Zone Fighter
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Zone Fighter
Height: 62 meters
Mass: 55,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; can travel through space; Meteor Proton Beam from forehead; can perform a Uzi Punch where his fists speed up into a blinding fury; Meteor Missile Might bracelets attach to wrists and fire missiles; able to fire a subduing mist from fingertips; can create a Zone-Barrier to block projectiles or a Hyper-Barrier to deflect projectiles; can release a Plasma Capsule to shock nearby foes; able to release a stream of arrow-like projectiles from hands that will slice through their target; can move at Jet Speed; able to teleport using a broadcasted image from a TV set; Meteor Missile Might bracelets can be upgraded into Double Anti-Missile Might bracelets that can capture missiles and fire them back at their source
Weakness: After sustaining heavy damage, Zone Fighter will be put in a weaker state that can be undone by having his energy replenished
First Appearance: Zone Fighter Episode 1. Destroy The Terro-Beast Missile! (1973)
Other Appearances: Zone Fighter Episodes 2-26
Series:  Showa  


The last remaining survivors of the now long gone planet Peaceland, the Zone family soon found refuge on the planet Earth, where they took on the identity of the Sakimori family and began a peaceful new life. However, fate seemed to have other plans in store for them. An evil alien race known as the Garoga were the ones who destroyed Peaceland, and now these bloodthirsty people have turned their eyes toward Earth as the next target in their never ending quest to conquer the universe. Shortly after discovering this, several members of the Zone family were kidnapped. However, the Garoga did not expect the three children, Hikaru, Hotaru, and Akira to transform into Zone Fighter, Zone Angel, and Zone Junior respectively, who would fight off the Garoga.

Unwilling to let the last survivors of Peaceland escape and interfere with their mission, the Garogas who captured the Zone family and soon merged together to transform into the Terror-Beast, Red Spark. The kaiju was ready to crush the three siblings when Hikaru showed that he still had a trick up his sleeve by screaming out "Zone Double Fight". To Red Spark's utter surprise, Zone Fighter became a giant! The two behemoths clashed, Red Spark using his chest cannons and flares to drive the giant alien humanoid into an oil refinery. The resulting explosion was not enough, for the silver and blue galactic warrior summoned missile armed wristbands, and he fired off his Meteor Missile Might. Red Spark was scattered into a million flaming pieces.

Undeterred by this setback, the Garoga launched a Terror-Beast Missile, which released the war machine Jikiro. The inexperienced Zone Fighter was easily overwhelmed by Jikiro's magnetic powers and almost lost the fight. The light meter on Zone Fighter's belt buckle changed from blue to yellow, indicating that he was running low on power. He just barely saved an airplane from destruction. Zone Angel and Zone Junior summoned the aircraft Smokey and fired a ray to stun Jikiro as they fired a second ray into the capsule on Zone Fighter's head crest to fully recharge him. Zone Fighter rose to his feet as though nothing had happened and unleashed a fury of punches and kicks.

The grandfather of the family, Zone Great, now assuming the identity of Raita Sakimori, used his energy create a special thunder cloud called the Bolt Thunder, which sent a bolt of lighting straight at Jikiro and severed his magnet hand. No longer having to worry about the power of magnetism, Zone Fighter defeated Jikiro soundly before finishing him off with his Meteor Missiles. He stood as a proud new hero of Japan, but the Garoga were far from finished and the adventures of The Meteor Man were only just beginning...

The Garoga would later target one of the friends the Zone family had made during their time on Earth. After being attacked, a young boy named Jiro required a cornea transplant. Since the people of Peaceland can regenerate their eyes, Akira volunteered to donate his corneas. Before the surgery could take place, the doctors were replaced with Garogas who were planning to kill the boy, and were it not for the help of another family friend, Takeru, they might have succeeded.

