KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 3 - Author: Forrest Freund

Match 3: Desghidorah vs. Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)
Banner: Christian Salabert

Mechagodzilla arrives on Planet X, its retro-booster rockets kicking up a cloud of dust and rock derbies as the titanic mech comes to a landing. The crew that pilots the machine pivots the battle robot's head, looking for the creature that it has been sent to eliminate. The crew does not have to wait long. Mechagodzilla's sensors pick up a blip on the radar, and the pilots realize that the creature is almost as big as they are, and approaching at mach 3. Mechagodzilla's crew turns the mech to see the mammoth creature barreling down from the sky, its three heads screeching like the songs of hell. The creature lands approximately 100 yards from the mech, its wings folding up, while sending a shower of dust into the air as its bulk comes to rest. With horror, the crew recognizes the creature that they have been sent to battle, an ancient and lethal creature that goes by the name of Desghidorah, the destroyer of worlds.

Desghidorah eyes the metallic creature opposite him with detached malice. Mechagodzilla brings his arms up and locks them into battle position. Screeching out in a synthesized cry of its living counterpart, Mechagodzilla eyes his deadly opponent. Suddenly, Mechagodzilla opens up his mouth and releases his mega-buster attack, blasting Desghidorah in his right head. Startled by the sudden attack, Desghidorah screams out in pain as the bolt sears his flesh, but recovers quickly. Screaming out defiantly, Desghidorah opens his three mouths and launches a volley of plasma-beams at Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla stands his ground, and is struck by the bolts of crimson flame. Mechagodzilla's armor draws in most of the energy, dissipating it harmlessly, but the mech wasn't prepared for the tremendous impact energy of the bolts, which cause him to stagger back, losing some ground as he staggers back over the lose ruble under his feet. Spotting an opening, Desghidorah opens his wings and takes to the air, barreling towards his metallic enemy.

Mechagodzilla recovers from Desghidorah's blast just in time to see the monster bull rushing towards him, its heads screaming bloody death as it advances. As Desghidorah is almost on him, Mechagodzilla dives to the side. Desghidorah surges overhead and past. Mechagodzilla gets to his feet and begins to fire his mega-buster and optic beams at Desghidorah. Desghidorah, furious at missing his mark, is struck in the back by the energy beams being fired at him. The bolts anger him even further, as he makes a wide turn and heads back towards his enemy. As Mechagodzilla fires more beams at him, Desghidorah swings left and right, dodging the bolts of energy as he closes in with Mechagodzilla. Once he is within range, Desghidorah fires another volley of plasma-beams at Mechagodzilla. The bolts collide with the mech, one connecting with his face, one his right arm, and one in his chest. The beams stagger the mech as the force of the blow knocks him backwards. Just as the mech begins to regain his footing, Desghidorah rams into him, sending a shower of sparks into the air as Mechagodzilla falls backwards and crashes into a mountain of basaltic rock, smashing the stone and sending it flying in all directions.

Desghidorah lands on Mechagodzilla's chest, holding the machine down by placing his forelegs on the mech's chest plate. Desghidorah begins to scream out with rage as he begins to ruthlessly stomp his enemy into the ground, pounding him with deadly blows from his forelegs, warping and crushing the armor on Mechagodzilla's chest. Mechagodzilla recovers from the blow that knocked him down. Seeing his opponent beginning to move, Desghidorah lowers his central head and begins to breathe a torrent of volcanic flame into Mechagodzilla's face. Mechagodzilla tries to focus on Desghidorah, but the visual sensors are useless with the wall of flames blocking them. Realizing he is in deep trouble, Mechagodzilla opens up the plasma-grenade port on his stomach. The energy lens glows blue for a moment, then a beam of white-hot energy erupts from the orifice on his stomach, with such force that it sends Desghidorah sailing into the air and into a ravine several meters away. Seeing his chance, Mechagodzilla opens up his thruster and flies into the air.

Closing in on the ravine that Desghidorah fell, Mechagodzilla lands and walks up to the fissure. Mechagodzilla spots Desghidorah lying in the bottom of the ravine, clearly unconscious, its chest barely moving, and its heads twitching slightly. Mechagodzilla sets his arms towards his unconscious foe, and then, fires his G-crusher cables, piecing Desghidorah in the right leg and stomach. The pain of the cables piercing his flesh suddenly revives Desghidorah, who screeches out in shock. Seeing Desghidorah awake, Mechagodzilla begins to send a deadly electrical current through the G-crusher cables, and into Desghidorah. Desghidorah screams out and tries to get up, but Mechagodzilla shoots him back down with his Mega-buster, all the while continuing to send deadly energy into Desghidorah. After a few moments, Desghidorah becomes still, and Mechagodzilla slowly stops sending electricity into his opponent. Then, without warning, Desghidorah's body glows and an electrical current is sent back through the G-crusher cables and into Mechagodzilla. The sudden jolt throws Mechagodzilla backwards, and the mech lands gracelessly on its back. As he falls, the G-crusher cables become taught and snap, whipping about. As Mechagodzilla starts rising to his feet, he notices with shock that Desghidorah is climbing out of the ravine, the G-crusher hooks still embedded in his right leg and stomach, both wounds seeping small quantities of blood. The look on Desghidorah's faces read unmasked furry and hate as he slowly trudges towards his enemy.

