Wargilgar ワルギルガー


Height : 108 meters
Mass : 82,000 tons

Powers / Weapons

Double-barrel cannon; flamethrower


Zone Fighter Episode 4 - Invasion! The Giant Garoga Army - Enter Godzilla (1973)

Series // SHOWA

Sound Effect


After a strange object falls out of the sky, the Zone family investigates and encounters a ghost from the past. Somehow, Hotaru's childhood friend, Sachio, survived the destruction of their homeworld. While returning home that night, they encounter a Terror-Beast, Wargilgar. Wasting no time, Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter and battles the strange, bug-like behemoth.

The double-barrel cannons stored in Wargilgar's mouth keep the alien warrior at bay for a while, but soon, Zone Fighter closes the distance, throwing the creature around like an over-sized rag doll. Wargilgar's flames prove useless against the Zone Barrier, and Zone Fighter calls upon his Meteor Missile Might, unleashing destruction upon the invader. Before the meteor man can deliver the finishing blow, Sachio uses a ray gun that seemingly vaporizes the insect.

Wargilgar vs. Zone FighterThe charade does not last long, for a failed trap perpetrated by "Sachio" makes it clear to everyone that he is, in fact, a silver Garoga assassin. Wargilgar wasn't vaporized at all, simply teleported out of danger. When Wargilgar attacks a helpless metropolis, Zone Fighter leaps into a television set and materializes in the danger zone. But the hero is at a huge disadvantage, as his right arm was injured during Sachio-Garoga's trap from earlier. Within moments, one of the greatest heroes Japan has ever seen finds himself in the midst of two powerful combatants, for Sachio-Garoga had transformed into the nightmarish monster Spyler.

Spyler's blinding bulbs make it immensely difficult for Zone Fighter to gain the upper hand. Fortunately, Zone Junior concocts a solution. The Earth is home to many large monsters, so why not call upon the King of the Monsters himself for assistance? When Zone Angel and Zone Junior send a transceiver robot to call out for help, Godzilla arrives on the battle scene in record time. The Zone family learns that the rumors of Godzilla's power are all true when he easily throws the much heavier creatures around without effort. Zone Fighter deals with Spyler while Godzilla contends with Wargilgar. The insect fires his mouth cannons, and though Godzilla hesitates for a moment, he ultimately destroys the gargantuan arthropod with his powerful Atomic Heat Ray.

Meanwhile, Zone Fighter defeats Spyler, and with both of the invading monsters out of the picture, Godzilla returns home. This would not be the last time the nuclear saurian would team up with Zone Fighter, however. This day marked the passing of one duo and the advent of another.

Powers / Weapons
Double-barrel cannon

Double-barrel cannon

Hidden within the ant kaiju’s mouth is a double-barrel cannon that fires explosive bullets. Wargilgar used the explosive rounds to bring down numerous jet fighters that flew out of its reach, and against Zone Fighter in their first encounter.



Wargilgar can breathe a steady stream of fire from its mandibles. Not only can these flames set objects on fire, but they generally cause smaller explosions on the ground directly beneath the expelled blaze.

Background and Trivia
  • According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, its place of birth was on the planet Garoga Baron (Japanese: ガロガバラン星), the homeworld of the Garoga aliens. Its subtitle is also listed as being "Destruction Terror-Beast" (Japanese: 破壊恐獣).
  • Is one of the tallest daikaiju in the Zone Fighter series, its height only matched by Moguranda at 108 meters.