Growing desperate, the Garoga escaped and sent out another war machine, Destro-King. Hikaru once again transformed into Zone Fighter and battled the two-headed mechanical bird. It was clear from the start that this would not be an easy battle, as the enemy soon gained the upper hand. Eventually breaking free, Zone Fighter sought to end the fight as quickly as possible and used his Meteor Missile Might attack. Though severely injured, Destro-King soon proved that not only was he still alive but also quite capable of fighting. Once again coming to their brother's aid, Zone Angel and Zone Junior blasted off one of Destro-King's heads and recharged Zone Fighter again. The mighty warrior rose up and met the monster in hand-to-hand combat. Having sustained too much damage, Destro-King fell and erupted into an explosion.

Some time later, a scientist went missing. Takeru formed a plan with the Zone family to act as a decoy, in order to see if the Garoga were behind a plot to kidnap some of the brightest scientists on the planet. The plan worked, as they were captured and sent to a secret base under Mt.Fuji. Hotaru sent a Zobot transmitter to direct Hikaru to their location. After saving everyone, Zone Fighter contended with the monster Dorola. A fusion of crab, rose, and reptile DNA, the monster attacked Zone Fighter and gained the upper hand thanks to its ability to create illusions. After a quick recharge by his siblings, Zone Fighter resumed the battle and cut off Dorola's claw, using it to sever his opponent's vine arm. With the odds stacked against it, Dorola used its vapors to create more illusions. Nevertheless, Zone Fighter used his Plasma Capsule to shock the chimera, forcing it to stop. Not wasting any time, Zone Fighter killed Dorola and destroyed the base.

Hotaru would later see someone she thought was long dead. Sachio was an old childhood friend from Peaceland, but while Hotaru was overjoyed, the rest of the Zone family was suspicious. Later that evening, the Terror-Beast Wargilgar attacked, with whom Zone Fighter engaged in a short battle. Sachio seemingly destroyed the monster with his ray gun; however, the next morning Sachio turned up missing. When Hotaru opened the music box Sachio left behind for her, the toys in the room turned into weapons and attacked. After dealing with the trap, Sachio appeared on the screen and taunted them, boasting that he was a member of the Garoga. He revealed that Wargilgar was still alive and merely teleported away from their last encounter. Seeing the beast destroying Tokyo, Hikaru turned into Zone Fighter and jumped into the TV. He was teleported into the city, while Hotaru set off to confront Sachio. The Sachio from the earlier broadcast soon showed that he was nothing more then a Garoga, and the real Sachio had indeed been at rest all this time. After Zone Angel defeated it, the Garoga transformed into the Terror-Beast Spyler. Zone Fighter could not fight back, as his right arm was hurt from the trap back at home.

It seemed that this would be the end of Zone Fighter, when Zone Junior had a brilliant idea. After being on Earth for some time, he had learned of Earth's mighty monsters and suggested they call Godzilla for help. Zone Angel sent a Zobot transmitter, and in record time, Godzilla came rushing into the battlefield. The King of the Monsters had come a long way since he first appeared, now he was a sort of Monster of Justice. He was a veteran of numerous alien monster assaults, but today would mark the first time that he would ally with one of the few aliens who sought to protect Earth. Godzilla pushed Wargilgar and Spyler off of Zone Fighter and severed Spyler's crescent spine. Now recovering, Zone Fighter battled Spyler and used his Meteor Missiles, while Godzilla destroyed Wargilgar with his Atomic Blast. Spyler fell, but did not explode. Not about to wait for its recovery, Zone Fighter lifted him and hurled the monster into the sky before blowing it up with his Meteor Proton Beam! The battle was won, but this would not be the last time the kaiju and sentai would work together. The King of the Monsters and The Meteor Man would team up several times more...

