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Height: 40 meters
Mass: 35,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 5; can travel through space as a fireball; can fire a Specium Ray, Ultra Attack Ray, or Slash Ray from his hands; extraordinary jumper; able to discharge a sawblade like attack from his hands; can quickly rotate his body to create energy rings to restrain opponents; able to fire twin lasers to telekinetically lift an opponent; can create a shield barrier; able to shoot a stream of water from his hands; can instill some of his life-force in others; teleportation
Weakness: Can't stay in combat on Earth for more than 3 minutes; needs the color timer located in his chest to survive
First Appearance: Ultraman (1967)
Other Appearances: Ultraman Taroh: The Ultra Mother is like the Sun; Ultraman Taroh: Burn! The Six Ultra Brothers!
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Ultraman hails from the remote Land of Light, a planet located in Nebula M78.

It just so happened that one day, an alien soldier native to this far-off realm was giving chase to the evil monster Bemular, and the pursuit ultimately led them to the planet Earth. In the ensuing confusion, the soldier accidentally crashed into an air-vehicle piloted by a man named Shin Hayata. A member of the Science Patrol (an organization dedicated to investigating strange phenomena), Hayata was killed by the collision, but the alien soldier revived him by combining their life forces. The alien offered Hayata the Beta Capsule, a pen-like device that enabled him to transform into the all-powerful Ultraman. In time, Hayata, with the aid of the Science Patrol, would come to repeatedly thwart countless enemy alien attacks by donning the guise of his super-hero alter-ego. There was one glaring vulnerability, however. Ultraman had a blinking timer on his chest... and if that blinking stopped, Ultraman could meet his end!

After vanquishing various villains, Ultraman faced his final foe: Zetton. Zetton was a sinister monster, unleashed by an extra-terrestrial race of the same name. As Zetton flew into a horrible rampage, the iconic super-hero of Earth came to the rescue. Ultraman attempted to defeat this terrible foe through the use of his Specium Beam, but Zetton merely absorbed and redirected the energy into his own assault. Ultraman's color timer was compromised, and this heralded the end of our hero. Fortunately, Zetton was finally eliminated upon suffering a powerful blow to the neck.

During the aftermath of this terrible exchange, Ultraman's commander: Zoffy, arrived on Earth and brought Ultraman back to M78 to repair his color timer. From that day on, Ultraman continued to save the world. Hayata may be Ultraman no longer, but he will never forget that amazing era.