his mouth and fired his Red Spiral Ray. Iris groaned as the crimson blast slammed into his chest, sending the evolved Gyaos reeling back in a burst of flame and reducing his armor-plated chest to slag. Further and further back Iris slid, Zilla's body sliding off his spear and falling to the ground, until Godzilla's ray delivered him back to his previous two foes. Iris looked on each side of him, finding himself trapped between Gomora and Ikusagami. Iris flexed his tentacles, ready to retaliate as Ikusagami summoned his sword with blue energy. But before Iris could attack, Gomora spun around and slammed his tail into the creature's spiked back, sending him stumbling towards Ikusagami. The ancient warrior acted quickly, slicing his sword up and down. Iris reared his head back, moaning in pain as all four of his tentacles hit the ground and wriggled around before becoming completely lifeless. As Iris writhed in pain, Ikusagami and Gomora stood side-by-side in front of the mutant Gyaos and opened fire - Ikusagami with his medallion ray, Gomora with his Super Oscillatory Wave. The two powerful blasts slammed into the arrow-headed monster, busting through his armored torso. In a burst of flames, Iris was destroyed.

Anguirus honked in an attempt to warn Godzilla, but it was too late, as Krystalak leapt onto his back and began hacking and slashing away with his crystalline claws. Godzilla struggled, trying to dislodge the beast but with no effect. Rodan swooped down in an attempt to knock him away, but Krystalak fired his Prism Beam, forcing the pterodactyl to swerve away. Roaring angrily, Godzilla's dorsal fins and eyes flashed red. Seconds later, a completely red nuclear pulse blasted Krystalak from Godzilla's back, sending him crashing to the ground. The pinkish-white monster got back to his feet and was about to pounce on Godzilla again, when he was blasted to the ground by a combination of the Mega-Buster, Eye Lasers and the Garuda's cannons.

"Not so fast, buddy," Takuya commented inside the cockpit of the Super Mechagodzilla. "Attacking Godzilla is our job!"

As Krystalak got back to his feet, he was blown off of them once again as he was struck in the chest by both the Mega-Buster and the Red Spiral Ray. His chest smoking, this time he attacked before they expected, lifting his head and spewing his Prism Beam at them. The blast knocked Godzilla back, but Mechagodzilla just absorbed it, feeding its energy to the Plasma Grenade. A second Prism blast and the weapon was fully charged. As Krystalak got back to his feet, the port to the Plasma Grenade opened, the cannon extending. Krystalak spotted the emerging weapon, and though he had no idea what it was, it gave the crystalline creature an uneasy feeling. Spinning around, he unleashed a series of crystal shards from his tail. They not only stabbed into Mechagodzilla's armor, but also the Plasma Grenade cannon.

"Fire the Plasma Grenade!" Takuya commanded. "Now!"

"We can't! It's damaged beyond use!" came the reply.

With nowhere else to go, the built-up energy within backfired. The Plasma Grenade cannon sparked, and then a moment later, the entire front of Super Mechagodzilla's torso exploded, the force of the blast sending both the mech and Godzilla crashing to the ground. With his foes downed, Krystalak skittered away, Anguirus giving chase. A moment later, Godzilla stirred, pulling himself back to his feet. Shaking his head clear, he looked down at Mechagodzilla and saw that the robot's entire chest had been blown open, revealing the machine's inner circuitry. It was then that Godzilla's eyes fell upon Mechagodzilla's nuclear power core. Its casing had been cracked, power leaking from within. The core was obviously unstable and was ready to go at any moment. But Godzilla didn't care about unstable power cores. All he knew was that the heart of his mechanical double was leaking the same power he thrived on, and despite the alien power he had absorbed from SpaceGodzilla, he still hungered for more, as this battle royal wasn't showing any signs of stopping any time soon. Godzilla bent down, extending his hand out to clutch the power core and wrench it from Mechagodzilla's shattered chest. If this strange device could power a juggernaut such as the Super Mechagodzilla, then surely it would return Godzilla to full strength.

