KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 2 - Author: Forrest Freund

Match 2: Iris vs. Destoroyah
Banner: Christian Salabert

Iris and Destoroyah both land on Birth Island, each knocking over trees and blowing up enormous clouds of dust as they come to rest on the rocky ground. Both monsters begin to eye each other, Destoroyah eyeing the smaller Iris with the desire to kill, while Iris has an unreadable expression on his faceless head. Both monsters begin to circle each other, both tensed for the coming battle.

Destoroyah breaks the stalemate by firing his oxygen-destroyer beam at Iris. The blast strikes Iris full force in the chest, which is caught off guard by the sudden assault. Iris screeches out in pain as the blast sears his flesh with almost white-hot agony. Iris, after recovering from the attack, retaliates by lunging at Destoroyah, right arm raised to drive the jagged spear point into his opponent's flesh. Destoroyah braces himself for the blow, but it never lands, as Iris flies up and over Destoroyah just before he is within striking range. Before Destoroyah can recover, Iris does a quick 180 degree turn in mid air, sends two of his bladed tendrils through the base of Destoroyah's wings, then flies forward quickly, tearing huge gaps in Destoroyah's wing membranes and snapping the bones before the blades rip free. As Iris tears the blades out, Destoroyah screams out in pain, and rage. Iris pulls his tendrils back in and pivots in mid air, only to find Destoroyah charging towards him, screaming bloody murder, with his tattered, bloody wings flapping ineffectually behind him.

Destoroyah's claws connect with Iris's left arm, tearing an enormous, ragged, bloody gash into it. Iris shrieks out in pain, and reflexively takes to the air, trying to escape his enraged opponent and trailing blood in his wake. When Destoroyah tries to follow, he only snarls with pain as he tries to get his ruined wings to work. Iris stops ascending, and looks down at his grounded opponent. Gaining confidence, Iris lashes out with his tendrils again, aiming for Destoroyah's head. Destoroyah senses the tendrils approaching, and fires an oxygen-destroyer beam at them, knocking them off-course. One tendril gets past the beam, striking Destoroyah in the right half of his faceplate. Destoroyah shrieks and responds to the attack by grabbing the tendril, pulling on it with all his might. Iris, once again caught off-guard, is pulled from the sky and strikes the ground, causing small fissures to open up. Destoroyah then begins to pull the tendril, using it to reel in Iris. Iris, sensing that he is in danger, responds by sending out two of his tendrils, and, wrapping them around his foes legs, pulls with all of his might. Now caught off balance, Destoroyah falls to the ground. At the moment of impact, Destoroyah seems to dissolve into a swarm of Crustacean Destroyah's. Just as suddenly as Destoroyah breaks apart, the Crustacean Destroyah's begin to swarm Iris, who is still recovering from the fall. The creatures begin to claw, bite and sting Iris as he tries to get to his feet. In desperation Iris takes to the air once again, flying at top speed to try and dislodge the Crustacean Destroyah's from his body. The sudden acceleration manages to dislodge half of them, but the rest remain, and continue to assault him. Iris lashes out at the Crustacean Destroyah's with his tendrils, knocking them off. Then, he lashes out with one of his tendrils, impaling one of the falling crabs. Iris brings the beast up to his right claw, and then drives the point into the creature's shell. The Crustacean Destroyah screams out in pain, but then is quieted as Iris drains its life energy. As Iris absorbs the crab's life energy, the multitude of small wounds the other crabs had caused to him stop bleeding and close up. Iris drops the desiccated husk of the crab, which crumbles into dust as it falls.

While Iris was fighting off his smaller bodies, Destoroyah used the time to regain some of his energy, and had rejoined into his flying form. Now noticing that Iris was distracted, he flew up towards the other monster, murder burning in his eyes. Iris is stunned to see that his foe has not only change form again, but is now flying directly towards him. Destoroyah flies past Iris, slashing his damaged left are with his wing blades, then circles around for another run. Iris, no longer surprised, waits till the last second, and then suddenly dives out of the way. As Destoroyah flies over, Iris brings up two of his tendrils and fires his energy beams at his foe. The beams rake across Destoroyah's belly, and Destoroyah begins to plummet towards the ground. Iris pivots in mid air, so he can watch his enemy splatter himself on the ground. But when Destoroyah hits, he breaks apart into the many Crustacean Destroyah's again.