The Garoga soon came across the King of Terror, Ghidorah, and saw him as the perfect weapon to use as a Terror-Beast. They captured this monster of astonishing power and planned to use it to decimate the Earth, just as the creature had once decimated Venus. King Ghidorah was sent to destroy the Research Institute of Future Science and the Blue-Green therein, the latter being a machine that could help reduce carbon monoxide in the air. This cosmic horror advanced on the building, blasting anything in its way. Zone Fighter appeared on the scene and battled the planet killer, but it was soon clear that King Ghidorah was too powerful. Raita used the Bolt Thunder to drive away King Ghidorah. A fully recharged Zone Fighter then lured King Ghidorah into outer space, only to discover that the space demon had vanished and that he had lost contact with the rest of his family. Hikaru soon discovered the Garoga base and freed his family. He then hurried back to the institute as King Ghidorah was now using his newly improved Gravity Beams to lift cars into the air. Zone Fighter resumed the battle after saving the motorists from doom. Despite his efforts, King Ghidorah blinded the alien hero and destroyed the institute. Thankfully, everyone had escaped with the Blue-Green device prior to the facility's destruction. Once his eyesight was repaired, Zone Fighter once again lured King Ghidorah into space and battle him on a asteroid. Using his Hyper-Barrier, he sent all three Gravity Beams flying back at the monster before he used his Jet Speed and body slammed it to the ground. He twisted and broke its necks before firing his Meteor Missiles. However, King Ghidorah proved to be too powerful; he was not defeated. Nevertheless, he was hurt enough that the Garoga ordered the great destroyer to retreat, and Zone Fighter returned to Earth.

The Garoga weren't done, for they sent the monster Dragon King to destroy a dam and cause a flood. Zone Fighter tried to stop the monster, but in the midst of the battle, Dragon King trapped him between two mountains. Dragon King was just about to destroy the dam when Zone Fighter broke free of his rocky prison and killed Dragon King before it could complete its sinister mission. Unwilling to give up, a Garoga was sent disguised as Hotaru, while the real Hotaru was kidnapped. After failing several times to kill the family, Garoga Agent 13 planted a bomb in the family's hotel room. When confronted by Tsukiko, the agent showed its true form, before Hikaru entered the room and threw the spy over a cliff. The agent mutated into a giant called Gilmaras and was killed in a quick battle with Zone Fighter. Hotaru and Takeru sent a Zobot transmitter to guide Zone Fighter to them for purposes of rescue. They informed him of the bomb, and Zone Fighter succeeding in racing back to the hotel to get rid of the explosive before it blew up. Spotting a Terror-Missile falling out of the night sky, Akira and Takeru decided to look for it, only to be ambushed and captured by the Garoga. Sending out a Zobot transmitter, Zone Fighter and Zone Angel arrived at their location and battled the Garoga before a monster arose from the lake. Turning into his giant form, Zone Fighter battled Gelderah before finally severing its head with a powerful wave of arrow-shaped beams from his hands.

While looking for Garoga, Hikaru located a strange, red spider floating in the sky and saw several Garoga agents trying to free a lion. Turning into Zone Fighter, he fought them and the Garoga retreated. Zone, along with Angel, Junior, and Yoichiro, would later locate their enemies at the zoo. In the middle of the chaos, the spider bit a gorilla, though the original intent was to have it bite the lion. The arachnid mutated into Spider Uros while the great ape mutated into a Garoga Gorilla. While Angel, Junior, and Yoichiro dealt with the mutant ape, Zone Fighter battled Spider Uros. The giant spider turned the tide of the battle with its web snare. Trapped and helpless, it would have been the end had Angel and Junior not reached Zone Fighter's location after having defeated Garoga Gorilla. They burned away his prison of web, and Zone Fighter was soon free to return to battle and kill Spider Uros.

Time passed, and Hikaru was attacked by an orb in the sky. He turned into Zone Fighter in order to dispense with the foe. The monster Jipudoro was unleashed upon a hapless metropolis, and Zone Fighter easily defeated the kaiju. Suddenly, his shadow moved as if it had a life of its own and converged onto a large hill before turning into Shadorah! Zone Fighter used his Meteor Missiles, but Shadorah was immune to his attacks. Angel and Junior tried to recharge Zone Fighter, but the silver and blue warrior was having his energy leeched by Shadorah, who was also blocking the sun's rays. Before long, Zone Fighter suffered his first defeat and changed back into his human form after losing all of his energy. Shadorah revived Jipudoro and the Zone family could do nothing but watch as the two monsters made their escape. The destruction of Jipudro would have to wait, for now they had to find a way to stop Shadorah. Being that it was a creature made of energy, it was surmised that it must need a machine to constantly feed its energy supply. Transforming into Zone Fighter again, the giant super hero lost to Shadorah a second time, but lasted long enough to track down the source of the signal. Finding the secret base in a shipwreck, Angel, Junior, and Yoichiro battled the Garoga and destroyed Shadorah's control box, thus causing it to self-destruct.