Desghidorah reaches Mechagodzilla, who is still trying to rise from the electrical shock delivered by Desghidorah. Desghidorah takes his good left leg and stomps on Mechagodzilla, knocking him back down. Desghidorah opens his mouths and releases a torrent of volcanic flame onto Mechagodzilla. Mechagodzilla tries to move, but the heat begins to overload his circuits. Mechagodzilla hears a creaking sound, and with horror realizes that it's the heat resistant plating on his armor, and it is beginning to melt under the intensity of Desghidorah's assault. Suddenly aware that soon his best defense will be stripped away, Mechagodzilla tries to move his head so that he can target Desghidorah. The servos in his neck mechanism screech in protest, but he manages to get his head to turn. Sighing Desghidorah, Mechagodzilla begins firing his optic blasters. The beam strikes the G-crusher hook embedded in Desghidorah's stomach, causing the creature to stop its attack and stagger back in pain. Mechagodzilla uses this opening to activate his thrusters and fly away. Mechagodzilla is several meters away before Desghidroah recovers. Seeing his enemy fleeing, Desghidorah opens up his wings and begins to fly after his prey.

Mechagodzilla sees Desghidorah flying after him. Knowing that he can't outrun Desghidorah, Mechagodzilla instead turns around and fires a volley of paralyzer missiles. The missiles streak towards Desghidorah, who is startled by this new attack. The missiles strike Desghidorah in his right neck, injured right leg and left wing. Desghidorah screams out from the pain of the missiles, and is suddenly gripped with paralysis from the cadmium toxin in the shells. Desghidorah plummets to the ground, sliding along the rocky surface and into a cliff of basalt. Desghidorah rises to his feet, favoring his right leg, and looks at Mechagodzilla with hate. Mechagodzilla, seeing Desghidorah grounded, opens fire with all of his remaining weapons, launching paralyzing missiles, Mega-busters, optic beams and plasma-grenades at his enemy. Desghidorah is struck by most of the attacks, and is forced to his knees by the impact of the beams and missiles. Once more, Desghidorah stops moving as if he has passed out from the attacks. Mechagodzilla lands, this time cautiously, since Desghidorah had played dead before. As Mechagodzilla approaches Desghidorah, the monster suddenly springs to life, launching two plasma-beams from his two functional heads. Mechagodzilla tries to dodge the bolts, but the beams hit him, and blast through his armor, which had lost its heat resistance. In a shower of sparks, Mechagodzilla's left arm is blown off his body, and his chest plate shatters. Mechagodzilla staggers back, almost losing his balance as he trips on a small hill. Desghidorah charges his foe, overrunning him and pinning the mech to a cliff of basalt. Desghidorah bites down onto Mechagodzilla's remaining arm with his left head, while the central head begins to breath volcanic flame into Mechagodzilla's face.

Mechagodzilla, losing power fast, attempts to reach up and grab Desghidorah's left neck. The mech's arm screeches under the strain, but he manages to grab Desghidorah's left thought and squeezes down. Desghidorah lessens his grip a bit, but the central head continues to send flames into Mechagodzilla's face. The armor plating on Mechagodzilla's head begins to melt, and his eyes crack from the thermal stress. In one last bid for escape, Mechagodzilla charges up his plasma-grenades. Focusing all the remaining energy he has, Mechagodzilla fires a searing beam of plasma energy into Desghidorah's chest, throwing the creature backwards for several meters, through a mountain and into a ravine. Nearly blind, Mechagodzilla tries to move, but is to weak. Just as he is about to signal HQ to send a retrieval squad, Desghidorah drags himself out of the ravine, chest bleeding from an immense burnt crater, right leg broken, and right neck torn off. Desghidorah heaves himself onto level ground, screams, falls to his knees, shudders, and collapses. Mechagodzilla relaxes, begins smoking from what's left of his joints, and shuts down from internal mechanical failures.

Desghidorah Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)
Desghidorah Mechagodzilla® (Heisei)