KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 10 - Author: Thomas Fairchild

Match 10: Mothra (Heisei) vs. Rodan (Heisei)
Banner: Christian Salabert

Clouds settled around the peak of Mt. Fuji. Covered with snow and rock, the ancient volcano looked down at the land covered with green and man-made structures. Groups of climbers struck the pix-axe into the hard, cold granite and tugged on the rope, pulling their bodies up with each step. In order to insure their survival, the climbers all had to work as one and depend on the other. Mt. Fuji's peak loomed in the distance, indicating they still had ways to go, but their climb was almost over. The climbers imagined themselves standing on top of the summit, standing on the highest point in all of Japan.

But then a shadow loomed over head. With climbing sunglasses shielding their eyes from the sun, they could only see the dark and benevolent form of a giant moth. A large shriek escaped the great moth's mandibles as her wing's continued to beat strong currents of wind to propel her body through the air. Her fur was a mixture of bright colorful lights that gleamed with beauty. The bulbous eyes glistened in the sunlight, casting a blue glow that filled the climber's hearts with courage. They faintly recognized the magnificent beast was none other than the Guardian of the Cosmos itself-Mothra.

Mothra flapped her mighty wings and propelled her body to the top of the volcano, resting atop the summit. It would take hours for the climbers to successfully make it to the summit, but for Mothra, it only took a few seconds. Her antennas twitched back and forth, as if picking up the presence of another. Sure enough, the climbers could hear the distant cries of an object soaring through the sky. At first, they thought it was a jet, but the facade was all wrong.

Fear then hit the climbers.

It was the sky demon itself, Rodan. Sunlight reflected off its red scales and a blistering cry escaped its beak, sounding like thunder. Rodan's feral eyes looked down at the large inactive volcano and could see the giant moth that mocked him. A loud screech once again shot out of the reptile's beak as it made its descent. Long, triangular horns that curved out of the back of its skull crackled bolts of crimson power. Mothra released a loud shriek, trying to warn the climbers to seek shelter. But it was too late. A beam that radiated a bright glow shot out of the pteranodon's beak and arched through the air. Mothra flapped her mighty wings, attempting to avoid the oncoming strike, but was unfortunate. Rodan's uranium beam cleaved her head and a shower of sparks burst from the moth's white fur.

Mothra screamed in agony but kept flapping her wings, escalating into the air. Faster than the speed of sound, Rodan dove through the air and clipped his wings across Mothra's back. Another scream escaped Mothra's mandibles, as she felt a staggering pain pulse in her back. She turned and could see Rodan fly across the mouth of Mt. Fuji and immediately powered up her own beams. Orange streaks of power rippled from Mothra's antennas and struck Rodan's body, showering his body in sparks. Rodan screeched in pain but veered to his left, smoke churning from his scalded flesh. Rodan flew straight at Mothra, while Mothra did the same to Rodan. Both flying kaiju flew straight at the other, colliding over the mouth of Mt. Fuji. Sonic booms screeched from the two titanic monsters and shook the mountain itself. Avalanches tumbled down the sides of the volcano and the climbers were thankfully not caught in its wrath.

Rodan shrieked as he struck Mothra's skull with his sharp beak, tearing into her flesh. But Mothra backed away and revealed the bottom of her beautiful wings, which crackled with golden hues of light. Rodan screeched in pain as Mothra's lightning bolts electrocuted his body. From a distance, if anyone was to look up at the peak of Mt. Fuji, they would've been baffled by the bright auras of light. Mothra's antennas twiddled and then pointed directly at Rodan, who was still recovering from the electrical bolts, and fired another pair of golden beams. The beams struck Rodan's throat and the pteranodon plummeted towards the top ridge of the volcano. Cauldrons of smoke and snow burst into the air, enveloping Rodan's body, which resided on the ground. Rodan's violent chirps were endless and Mothra circled over head, blindly unleashing a barrage of her antenna beams. Bright sparks flashed from the dense smoke. Mothra continued to circle overhead, no longer releasing her beams upon what she hoped to be Rodan's body. But as the smoke was cleared from the flaps of her wings, Rodan's body was no where to be seen. Mothra turned back and forth, her eyes only seeing the volcano's peak and the landscape. Looking through hundreds of different pupils, Mothra looked all around and still couldn't find Rodan, until the pteranodon's uranium beam struck Mothra's backside.