Hikaru was not even safe at his job, which he learned the hard way. One day, he was picked to test a car installed with a new type of engine; only to learn that it was a trap! Unable to escape or stop the vehicle, it drove itself into a vehicle compactor. Sasaski, a racing rival of Hikaru, started to have second thoughts about helping the Garoga and tried to rescue Hikaru, only to be killed in the process. Angel and Junior also arrived on the scene to help, only to be halted by more of the Garoga. Suddenly Godzilla showed up, his instincts sensing that one of his allies was in great danger. The warlike alien race had encountered Gigan in their space travels and, much like King Ghidorah, employed the creature for their own purposes. They sent the sadistic cyborg down to Earth, armed with new explosives on his claws. However, Gigan had not fully recovered from his last battle with Godzilla and Jet Jaguar and was beaten into submission. Godzilla cut off power to the vehicle compacter and Gigan attacked him again, but the result of this encounter was very much the same as their last. Godzilla left, thinking Gigan was dead. The alien creature arose and followed Godzilla, as if on a suicide mission to make him suffer as much as he could before finally collapsing. Zone Fighter turned into his giant form and battled Gigan. At first, the two seemed equally matched, and Gigan even managed to use one of his explosive tips. Zone Fighter weakened it with a Meteor Proton Beam and then finished it off with his Meteor Missile Might attack. Gigan, in shock from the powerful attack, walked past Zone Fighter but fell just as the space warrior turned around to watch the cyborg's eye go dim, foam at the mouth, and then explode. Gigan had been destroyed once and for all.

As Zone Fighter gained more experience, he became a more capable fighter. The monster Barakidon, after it escaped containment and destroyed the base where it was being held captive, went on a rampage. Using the information from the blueprints that Hotaru stole from the base, they soon learned that the creature needed heat to stay alive. Turning into Zone Angel, she blocked the moonlight while Zone Fighter soundly beat the monster. Seeing that the animal was a victim of the Garogas' experiment, he used his Subsiding Mist to give the creature a peaceful state of mind before it died. The Garoga's plans were growing more desperate. After a failed attempt on the Zone family's life with a bomb strategically placed in Hotaru's birthday cake and a failed attempt to kidnap Hotaru and Takeru, they released Garoborg. The monster couldn't be touched, as the mighty blue Meteor Man was zapped every time he tried. Zone Fighter soon discovered the part of the creature's body that allowed it to make powerful electrical shocks, and with the combined firepower of Zone and Smokey, the monster was no more. Soon thereafter, a plan to brainwash the children of Japan into becoming a sort of Garoga army is foiled. Dedragon is sent out to stop Zone Fighter, who easily outran his missiles and repelled them to their source. Dedragon's arm cannons were severed and, just like so many before, he was also destroyed.

Enraged by these defeats, Zandolla was sent to make tunnels under Tokyo in a scheme to sink the entire city into oblivion! Zone Fighter threw himself headfirst into battle but soon found himself trapped underground as the soil gave way underneath him. Godzilla sensed that his ally was in trouble and rushed to his location. While Godzilla battered Zandolla with his tail, Zone Fighter soon broke free of his tomb and the two attacked the monster simultaneously. The beast fought well, but in the end, he too was defeated. Later, a plan to have a brainwashed child destroy the Proton Barrier protecting the Zone family's house is foiled. Two Garoga agents who disguised themselves as the child's parents fuse and become Moguranda. The robotic monster clashed with Meteor Man evenly, but when Zone Fighter started to gain the advantage, Moguranda was in for some fortune as its meteor fell to Earth. Consuming the meteorite, Moguranda soon gained the power to fire a lavender smog. The two titans continued to battle until Zone Junior located a device that was feeding Moguranda energy. When the machine was destroyed, Moguranda became increasingly weaker before finally facing his defeat at the hands of Zone Fighter.