As soon as Godzilla's claws came into contact with it, the core exploded.

The other monsters paused mid-battle as the entire island shook and a miniature mushroom cloud of fire burst into the sky. For a brief moment, it seemed as though the war might end right then and there as they watched the flames rise and expand into the heavens.

That hope died, however, as Gaira lunged forward and sank his fangs into Red King's arm, spilling blood. Chaos erupted on Monster Island once again. Kiryu swiped at Krystalak with his drill. Gororin's spines bounced harmlessly off of Ikusagami's armor. Obsidius spewed liquid magma at Zone Fighter. Mothra and Battra swooped down to attack Goliath. Mecha-King Ghidorah unleashed his Godzilla Capture Cables at Hedorah, only for the Smog Monster to corrode and destroy them. Rainbow Mothra engaged Megaguirus amongst the clouds. Gorosaurus stumbled back as Kamacuras sliced him with his claws. Gabara attacked Titanosaurus with his electrical energies. The other heroic monsters did what they could to provide back-up for their fellow warriors.

Mothra shrieked and swerved away as Goliath leapt up, plunging his horn into her thorax. The wound wasn't too severe, but she needed to momentarily pull back and recuperate. With Mothra down, Battra dove in, ready to attack. Seconds before Battra could reach him, Goliath unleashed a burst of lightning from his horn, scorching one of the insect's wings. His limb too burnt to use any further, the Black Mothra plummeted from the sky. Not too shortly thereafter, however, he was engulfed in a sizzling vortex of energy. Instead of his imago form crashing into the dirt, Battra landed feet-first in his larval form! Cackling angrily, Battra unleashed Prism Bolt after Prism Bolt from his horn and eyes, blasting Goliath across the face and torso. Advancing on the blue monster, Battra slammed his head down, striking Goliath with it and zapping him with a charge of prism energy, knocking the bully to the ground

Titanosaurus cried out as Gabara's electric bolts coursed through his body, but with a quick headbutt, the aquatic reptile sent the ogre stumbling backward. With a quick leap, Titanosaurus tackled Gabara to the ground and began smacking his powerful hands on either side of Gabara's head. The green, bumpy beast managed to pull his feet up and kick Titanosaurus hard in the chest, sending the undersea dinosaur rolling across the ground. The two creatures got to their feet at almost the exact same time and growled at each other. Titanosaurus acted first, opening his tail and immediately stirring up powerful winds to batter Gabara with. The ogre roared in defiance as he tried to keep his footing. Gabara's attempts were for naught as Rodan flew by, striking the nightmare ogre in the head and slamming him into the dirt.

"Meteor Missile Might!"

Around Zone Fighter's wrists appeared bracelets lined with miniature rocket launchers. Pointing his right hand outward, Zone Fighter unleashed a torrent of missiles at the golem. Obsidius shrieked as the projectiles exploded against his rough hide, throwing chunks of rock everywhere. Holding his arms up, Obsidius managed to block most of the blasts, and curled himself up into a large boulder. Taken by surprise, Zone Fighter had no chance to react before Obsidius rolled forth and slammed into him, instantly knocking him to the ground. The blue and silver hero managed to rise to his feet and aimed both his hands at the rolling Obsidius, firing more missiles at him, but this time they harmlessly exploded against the roaming boulder. Obsidius crashed into Zone Fighter's legs, once again sending him crashing to the dirt. This time, Obsidius unfurled himself and stood up at his full height, turning around to face the downed warrior. Before Zone Fighter could get back to his feet, Obsidius spewed lava onto the hero, causing him to cry out in pain.

Suddenly, a Red Spiral Ray washed over the crowd, blasting everyone with fire and sparks as it exploded all around them. Reeling back from the attack, the monsters all turned and looked up to see what had attacked them. Collectively, they gasped.

His body pulsing with power and wracked in agony, Burning Godzilla's roar echoed across the island. Waves of nuclear energy were escaping his body in all directions.

