Warbat ウォーバット


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Flight; constricting body


Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Series // MonsterVerse


Hollow Earth, a huge ecosystem located near the planet's core, was host to a variety of life forms. Complete with its own gravity and rich vegetation, the area had been home to several titans. It was also where the Warbats lived. These mammoth, flying creatures were fierce and highly predatory in nature. Using giant wings, the beasts would stalk the land, looking for easy targets. Although well versed in battling the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth, the creatures had yet to cross paths with humanity... until 2024.

That year, Monarch and Apex Cybernetics, the latter of which was interested in an energy source located there, began planning an expedition. The two organizations worked together to venture to the unexplored ecosystem. This wouldn't be the first attempt to reach the Hollow Earth. An earlier, failed expedition occurred by Monarch. What was unexpected was the gravity effect of traveling there, which decimated the group. With this disaster in mind, Apex developed crafts called HEAV (Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle). These would be able to ferry the new expedition there and survive the gravity force.

WarbatThe final piece of the puzzle was Kong. It was believed that the titan would be able to lead them to the Hollow Earth. After much convincing, and due to problematic conditions on Skull Island, it was agreed to relocate Kong. This involved transporting the giant ape to Antarctica, where Monarch had previously attempted to visit the Hollow Earth. As a result of those efforts, large caverns were formed going into the Earth. However, while transporting the Skull Island defender, Godzilla became aware of the rival titan. After a brutal battle, Godzilla eventually departed, leaving behind a defeated Kong.

Taking the battle worn Kong, Monarch and Apex completed the trip to Antarctica. There, the giant titan was coaxed into into the vast tunnel system. In pursuit were the HEAVs.

The plan worked, as the expedition made it to the Hollow Earth. As Kong got his footing, the HEAVs followed him through the unfamiliar terrain. Unfortunately, the HEAVs were attacked by a pair of Warbats. Using their powerful jaws, one of the Warbats ripped apart and destroyed a HEAV. The surviving two crafts attempted to evade as the beasts circled them.

Kong, however, intervened and directly attacked the airborne monsters, narrowly preventing one from destroying another HEAV. By grabbing the tail, the Skull Island defender swung the creature and slammed it into the ground. The force of the impact was tremendous, and by chance the Warbat's head landed on a sharp rock, which punctured the skull and killed the monster.

Grabbing the corpse, Kong swung the defeated Warbat and knocked the other one out of the air. Roaring in defiance, the snake-like monster lunged into battle. Biting Kong's hand, the monster then began to use its body to constrict the giant ape. While wrapping itself around its prey, the Hollow Earth creature used its wing to try and suffocate Kong.

Realizing Kong was in danger, the HEAV fired its missile payload at the Hollow Earth beast. This caused the Warbat to loosen its grip, a costly mistake as Kong quickly grabbed the snake-like creature's throat. Lifting it into the air, the giant ape slammed the monster into the ground. He then violently started to crunch together the wings. Picking the Warbat back up, Kong then repeatedly slammed it into the ground. Going on a rampage he next used his powerful fists to slam the monster until he landed a killing blow. Not yet satisfied, the giant ape then ripped the monster's head off. With blood and other internal organs exposed, Kong briefly feasted on the remains. Tossing the head aside the giant ape then continued on his journey, with the surviving HEAVs following.

Powers / Weapons


The Warbats were able to fly using giant wings located on either side of their body. These wings were double layered, with a large pair at the front and smaller ones located slightly under and to the back of the others.

The creatures were able to take off from a stationary position, allowing them to lunge and attack even when knocked to the ground.



Constricting Body

Constricting Body

Like a snake, the Warbats could constrict their prey using their long bodies. This was done to deprive their enemy of oxygen and choke them out.

In addition to their long constricting body, the monsters were fond of using their wings to wrap them around the head of their target. This would hasten the suffocation process.

Background and Trivia
  • The Warbat name can be seen on releases from Playmates Toys, with the name being one word.
  • During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), director Adam Wingard mentioned that the production name for the flying monsters were "Nozuki".
  • Also from the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), director Adam Wingard mentions that the way Kong kills the second Warbat was an homage to a scene in Jason X. He notes: "The big reference that I haven't seen anyone pick up on is when Kong folds up and kills Nozuki (aka warbat) that was inspired by the holo deck murder scene in JASON X when Jason picks up the camper in their sleeping bag and smashes them around."