KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 6 - Author: Forrest Freund

Match 6: Legion vs. Megaguirus
Banner: Christian Salabert

Downtown Tokyo is inundated with water, its streets filled to accommodate a violent and ravenous swarm. All over the city, meganura swarm back from their hunting expeditions to finish charging their queen, Megaguirus, with stolen life force energy. As each of the meganura return and dive into the water, they drive their energy filled stingers into a giant chrysalis, giving up their lives to revive their queen and make the city hers. Slowly, the queen Megaguirus emerges from her chrysalis in the murky depths and climbs out of the womb of her birth and spreads her wings, taking to the sky to survey her new domain.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, something approaches from below the ground, tunneling towards its new nest. Drawn by the enraging hum of neon lights and radio-towers, the creature draws ever closer. As it does, it senses another presence in though the din of EM radiation. The thing is not making noise like the rest of the nest site, but instead makes a different sound, one that signals a threat. Realizing that there will be a fight, Legion chirps to itself with bloodlust.

Megaguirus' senses twitch as she feels the presence of an intruder in her domain. Flying above the line of the building, the queen of killers flies around her territory, searching for the intruder.

Legion senses that the other presence is on the move, probably trying to find her. Not wishing to give up her advantage at the moment, Legion continues to move underground, further into the territory of the other. Once she feels the other about to pass overhead, she thrusts her forelimbs thought the ground in the other's direct path.

Megaguirus banks hard as she is suddenly confronted with a massive pair of bladed arms rising from the ground directly in her path. The queen's agility and aerial mobility win out, and she avoids the bladed trap in her path. She flies straight upward, out of the reach of the silvery limbs, and out of danger.

Below the ground, Legion senses the other dodge her arms. In a fit of pique, she emerges from the ground, shrieking in rage. As she pulls her body from her earthen tomb, she looks up sees her prey.

Both creatures stare at each other for a moment.

Megaguirus, now able to see her opponent, shrieks out a challenge and charges her wings with sonic energy. Then screeching out again, flies strait at the intruder.

Legion is shaken by the speed of her opponent. Still, she does not back down as her nasal horn opens and energy begins to arc between the tips. Taking aim, Legion releases a charged particle beam at the other.

Megaguirus, seeing the beam, banks hard as the deadly blue stream of light blasts by. Still rushing forward, Megaguirus flies the intruder and buffets it with ultrasonic energy.

Legion screams out in pain as the other flies overhead, and rains down a wave of screams. Turning, Legion tries to strike the other with her claws, but the prey is to fast and dodges the deadly tip of her arm.

Megaguirus, having dodged the intruder's limbs, wingovers and comes back for another pass. Flying past her opponent again, Megaguirus sends out wave after wave of piercing sonic energy. Her opponent releases a satisfying screech of pain as she passes over. As the intruder tries to turn around to face her, Megaguirus flies over its back and lashes out with her fore-claws. Yet, when she strikes the creature's body, her claws rebound off of the intruder's exoskeleton.

Legion, having recovered from the attack, whips backwards with her front legs, trying to strike at the other as it tries to break through her shell. Legion senses the creature fly backwards, out of her reach. As Legion turns around, she opens her horn, and begins charging up another particle beam. As she finishes turning and sights her prey, she unleashes the charged particle blast. The other, still recovering from the retreat, manages to dodge the beam, but only by a hair's breadth.

Megaguirus, furious that she can't rend the intruder, decides to try a different tactic. Bringing her stinger to bare, the queen of killers charges up a plasma-bolt, and, taking aim at the intruder, launches the deadly blast of energy.

Legion, seeing the other charging up an energy attack, extends the limbs on her crown and closes her horn. The other launches the sphere of energy, but instead of trying to dodge it, Legion instead stays completely still. As the energy sphere is about to strike her, Legion sends out a shell of energy from her crown and catches the blast on the tip of her horn. The other recoils in shock as the blast is dissipated harmlessly on her shield. Screeching, legion opens her horn and fires another charged particle beam. The other reacts too slowly, and loses its two rear left legs.

Megaguirus, blinded by rage and pain, charges her wings and flies directly at the intruder. The invader is taken aback as the queen of killers flies overhead and drives the point of her stinger into the side of its crown. Sill releasing sonic energy from her wings, Megaguirus, having hooked part of the intruder's crown, flies forward with such force that the part of the extremity is torn from the intruder's head. The queen is given the satisfaction of hearing the intruder scream out in pain as part of its body is violently wrenched free. The intruder falls to the ground, its eyes gone black.

Legion, rage consuming her, rises, her eyes glowing red. She looks up at the other, who has turned around in midair, and now is hovering out of reach. Legion focuses her energy onto the ovaries on her midsection for a moment. Suddenly, her ovaries begin to flash as internal larvae begin to hatch and mature. Then, leaning backwards, she releases a black cloud of her brood into the air. Gently humming to them, she tells her spawn where the other is, and that they are to tear it limb from limb.

Megaguirus, mesmerized by the flashing on the intruder's body, suddenly come to her senses as a massive cloud of smaller creatures emerge from the intruder's body. Realizing that the intruder has just introduced a new element into the conflict, she begins to grow nervous. Still, she will not abandon her territory. Charging her wings with sonic energy, and powering up an energy ball in her stinger, the queen of killers charges at the swarm. Just as they are about to make contact, she banks hard, and whips her tail down, launching the energy ball. The blast connects with the swarm, burning several hundred to ash. The remaining creatures continue to follow her. Megaguirus turns suddenly, and flies over the swarm, obliterating some of them with her sonics.

Legion, furious that her children are being decimated so easily, sends out another call to her spawn. As she does, she opens her horn and fires a charged particle beam into the direct path of the other. The other banks sharply, avoiding the blast, but instead, flies directly into the path of the swarm of her children.

Megaguirus is blinded as the intruder's swarming spawn attach to her in the dozens. Her flight is slowed as the swarm claws and bites her repeatedly. Then worse pain flairs through her body as she realizes that the intruder has shot another one of its beams at her, this time clipping off her right wings. No longer able to fly, the queen of killers begins to plummet from the sky.

Legion, seeing her chance, opens up her horn, and charges up a beam. As the other falls, she carefully takes aim. Then, she unleashes the charged particle blast, striking her prey square in the chest, throwing it backwards. The other screams out in pain as it catches on fire and slams into one of the buildings, embedding itself in the surface. Legion, sensing that victory is near, charges up another blast. Then, with great satisfaction, fires the final blast, blowing off the head of her prey and bringing the building down on top of it. Her prey screams out once more before dieing, as the husk of the building and the other collapses into a pile of rubble.

Legion then walks into the newly won territory to begin her new nest.