Mothra cried out in pain. Sparks flashed on her back as tiny strands of fur were on fire. The great moth turned to see Rodan fly right over her, releasing a salvo of shockwaves within his wake. Mothra, helplessly, was hurled through the air and crashed into the side of Mt. Fuji and proceeded to slide downhill. Rodan circled over head and spotted Mothra, his triangular horns gleaming with power. Rodan dove towards the sliding moth, knowing Mothra, even if she tried, would not be able to hit him with her antenna beams. Another torrent of Rodan's uranium beam discharged from his beak and slit into Mothra's abdomen. Mothra cried out in pain, but it only satisfied Rodan's lust for blood even more. Desperate, Mothra flapped her wings and generated her golden pollen. Rodan, unknowingly, flew through the cloud of pollen and cackled in pain, his skin being burnt by the particles. Now Mothra was able to roll on her belly and stretch out her wings, flying straight up and was able to avoid sliding all the way to the bottom. Mothra turned to see Rodan flying around in circles; his eyes blood shot and skin sizzling from her golden pollen.

Rodan released a barrage of his uranium heat beams, but all the beams were reflected back and forth by the pollen and blazed into his own body. Howling from his injuries, Rodan flapped his wings and created strong gusts of wind that blew the pollen away. But as Rodan was beginning to heal from his wounds, Mothra flew straight at him and knocked him up against the side of Mt. Fuji. Rodan's back was pushed up against the volcano's side, which was shuddering from Rodan's impact. Mothra's antenna beams rained down from the sky and tore into Rodan's flesh, further injuring the mutated pteranodon. Rodan felt his body slide down the side of the volcano, but its instincts told him not to suffer the same fate that Mothra nearly endured. Spreading out his magnificent wings, Rodan flew through the air and ascended to the sky. Now the pteranodon's feral eyes pulsed with hatred. Scanning Mt. Fuji and the sky itself, Mothra could not be seen. But then Rodan turned swiftly around and flew up, raking his chest spikes across Mothra's face. Mothra fell from the sky and fell head first into the mouth of the volcano. Even though the entry to molten rock was blocked by years of forming rock and ice, Mothra's impact stirred it. A shadow fell over Mothra and now she felt Rodan's chest spikes rake her back while his beak tore into the back of her cranium.

Helplessly, Mothra flapped her wings but was only pushed down by Rodan's strength and rage. Rodan hollered in pleasure, cleaving Mothra's skull with his beak soon after. The climbers who were lucky enough to survive and make it to the summit were baffled to see the battling titans, still fighting to the death. Mothra's painful cries echoed on for miles as the great moth was being ripped apart by Rodan's beak. Now the pteranodon hopped up and embedded his talons deep into Mothra's furry flesh. Crackles of light sparkled around Rodan's triangular horns and another wave of his uranium beam scalded Mothra's body. The pain was too much and Mothra's life force was beginning to deplete. Rodan's reptilian eyes turned and were focused on Mothra's flapping wings and terrible thought appeared in its prehistoric mind. Once again, Rodan powered up his uranium beam, but this time the beams tore into Mothra's wings, puncturing holes in the wings seconds later. Smoke rose from the torn wings and Mothra continued to moan in agony.

Rodan enjoyed Mothra's suffering.

The pteranodon flapped his wings and ascended to the sky, circling around Mt. Fuji and released a barrage of his uranium beams. Mothra's body jolted up from the pain but fell back down. With her wings injured, Mothra was unable to take flight. If only her wings were still intact. But no, she knew her life was going to come to an end. Her bulbous eyes stared up at the sky, marveling at its beauty-before Rodan descended from the skies and struck the final blow.

Days passed and when news of the battle between the two kaiju became public knowledge, a brave group of climbers climbed Mt. Fuji to show their bravery. But when they reached the summit, they were disgusted by the putrid remains of the former Guardian of the Cosmos, Mothra.

Rodan (Heisei)