Rearing back and charging his fins, Godzilla unleashed a spiral blast at Obsidius and Zone Fighter. The humanoid hero backflipped out of the way, but the molten beast took the beam square in the chest, knocking him flat on his back. An involuntary shockwave burst from Godzilla's body, blasting even more of the creatures. Enemy and ally were hit alike. It didn't matter to Godzilla who he struck. He was going out of his mind from pain and his power level was off the charts. Even Bagan would be hard pressed to stop him now.

Shrieking a challenge, Gaira raised his arms into the air and charged Godzilla. The Green Gargantua quickly felt the intense heat emanating from the creature as he got nearer, giving him pause. This was a mistake, as Godzilla quickly slammed his fist into Gaira's chest, punching through the gargantua's torso and scorching everything within it touched. Godzilla withdrew his hand, then fired his spiral ray, blasting off the entire top of Gaira's body. His flaming lower half crashed to the ground. Obsidius attacked next, using his Inferno attack to spray Godzilla with lava. But next to his body's own raging temperature, Godzilla barely even felt the liquid magma, turning around and blasting Obsidius off his feet. Before the lava golem could even get back to his feet, Godzilla looked down, his glowing eyes narrowing. With a burst of runaway radiation, Godzilla fired a spiral blast directly into Obsidius' permanently-open mouth, splattering molten lava everywhere as his head exploded into a massive ball of fire, along with a sizable chunk of his chest. Kamacuras zoomed by, trying to take Godzilla by surprise as he sliced at him with his claws, only for the King of the Monsters to snatch the insect's arms, scorching and crushing them. Before the mantis could begin to defend himself, Godzilla fired a powerful beam, detonating Kamacuras' skull. Hearing a familiar cry behind him, Godzilla turned just in time to have Red King slam one of his fiery fists into his chest. Taken by surprise, Godzilla staggered backwards, shrieking in rage and pain. As his dorsal fins unleashed a burst of energy, he fired forth a spiral ray that blasted completely through Red King's torso, leaving a gaping hole in his chest. As the bumpy reptile gurgled out a death cry and began to fall, Godzilla unleashed another blast that completely destroyed the creature. Roaring a challenge, Goliath advanced on Godzilla, swinging his fists around threateningly. The blue beast released a powerful burst of lightning from his horn, sparking and exploding against Godzilla's chest. Roaring angrily, Godzilla fired a blast aimed at Goliath's head. The spiral ray skimmed over Goliath's skull, completely vaporizing his horn. Shrieking wildly and clutching at his head, The space monster toppled to the ground, unmoving. Another spiral ray and burst of flame, and Goliath was gone. Gororin rolled in to attack, letting his thorns fly through the air, only for them to catch fire and dissipate as they came in contact with Godzilla's flesh. The Monster King turned to face the plant monster, just as the rolling orb leapt up towards Godzilla's chest. His dorsal fins flaring, Godzilla unleashed a powerful spiral blast, striking the cactus beast and sending him slamming into a nearby hillside. After a moment, Godzilla ceased firing, letting the charred, lifeless Gororin crash to the ground. Megaguirus moved in from behind, slowly and quietly, preparing to jam her stinger into Godzilla's back. Indeed, Godzilla had no idea the Meganula Queen was there, and it seemed that her plan was about to succeed... Until a wave of nuclear energy burst from Godzilla's dorsal fins, completely incinerating Megaguirus.

Witnessing Godzilla's unparalleled power, Gabara, Hedorah and Krystalak backed away, not wanting to be atomized alongside their fellow evil kaiju.

It was then that Godzilla turned his atomic fury onto his allies. A spiral ray blasted Anguirus to the ground. A scorching body slam knocked Gorosaurus into a mountain. Another crimson blast sent Rodan spiraling out of the sky. Baragon decided to vacate the premises to a safer locale and began to burrow into the ground, but was unfortunately obliterated when Godzilla unleashed a powerful blast into his backside, atomizing the subterranean beast in a burst of fire.

