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Ultraman Jack
Height: 40 meters
Mass: 35,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 5; can fire a Specium Ray, Cinerama Shot, Fog Beam, Ultra Shot, Hand Beam, Ultra Rocket Bullet or Stop Ray from his hands; able to discharge a saw blade-like Ultra Slash attack from his hands; Ultra Bracelet on his left arm that can transform into a Ultra Cutter, Ultra Lance, Ultra Cross or a Ultra Defender; can fire a Ultra Spark that will paralyze others; able to instill energy in his feet to perform a Shooting Star Kick; can create a beam barrier; able to discharge a freezing Ultra Frost shot; can fire a beam from his eyes; telekinesis; able to use his energy to heal wounds; can gather energy in itself to release a powerful explosion
Weakness: Can't stay in combat on Earth for more than 3 minutes; needs the color timer located in his chest to survive
First Appearance: Return of Ultraman (1971)
Other Appearances: Return of Ultraman: Terror of the Tornado Monsters; Return of Ultraman: Jiro Rides a Monster; Ultraman Taro: Like the Sun, Mothra of Ultra; Ultraman Taroh: Burn On! The Six Ultra Brothers!
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