Zone Fighter's next battle would be on another planet! After an elaborate plan involving the theft of Smokey, Zone Fighter was getting ready to return to Earth after recovering the valuable weapon, when a Terror-Missile landed on the planet. A strange, spherical creature attacked Zone Fighter before popping into it's true, lizard-like form, Barugas. Barugas soon proved to be a worthy foe, often catching the galactic warrior off guard and ambushing him. In the end, even these hit-and-run tactics would fail. Barugas's place of death would be marked with a huge tombstone, a lonely reminder in the cold void of space.

The next challenger would be Gondargilas after it had ingested a new type of explosive called PS73. To complicate matters, Comet K was passing Earth at the time, and its magnetism could have potentially set off the bomb. Due to the high risk of setting off the sensitive explosives, Zone Fighter was unable to fight the monster. The giant hero tried to convince Gondargilas to leave the planet, but it refused. Zone Fighter eventually challenged his foe to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Upon winning the game, Zone commanded the monster to leave but it still refused. Zone Fighter then grabbed a tree and challenged Gondargilas to a fencing match. Again winning, Zone Fighter in vain instructed the kaiju to leave, but Gondargilas proved to be a sore loser and attacked. Running low on power and options, Zone Fighter was forced to retreat. Later finding the monster again, Zone Fighter challenged it to a game of ring toss. When Gondargilas had its back turned, Zone Fighter made his move and gouged out its eye. The warrior then severed the kaiju's arms before, with careful aim, Zone shot off its head. He proceeded to ferry its corpse into outer space, and blew it up with his Meteor Proton Beam. The explosion was powerful enough to send Comet K hurdling in a different path.

Goramu would be his next foe. Zone Fighter was reluctant to fight the strange, two-headed beast when he found out that kidnapped children were trapped inside the monster. It seemed to be a foolproof plan; Zone Fighter refused to attack the kaiju no matter how many times it shot him. The gambit was ruined when the kids shouted out to Zone Fighter. The monster held its hands to the ears on his left head. Zone Fighter, now knowing where the children were, ripped off the left head and freed them. Before long, Smokey and Zone Fighter finished off Goramu.

Zone Fighter had become a close friend of Godzilla's. When not saving the world, he would have sparring matches with the King of the Monsters, growing ever stronger. These friendly matches helped the two stay in fighting shape and become stronger, as well as strengthen their bond as allies. Their teamwork would be tested once again when the Garoga sent a creature called Jellar to confront the blue hero. Seeking to end the battle quickly, Zone Fighter used his Meteor Proton Beam right away. For a moment, it seemed to be the shortest fight yet, but the creature soon arose, totally immune to the attack. Seeking help, the Zone family sent out a Zobot transmitter, and Godzilla left the cave lair that the Zone family built for him. He rushed into combat, unaware of the extent of his foe's power. Godzilla ripped off one of Jellar's tentacles. The monster king meant well, but he soon learned that he had made things worse. The tentacle grew and mutated into a new monster, Kastam-Jellar! Despite this unforeseen turn of events, the combined strength of Godzilla and Zone Fighter overcame their enemies with a combined onslaught that consisted of an Atomic Blast and Meteor Missile Might.

The next battle would see a new Jikiro. Now called "Super Jikiro", the upgraded war machine had been sinking ships. Zone Fighter arrived to prevent anymore lives from being lost. Thanks to the villain's new "Anti-Missile Might" technology, it captured Zone Fighter's meteor missiles with little effort and fired them back on their source. Severely injured, Zone Fighter had no choice but to retreat. After recovering, Hikaru returned to the beach. Despite the vile Garoga's best efforts, he was able to recover pieces of Jikiro and send them to Yoichiro to study. After reverse engineering these pieces and having this technology transplanted into him via surgery, Zone Fighter engaged in a second fight with Super Jikiro, who once again captured his missiles and sent them back at their source. Thanks to his new "Double Anti-Missile Might" technology, Zone Fighter recaptured them and fired them back once again, destroying Jikiro once and for all.

