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Yamata No Orochi
  Powers/Weapons: Possess the power of reincarnation through entering the bodies of humans, which then bear the mark of Yamata No Orochi; able to thrust itself from the mark it creates
First Appearance: Onmyoji II (2003)
Series:  Millennium  


The eight-headed protectorate god Yamata No Orochi was slayed in ancient times by the hero Susanoo. Countless years later, answering the prayers of Genkaku, the god reemerges placing in the boy Susa, son of Genkaku, the reincarnation of the hero Susanoo. The creature's services came at a price, unbeknownst to Genkaku, as Yamata No Orochi also reincarnated Amaterasu in Amemiko, Genkaku's daughter, who if kept alive would hinder Susa's true power. As a sign of the eight-headed dragon's power, both of Genkaku's children also bore the mark of the Yamata No Orochi on their shoulder.