Ultraman and Zone Fighter looked at Godzilla, then to each other. Despite the fact that the King of the Monsters was their ally, and that he was not in his right mind, they still could not allow him to run rampant like this. They had to do something to subdue the glowing monster. The two heroes rushed in and grabbed Godzilla's arms, trying to hold him still. But the burning beast was having none of it, twisting his body back and forth and shaking them off. They crashed to the ground, but were quickly back on their feet, ready for Godzilla's next move. He fired a spiral ray at them, knocking them back in a ball of fire. The two humanoids quickly brought their hands up, firing their finishing beam attacks. Sparks and flame erupted from Godzilla's chest as the Specium Beam and Meteor Proton Beam slammed into his chest, but his advance remained unchanged. He returned fire with another red blast, but this time Zone Fighter reacted quickly, generating a Hyper-Barrier to reflect the attack. The spiral ray bounced off the shield, striking Godzilla in the stomach and knocking him back. His eyes burning with rage, Godzilla charged. As soon as the barrier was within reach, he began swinging his fists, easily breaking through the shield and slamming his clawed hands into Ultraman and Zone Fighter's chests, knocking them onto their backs in bursts of sparks. Godzilla suddenly felt a tugging on his tail and turned his head around, discovering that Jet Jaguar had grabbed ahold of it. The heroic machine pulled with every once of his strength, trying to get Godzilla away from his fellow defenders. Godzilla flexed his tail, trying to shake Jet Jaguar off of him, but the android's grip was too strong, and he refused to let go. For a moment, their game of tug of war continued, until Jet Jaguar went flying back, crashing onto the ground. The robot was confused, he hadn't let go of Godzilla's tail. But when he raised his arms to look at his hands, he found what was wrong with horror - the heat emanating from Godzilla had melted his arms off all the way up to his elbows. Hearing an angry growl, Jet Jaguar looked up just in time for Godzilla to destroy the robot with another spiral ray.

An unearthly wail caught Godzilla's attention as the ground began to shake. The Monster King began to turn when several tendrils ensnared and bit into his arms, legs and neck. But the instant they did so, they caught fire and were immediately reduced to ashes. Godzilla turned just in time to see Biollante reach him, shrieking wildly as she watched her vines burn away. As Biollante reacted to her vines' death, Godzilla reared back and unleashed a spiral blast that sheared off one of her large, root-like limbs in a burst of fire. Crying out in pain, Biollante sent a series of spear-tipped tendrils at Godzilla. Three stabbed into his legs and two into his arms, but they were instantly incinerated by the intense heat radiating from him, the wounds they inflicted already healed. Godzilla fired another crimson ray, burning a large chunk off of the plant monster's shoulder area, but Biollante already started to regenerate the damage. As Godzilla advanced, lightning traveled up Biollante's body, from her power sac to her throat. Opening her massive maw, she spewed forth a pressurized stream of highly acidic sap, coating Godzilla's face and torso. Normally Godzilla would have screamed in pain as the corrosive green liquid sizzled and ate away at his flesh, but now the sap was nothing compared to the burning agony that pulsated throughout his entire body. Letting out a cry of rage, Godzilla fired another atomic blast, exploding against the ground near Biollante's stomach. The floral beast cried out as flames washed over her core, burning her plant-like form. Lunging forward, Biollante opened her jaws wide, taking Godzilla by surprise. With surprising force, Biollante snapped her jaws shut, sinking her many teeth down into Godzilla's face. Godzilla's shriek was muffled as Biollante began to shake her head back and forth, digging her fangs in deeper. Biollante ignored the searing pain growing in her mouth as she tried to worsen her attack, when suddenly a wave of atomic energy burst from Godzilla's body, blasting into Biollante's. The Godzilla clone reeled back, wailing in agony as the nuclear energy burned through her. With Biollante howling in pain, Godzilla opened his jaws and fired off a spiral ray that traveled directly into her crocodilian mouth and down her throat. The entire backside of Biollante's torso erupted into a ball of fire, and with a gurgled whimper, Biollante collapsed to the ground. The mighty plant was not dead, but she was in no condition to continue the fight.

