KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 5 - Author: Forrest Freund

Match 5: Zilla vs. Titanosaurus
Banner: Christian Salabert

The sun rises over the East Side of New York City. As the citizens slowly rouse from their sleep, a tremor begins to emanate from Central Park. Within ten blocks of the park, people begin to panic, and run screaming in every direction. The ground under the park beings to buckle, and with a roar, Zilla bursts out from under the Central Park Auditorium, smashing it to bits and sending shrapnel into the sky. As its roars thunder through the city, the people's panic begins to solidify into terror as they begin to run franticly away from the monstrous beast.

Meanwhile, in the harbor, the coastguard has picked up something enormous on the sonar. The creature is easily over sixty meters long and moving coastward rapidly. The harbor patrol calls out an evacuation order as the creature closes in on the city. The surface of the water flashes a brilliant white, then Titanosaurus explodes out of the water, launching himself into the air and onto the dock. Titanosaurus wheels his arms and torso as the screeches his warbling cry into the heavens. In the distance, Titanosaurus can hear a noise, one that sounds very familiar, and yet, subtly different from the one he remembers. Old memories of pain and humiliation flood back to him as he recalls how he was forced by the small being to fight against that other monster, then nearly driven to madness by the screams from the tooth that the other small beings shot into his neck. Titanosaurus hisses as the memories of pain come flashing back to him. Thirsty for revenge, he beings to stalk into the city.

Titanosaurus weaves through the buildings, listening for the other monster. On top of one of the nearby structures, Zilla spots Titanosaurus and quickly roars out a challenge before leaping down to the concrete below.

Titanosaurus hears the roar and reflexively leaps straight up into the air. Zilla surges past him and lands on the pavement below, overcompensating and staggering forward because he missed his mark. Titanosaurus lands with a crash that causes the buildings to shake, then turns around to face his opponent. As he does, Titanosaurus realizes that this creature isn't the one that humiliated him. Just the same, it sounded enough like it to take some aggression out on, if only by proxy.

Titanosaurus screeches out a challenge to Zilla, who also roars back in response. Titanosaurus drops his shoulders and charges. Zilla responds by arching his back and also advancing head-long at his foe, roaring defiantly.

The two behemoths connect with each other, Zilla landing the first blow by landing a head-butt into Titanosaurus's chest. Titanosaurus chirps in pain, then responds by dragging his claws across Zilla's left shoulder and lower portion of his jaw. Zilla roars out in pain, and then bites Titanosaurus in the right leg. Titanosaurus screams as Zilla clamps his jaws down onto his thigh.

Titanosaurus begins to hammer at Zilla's head with his fists and claws, trying to get him to release his jaw lock. Zilla, in response to the assault, merely tightens his grip and starts to twist his neck, trying to tear out Titanosaurus' thigh. Titanosaurus screams out in pain, then reaches down and grabs Zilla by the top and bottom jaws. Screeching and pulling with all of his might, Titanosaurus begins to pull Zilla's jaws open, until he has freed his leg. Titanosaurus lets go of Zilla's jaws, which snap shut. Titanosaurus shuffles backwards, then knees Zilla in the throat, grabs his jaws shut and, lifting him into the air by his head, shoulder throws him through one of the nearby buildings.

Zilla strikes the building, and with a roar of pain, crushes the front half, knocking it to rubble as he falls to the ground. Zilla rises and roars at Titanosaurus, who screeches back at him defiantly. Zilla charges at Titanosaurus, and leaps into the air, landing on Titanosaurus's chest, as he is recoiling form the attack. Zilla then pushes off with his back legs, jumping off Titanosaurus, and throwing him backwards with the force of the push-off. Titanosaurus screeches as he is thrown backwards into one of the skyscrapers behind him, sending a shower of glass shards into the air like a crystalline rainstorm. Titanosaurus shrieks in pain as the glass bites into his skin. Pulling himself free of the damaged building, he charges at Zilla.

Titanosaurus bows down as he charges, then when he comes within reach of Zilla, brings his body up quickly, striking Zilla with his neck. Zilla is thrown back slightly by the force of the blow. As he staggers back, Titanosaurus lunges forward, then turns around quickly and strikes his opponent with his tail. Zilla is thrown to his side by the blow, staggering to his left. Titanosaurus turns around quickly, and reaching forward, grabs Zilla around the neck. Screeching, Titanosaurus lifts Zilla from the ground by the neck. Tightening his grip, Titanosaurus begins to choke his prey. Zilla begins to foam at the mouth as he begins to lose consciousness. Titanosaurus chirps with pleasure as he sees Zilla beginning to go under.

