Nightmare Scorpion People ナイトメア・サソリ・ピープル

Nightmare Scorpion People
Nightmare Scorpion People

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Godzilla: The Series Episode 32 - Where Is Thy Sting? (2000)


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Having been stung by a scorpion in the New Mexico desert, Randy Hernandez enters a fever dream like no other. Two men approach him from the wreckage of a plane, a plane eerily similar to the one H.E.A.T. was trying to investigate, followed by a massive, skull-faced scorpion. But just as quickly as the giant scorpion had begun scuttling towards the survivors did it disappear in a flash of light, only for four scorpion-like mutants to take its place. Both the men from wreckage found themselves surrounded by the human-scorpion hybrids, and were attacked relentlessly by swift stings. With each strike, a large, golden emblem rose into the heavens...

Randy could only watch in horror at the events transpiring before him, but before he could become the next victim in the attack, the familiar voices of Mendel Craven and Elsie Chapman flooded his subconscious. As he woke from his nightmare, Randy could only stammer the name of the creature responsible, the one forewarned by the local in Zia Pueblo: "Ts-eh-GO took them."

Powers / Weapons


Being part scorpion, the mutants carry red-tipped stingers at the ends of curved tails, which they whip forward at great speed.

Background and Trivia
  • The Japanese name provided is an approximation of what their name might be if it was translated as "Nightmare Scorpion People" (ナイトメア・サソリ・ピープル - Naitomea Sasori Pipuru).
  • As these dream entities went unnamed in the show, the English name provided is a combination of the Nightmare Scorpion introduced in the same episode, and when Randy interrogates Anthony Hicks: "Where are the little scorpion people?"