Godzilla screamed as Prism Bolts blasted into his side. Turning around, Godzilla swept his ray over the area, finally blasting Battra with it. The armored caterpillar cackled as the beam exploded against him, then waddled towards Godzilla, firing more jagged bolts from his horn and eyes. Godzilla narrowed his eyes and fired a spiral blast, exploding against Battra's torso, then face. The larva reeled back, but refused to give way, firing more and more energy from his eyes. Rainbow Mothra flew overhead, nailing Godzilla in the head with his Mineral Chest Beam. Godzilla shrieked and looked up, ready to blast the multicolored moth, when Gravity Bolts and Triple Beam Lasers blasted into his back. Godzilla turned and found himself facing Mecha-King Ghidorah.

Within the futuristic cyborg's cockpit, Emmy Kano got ready to attack.

"Alright, M11," she said. "Let's move in."

"Emmy, be careful!" came the voice of her android companion. "Godzilla's current heat and power levels may be too much for Mecha-King Ghidorah!"

"Don't worry, M11!" she snapped. "I know that!"

Mecha-King Ghidorah assaulted Godzilla with more and more energy blasts, driving him back. Battra joined in, adding his Prism Bolts to the fray. The combined blasts actually managed to topple Godzilla, knocking him over onto his back. As Battra continued to attack Godzilla with his lightning-like blasts, Emmy began to activate Mecha-King Ghidorah's ultimate weapon.

"Emmy, what are you doing?!" M11 demanded. "The Capture Cables have been destroyed and Godzilla will surely destroy the Machine Hand in his current condition!"

"I know what I'm doing," Emmy snapped again, shutting off the radio.

Just as Godzilla got back to his feet, Emmy brought the Machine Hand to full power, the port on Mecha-King Ghidorah's chest opening wide as the cyborg prepared to unleash it. Roaring furiously, Godzilla turned to attack, barely even feeling Battra's blasts. It was then that the Machine Hand erupted from Mecha-King Ghidorah's chest, speeding towards Godzilla. But seconds before the weapon could strike, Emmy closed the clamp. Godzilla cried out as the Machine Hand punched into his torso, breaking nearly all of his ribs and sending him hurtling back. Godzilla writhed about on the ground in agony as Mecha-King Ghidorah recalled the Machine Hand, though its port was kept open. Emmy had a feeling she'd need to deploy the weapon again. Rolling over so he could face Mecha-King Ghidorah, Godzilla lifted his head and fired a Red Spiral Ray that burst through the cyborg's right solar panel wing. Mechaghidorah stumbled back as another blast obliterated the top half of the same wing. Godzilla got to his feet and marched towards the cyborg. Emmy quickly launched the Machine Hand again, once again closing the clamp. But Godzilla expected the strategy this time. Quickly grabbing Battra by the tusks, he tossed the armored larva in the way of the giant clamp. With a sickening crack, large chunks of Battra's shell were shattered and the Black Mothra was slammed to the ground. As Emmy gasped in horror, Godzilla fired his ray, trailing it from the head of the Machine Head down to the weapon's base at Mecha-King Ghidorah's chest, reducing the mighty weapon to molten slag. Another blast blew a huge hole in the cyborg's left wing. As Emmy panicked, trying to get Mecha-King Ghidorah to escape, Godzilla reached down and grabbed hold of the weakened Battra's tail. With a mighty heave, Godzilla swung Battra around and slammed him into Mecha-King Ghidorah, sending both crippled creatures crashing to the ground. Godzilla reared back and unleashed another powerful red beam, destroying both Battra and Mecha-King Ghidorah in a brilliant burst of fire.

Godzilla watched the two monsters burn as three more stepped up behind him. He turned to see who had approached.

Gamera and Gomora narrowed their eyes at the Monster King. Utsuno Ikusagami flexed his arms, holding them down at his sides.

They attacked together.