Iris stares with amazement as Destoroyah once again reforms into his giant form, with wings perfectly intact. Destoroyah takes to the air once again, and with such speed that he is upon Iris before he can react. Summoning all of his strength, Destoroyah folds his wings up and body slams into Iris, knocking the both of them out of the air. The two behemoths plummet towards the ground in a tangle of wings, tendrils, teeth and claws, both snarling and shrieking as they fall. They hit with such tremendous force that enormous fissures open up, snaking away from the fallen monsters. Destoroyah having landed on top pins Iris under him. Iris struggles to get free, but Destoroyah uses his tremendous bulk to force him down. Destoroyah lunges with his jaws at Iris's head, but Iris manages to shift just enough to move his head out of harms way. Instead, Destoroyah clamps his vicious jaws on Iris's left shoulder, biting down hard. Iris screams out in pain as Destoroyah's teeth puncture his shoulder muscles and reach the bone, causing a small torrent of blood to emerge from the bite wound and into Destoroyah's mouth. Enraged that anything would hurt him that severely, Iris manages to wrestle his right arm free and drive it into Destoroyah's left eye then twists the tip and drills it in further, causing a grisly spray of blood to erupt from Destoroyah's eye socket. Destoroyah, maddened by the pain, is forced to release his grip and fly backwards to escape. Iris gets to his feet and also flies backwards, so as to distance himself from his rabid opponent. The two monsters stare each other down, Iris examining his ruined left shoulder and now useless left arm, and Destoroyah fuming at being half blinded. Destoroyah roars out in uncontained furry, then begins to advance on Iris. Iris brings up his tendrils to prepare to fire, but notices that Destoroyah's horn in glowing. Realizing that Destoroyah is about to use a new attack, Iris evades barely in time as Destoroyah's horn cutter beam slices past his left flank. The beam misses Iris's body, but does sever one of Iris's tendrils, cauterizing the wound as it goes.

Destoroyah flaps his wings and charges Iris, who is distracted by the pain of his ruined tendril. Iris, eyes turning blue with anger, trusts one of his tendrils straight at Destoroyah. Destoroyah, blind in his left side, doesn't notice the tendril and is struck in the throat. The blow acts like a clothesline, and Destoroyah falls to his right, and crashes, rolling through the trees as if they were toothpicks. When he comes to as stop, Destoroyah tries to get his bearings, but instead feels a searing pain in his right arm and wing. When he tries to move them, he can't. As Destoroyah looks over, he sees Iris floating above him. Destoroyah roars when he realizes that two of Iris's tendrils have rammed trough his right arm and wing, pinning him to the ground. Iris thrusts two more tendrils out, this time through Destoroyah's left arm and wing. Destoroyah tries to pull free, but Iris lands on his chest. Iris, still furious about losing one of his tendrils, drives his good right arm through the bottom of Destoroyah's jaw, pinning Destoroyah's jaws shut. Iris then begins to siphon off Destoroyah's power. Destoroyah begins to wither slightly as Iris begins to heal his injured left arm and shoulder. Distracted by feeding, Iris is caught off guard, as Destoroyah suddenly breaks apart into his spider/crab form again, freeing himself from Iris's grasp. Destoroyah's crab bodies distance themselves, then rejoin into their final form. The two monsters stare each other down, Iris visibly recharged from feeding, while Destoroyah is considerably weakened from so many shape changes and from taking so much damage. Iris brings up his tendrils and begins to charge them up with Destoroyah's horn cutter.

Destoroyah, barely able to keep himself up, can only half-heartedly retreat as Iris lashes out with a virtual storm of cutting beams. Most of the beams fail to hit, but two find their mark. One takes off Destoroyah's left wing and arm, while the second slices his right leg off at the knee. Destoroyah collapses to the ground, blood pooling up around his severed limbs. Destoroyah tries to get up, but can't, as he realizes that he is fatally wounded. He manages to call up enough strength to raise himself up on the bloody stump of his right leg and his remaining arm. Destoroyah looks up to see Iris slowly advancing on him, tendrils lashing about in anticipation. Destoroyah tries to gather enough energy for one last oxygen-destroyer beam, but the blast fizzles out in his mouth as his arm slips in his own blood and slides out from under him. Destoroyah collapses, but manages to raise his head to look at Iris, who is looming over his prone body. Destoroyah growls once, but is struck by one of Iris's tendrils across his muzzle. Iris brings all of his tendrils to bear on Destoroyah, and, opening the tips, begins to charge up several oxygen-destroyer beams. Then, in a blaze of blue-white energy, Iris begins to immolate Destoroyah's prone form with a torrent of energy. Destoroyah screams out in pain, but soon grows quiet as his mind slips into oblivion. Iris continues to unleash the brilliant streams of destructive energy until there is nothing left of Destoroyah's corpse but an ashen husk. Iris lowers his tendrils and lashes Destoroyah, causing the blasted shell to crumble like burnt paper.

Seeing his foe so thoroughly dead, Iris raises his head, shrieks at the heavens, and then takes to the air, his tendrils whipping up a cloud of ash as he vanishes into the sky.