Red Spark レッドスパーク

Red Spark
Red Spark

Height : 75 meters
Mass : 75,000 tons

Powers / Weapons

Chest-mounted cannon; spark shower; sharp tendrils on hands


Zone Fighter Episode 1 - Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile! (1973)

Series // SHOWA

Sound Effect


A new enemy had arrived on Earth. Vowing to conquer the beautiful planet, the vile Garogas were equipped with an army of Terror-Beasts to secure their victory. This beast, birthed by the fusion of a gold and two silver Garoga, towered over the city and threatened to destroy all. However, the archenemy of the Empire was there to prevent their nightmarish goals from being finalized. Zone Fighter was summoned! The Earth shuddered under their battle as they traded titanic blows. Thousands of sparks erupted from Red Spark’s hands as it pushed the hero back before unloading its mighty chest-mounted cannon. Zone Fighter was blown to the ground as round after round pelted him and the ground around him. However, mere moments before he would be wasted, the alien ceased fire, cackling maniacally. This brief opportunity allowed the hero to recover with renewed strength. He returned fire with his Meteor Missile Might, obliterating the first in a very long line of Terror-Beast kaiju.

Powers / Weapons
Chest-mounted cannon

Chest-Mounted Cannon

For long-ranged warfare, Red Spark is equipped with a powerful cannon in its chest. Each shot is capable of generating large explosions, but it does seem to have a limited supply of ammunition, based on how suddenly it stopped using it when Zone Fighter was seemingly defeated.

Spark shower

Spark Shower

From its hands, the Terror-Beast can spray a vast amount of singing sparks that it can use to push back its opponents and give it better opportunities to use its chest cannon.

Sharp tendrils on hands

Sharp tendrils on hands

On each of Red Spark's hands are four long appendages tipped with double-hooked tendrils. The monster flails its sharp barbed fingers in order to catch Zone Fighter in its grasp.

Background and Trivia
  • According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, its birthplace was on the planet Garoga Baron (Japanese: ガロガバラン星), the homeworld of the Garoga aliens.
  • Its subtitle is "Garoga Terror-Beast" (Japanese: ガロガ恐獣), as shown during its entrance in the show, though it is also known as the "Cannon Terror-Beast" (Japanese: 大砲恐獣).
  • Its roar is a higher-pitched version of King Kong from King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962).
  • Is one of three monsters to appear in the opening sequence of the show, next to Jikiro and Spyler, even after the intro is updated starting with Episode 14.