Godzilla immediately opened fire with his spiral beam. Gamera and Gomora darted out of the way and Ikusagami instantly brought up his energy shield, blocking the deadly blast. The shield instantly shattered the moment Godzilla's ray hit it, but Ikusagami was already on the move, having summoned his golden, bladed wings. As the holy warrior leapt into the sky, Gomora slammed his fists into Godzilla's chest, driving him back. Godzilla was about to blast the horned dinosaur when he ducked down and swung his tail into him, knocking him further back. Before Godzilla could retaliate, Gamera launched a plasma fireball at him. Godzilla roared as the sphere detonated against his chest, his dorsal fins letting out waves of nuclear energy as they melted. He channeled some of the energy into a spiral blast, blowing chunks from the shell covering Gamera's shoulder as it knocked him clear onto his back. As the Guardian of the Universe struggled to get back up, Gomora unleashed his Super Oscillatory Wave, blasting Godzilla in the throat. With Godzilla reeling in pain, Ikusagami hovered down near him, firing his golden ray. The two energies exploded against Godzilla, but they seemed to do nothing more than enrage him. Rainbow Mothra flew in, firing multicolored blasts from his head, chest and wings, covering Godzilla's body with explosions, but they did little to slow him down. He fired a spiral blast at the insect deity, but the great moth managed to avoid the blast. He was not so lucky the second time, for the next blast forced him to the ground, his right wing having been ignited. Godzilla marched towards the downed Rainbow Mothra, but Ikusagami held his hand out, summoning his sword to him in a burst of bluish energy. He rushed forward and brought the blade down, slicing through Godzilla's torso. Normally, the damage would have been severe, but with Godzilla's powers in overload, so were his regenerative abilities. The wound inflicted by Ikusagami's sword was gone as soon as the blade left Godzilla's body. His eyes burning with fury, Godzilla unleashed a powerful radioactive blast from his mouth, exploding against Ikusgami and sending him skidding back across the land. The ancient knight collapsed to his knees, his chest plate scorched completely black. As Godzilla prepared to exterminate the mighty warrior, Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave smashed into his back. Swinging around at surprising speed, Godzilla was about to vaporize Gomora when his legs were struck by Rainbow Mothra's Cross Heat Rainbow Lasers. Turning his attention to the still-grounded moth, Godzilla didn't see as Ikusagami generated an energy spear in his hand and hurled it into Godzilla's back. The Monster King howled as the weapon pierced his burning flesh. As Godzilla screamed in pain, Gamera's flying, spinning shell slammed into him, knocking him flat. Flapping his wings, Rainbow Mothra took to the air once again.

Godzilla's body was glowing brighter by the minute. The pulses of energy his body was releasing were becoming more and more frequent. Everyone present knew that Godzilla had to be stopped, and now, before he overloaded completely and exploded. King Kong and King Caesar began to move in, ready to join their fellow defenders, when they were suddenly stopped by a cry coming from behind them. The two giant kings turned to see who it was.

Godzilla Junior stepped forward.

Despite how much it pained him, the son of Godzilla also knew what had to be done. Ignoring the waves of radiation bursting from his doomed father, he marched up to him, to the anxiousness of everyone present. As Godzilla prepared to unleash a blast onto his former allies, Junior let out a loud cry, getting his father's attention. Godzilla turned to face the younger creature, his dorsal fins flaring, light emanating from his mouth as he prepared to unleash his spiral ray. But as his eyes fell upon Junior, something resonated within Godzilla's pain-addled mind. Realizing whom he was looking at, Godzilla closed his mouth, letting his ray die away. Junior cried out at Godzilla, trying to get him to stop attacking their friends and fellow defenders of Earth. As hard as Godzilla tried to focus on Junior, it was becoming increasingly difficult, due to the combination of the insufferable pain wracking his body, as well as the blinding light coming from the same. But as bad as it was, Junior called out to his father, trying to keep him focused.

Within Kiryu's cockpit, Akane realized what Junior was doing.