Some time later, after spreading an antidote to stop a hallucinogenic gas from affecting everyone near a scrap yard, Zone Fighter fought a mighty Terror-Beast called Bakugon after it ascended from the ground. Zone Fighter charged in with a fury of punches and kicks, and it appeared as though the battle would end quickly, until Bakugon made mirages of itself. Before long, Zone Fighter needed to recharge, and the aircraft Smokey fired a replacement capsule; however, Bakugon tackled Zone Fighter and threw him around. The monster was biding its time, waiting for the blue and silver hero to run out of power. Zone Fighter soon managed to pin the monster down, and Smokey fired another replacement capsule that met its mark. Now at full power, any chance Bakugon had of winning was merely a memory, as he was barraged by Zone Fighter's Meteor Missiles.

A new plan to conquer the world was discovered by the Zone family. The villains were now using sound waves to hypnotize the people of Earth to turn them into cyborgs. Zone Junior rescued Hikaru, and Hotaru destroyed the Garoga's machines in time. Hikaru and Hotaru transformed into Zone Fighter and Angel respectively, and along with Zone Junior, the three siblings freed everyone. The monster Needlar was summoned to block their escape route. Turning into his giant form, Zone Fighter battled the monster, ripping off its life support system piece-by-piece. Needlar soon turned the tide of the battle. Zone Fighter waited for Smokey to fire a replacement capsule, but the latter missed. Zone Fighter was forced to hold Needlar off while the replacement capsule was pending arrival. After several hits, Zone tackled him while flying. Using his Meteor Missile Might attack, he decapitated his foe and finished off the base with his Meteor Proton Beam.

The Garoga would then proceed to use one of their most clever plans to date. They scattered several capsules with tiny Terror-Beasts that would soon grow back to their true size, once enough time had passed. Managing to discover three already and destroy them, Hikaru went out to look for the others when one of them exploded and a new Terror Beast was born. Kabutogira wasted no time in smashing everything in its sight. As soon as it spotted Zone Fighter, it attacked him relentlessly. Unfortunately for Kabutogira, Zone Fighter was now more experienced and a more capable fighter than when he first began his adventure. While this onslaught did interrupt his Meteor Missile Might attack, Zone Fighter simply took to the sky and rained missiles down upon him. Changing back to his human form, Hikaru resumed his search for the other capsules before their fiendish cargo could be freed, but he was ambushed and trapped under a boulder by the Garoga. The last two Terror-Beasts were freed and a new Spider Uros and a new Garoborg were getting ready to carry on the mission when suddenly Godzilla showed up and held the two monsters off. With help from his friend Mina, Hikaru once again turned into Zone Fighter and ran at Garoborg while firing his missiles; the deadly projectiles punching through his body like a hot knife through butter. Zone Fighter then fired his Meteor Proton Beam at Spider Uros which gave Godzilla enough time to finish off the giant spider with his Atomic Blast.

One of the final plans of the Garoga involved blackmailing a man named Ishida into giving them plans for a new neutron energy source. In exchange, they promised to return his son, Ken's, eyesight after having blinded him. After learning of this plot, Hikaru warned him not give into their demands, but Ishida went through with it anyway. The Garoga broke their deal and intended to kill him, when Zone Fighter saved him and, with the help of Zone Angel and Zone Junior, defeated the Garoga X-Squadron. Unwilling to give up, they formed into the last Terror-Beast, Grotogauros! Rising from the sea, the two clashed like gladiators before Grotogaros shook Zone Fighter loose and attacked a nearby fishing village. The battle extended back on land and the giants seemed to be evenly matched. Grotogauros shifted the balance in his favor by creating powerful illusions. After a tough match, Zone Fighter soon stopped relying on his eyesight. Zone Fighter proved to be too powerful for the kaiju, and fired his Meteor Missile Might attack. Grotogauros was about to explode, so he grabbed onto Zone Fighter in a final attempt to kill the noble warrior. The two behemoths fell into the sea.

After a mighty explosion, Zone Fighter rose from the water and struck his victory pose. Zone Fighter would never stop until the Garoga were all gone. It's not clear what happened to the mighty warrior, but the Garoga and the Terror-Beasts were never seen or heard from again, and Godzilla would once again resume the task of defending the world from other threats. Whatever his last mission was, it seems to have been a success, and whatever his fate, the Meteor Man would forever be fondly remembered by Japan and the rest of the world for his heroic deeds.