Zilla lifts his hind legs and kicks out, striking Titanosaurus in the gut. Titanosaurus loosens his as Zilla kicks again, driving his claws into the tough hide on Titanosaurus's belly. Zilla raises his legs again and kicks out, this time pushing free of Titanosaurus's grip. Titanosaurus shrieks in pain and clutches his bleeding stomach. Zilla takes the opportunity, and rising, turns and runs around the corner of the street, and out of sight.

Titanosaurus wheezes for a few seconds as he regains his wind, then, noticing that his foe is gone, begins to pursue. As he turns the corner that Zilla went around, he comes to a stop in front of an immense hole in the pavement. Titanosaurus looks around anxiously, not knowing what to make of the situation.

Titanosaurus begins to back away from the hole. As he does, he cranes his neck up as high as he can and looks around, watching for Zilla.

As Titanosaurus sets his foot down, the ground explodes as Zilla bursts from the concrete and latches his jaws onto Titanosaurus's injured right leg and begins to pull him into his burrow, purring softly at the success of his ambush. Titanosaurus falls to his hands and knees as Zilla drags him towards the hollow in the ground. Titanosaurus digs his hand and foot claws into the ground, in an effort to avoid being pulled into the underground, where he would have a distinct disadvantage.

Zilla shakes his jaws violently, sending Titanosaurus's blood onto the street as his teeth dig deeper into the wounded limb. Titanosaurus cranes his neck around and screeches at Zilla. Then, lifting his free left leg, Titanosaurus kicks backwards with all of his might, driving the heel of his foot into Zilla's muzzle. Zilla grunts in pain, but doesn't let go. Titanosaurus kicks again, this time causing Zilla to slacken his grip, yet not enough to shake free. A third time, Titanosaurus kicks his foe in the muzzle, this time cracking the bone with the force of the blow. Zilla shrieks out in pain and releases Titanosaurus as blood runs out of his nostrils. Titanosaurus takes the opportunity and leaps away.

Zilla is almost blind with rage as he erupts from his burrow and charges at Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus turns his back on Zilla and opens the sail on his tail. As Zilla closes and leaps, Titanosaurus begins to violently wave the fin back and forth. Instantly, a gale force wind picks up, throwing Zilla backwards as he flies through the air. Zilla rolls on the ground for several blocks before regaining his sense of balance and digging his claws into the pavement. He roars as he digs his fore claws and hind legs into the ground. Titanosaurus does not stop fanning, but instead picks up the pace, causing the wind to increase its speed. Trees uproot and cars parked on the street fly through the air, slamming into Zilla. One car slams into the shattered portion on his muzzle, causing him to screech out in pain and loosen his grip. His claws relax slightly and he is thrown backwards and into a skyscraper, sending glass and metal flying.

Titanosaurus stops fanning his tail, causing the maelstrom to stop, and then turns to finish Zilla off. As he does, he realizes that Zilla has retreated to the underground again. Titanosaurus lumbers forward to where Zilla fell, and finds one of his foe's dorsal spines has snapped off in the impact. He is not very interested in this, however, but the hole in which he assumes Zilla has retreated down. Titanosaurus backs away, again looking around nervously, but instead of looking for Zilla, he listens for him.

Titanosaurus hears a faint rumble behind him and leaps into the air. Zilla bursts from the ground and snaps his jaws in empty space. Surging out of his burrow, Zilla looks around for Titanosaurus. He hears a crash behind him as Titanosaurus lands and grabs onto his tail.

Titanosaurus heaves with all of his might and swings Zilla off the ground and into one of the buildings. Not letting go, he swings Zilla again, and slams him into an adjacent building. Zilla tries to pull away, but is badly wounded from the blows.

Titanosaurus maintains his hold and slowly begins to work his grip up Zilla's body until he has both hands on his skull and jaw. Zilla tries to struggle, but is still weak from the previous blows. Titanosaurus, digging his feet into the ground, begins to twist his adversary's neck. Zilla groans in pain as his neck vertebrae are twisted violently. Then, with a sickening, wet crack, the bones in Zilla's neck separate as they break and his spinal cord is severed. Titanosaurus chirps with delight to himself as he releases the carcass of his foe, which drops to the ground with a sickening thud. Titanosaurus kicks the carcass with his good leg, testing to see if his opponent is truly dead. Then, satisfied that his foe is not going to get back up, he turns and limps back towards his home in the ocean to heal.