You're keeping him still, she gasped. Giving me a chance to stop him... Akane looked down at the energy gauge. Just enough power for one final shot remained. She quickly entered the necessary sequence of buttons and switches. "Absolute Zero, stand by."

As Kiryu's chest opened and the Absolute Zero Cannon was brought to full power, Junior did his best to keep Godzilla's attention on him. None of the other monsters dared to interfere.

"Absolute Zero! FIRE!"

But just as Akane's finger pressed the button, destiny intervened. Megalon, still alive despite missing half his face, leapt in and plunged his right drill deep into Kiryu's back. The rotating drill burst out of Kiryu's open chest, striking the Absolute Zero Cannon and gashing it apart. The weapon ruined, the freezing sphere malfunctioned and instead burst out in all directions, instantly freezing Megalon and Kiryu together, turning them into one massive block of ice. The momentum from Megalon's sudden attack tipped the two over, and with a massive crash, Kiryu and Megalon were reduced to billions of shards of shattered ice. The other monsters watched as Kiryu was destroyed, and with him, their last hope at stopping Godzilla, who was bathing them all in his frightening red glow. It was then that what could only be described as pure and utter panic began to overtake the minds of everyone present. Looking cowardly for fleeing a fight... Stopping heroic or villainous kaiju from accomplishing their goals... None of these mattered to anyone anymore. All that mattered now was the most basic of instincts:


Gamera withdrew into his shell and began to spin, speeding off into the sky. Mothra and Rainbow Mothra flapped their wings as fast as they could and headed off in the same direction, Rodan close behind them. Ultraman and Zone Fighter raised their arms and blasted into the air. Hedorah transformed into his flying stage and flew away, leaving a trail of sulfuric acid mist behind him. Gomora thrust his claws into the dirt and hurriedly began to dig. Everyone else fled the area, hurriedly trying to reach the island's shores. Only Godzilla Junior remained, refusing to leave his father. Brighter and brighter Godzilla became, until the runaway nuclear power within finally became too much for even his mighty form to contain.

Godzilla exploded.

The King of the Monsters was instantly torn asunder by the blast, which rapidly expanded to destroy everything it touched. Its first victim was Godzilla Junior. The son of Godzilla was burned away completely, down to his bones, nanoseconds before they were atomized as well. Next were Kong and King Caesar, the blast entirely vaporizing the two mighty gods. Anguirus, Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus quickly followed. Ikusagami's powerful armor resisted the shockwave for only a mere second before being swallowed by the blast as well. Gabara and Krystalak were next. Biollante, finally stirring out of unconsciousness, was the last to be destroyed. But they were not to be the only victims of the explosion, as it was eating away downward at Monster Island itself. It quickly caught up with Gomora, who had made it nearly a mile underground, and reduced the subterranean dinosaur to nothingness. On the shores of the isle were Ebirah and Manda, the former resting on the sandy beach, the latter atop a seaside rock. They glared at each other, daring the other to resume their battle. They looked up and saw the initial explosion and quickly jumped into the sea, sensing danger, but it was not enough. As the blast hit the water, they were quickly boiled alive seconds before the shockwave vaporized both the monsters and the water they were in. The monsters in the air soared at their top speeds, but no matter how high or fast they flew, the ungodly burst of energy was just too much for them to escape. Gamera, Rodan, Mothra, Ultraman, Zone Fighter, Rainbow Mothra, Hedorah... One by one, they were engulfed by the shockwave and annihilated.

The damage was catastrophic. The entire world felt the explosion's effects. Monster Island was gone, and most of the Pacific Ocean had been taken with it.

Even in his death, Godzilla had proven why he was King.

Anguirus (Showa) Biollante Ebirah (Millennium)
Gabara Gamera (Heisei) Godzilla® (Heisei)
Godzilla® Junior Gomora Gorosaurus
Hedorah (Showa) King Caesar (Millennium) King Kong
Krystalak Manda (Millennium) Mothra (Heisei)
Mothra Leo Rodan (Heisei) Titanosaurus
Ultraman Utsuno Ikusagami Zone Fighter