Nightmare Scorpion ナイトメア・サソリ

Nightmare Scorpion
Nightmare Scorpion

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Powers / Weapons

Pincer claws; stinger


Godzilla: The Series Episode 32 - Where Is Thy Sting? (2000)


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Godzilla was on the move to the desert of New Mexico. As some key members of H.E.A.T. were off enjoying some R&R, Nick Tatopoulos called for an emergency rendezvous in Zia Pueblo. It was here where Randy Hernandez received a cryptic message from one of the local shopkeepers: "Ts-eh-GO will lead you down the path of lies, where you will find the deeper truths, but beware, for he possesses great power." Believing the local was just trying to frighten him into buying their merchandise, Randy continued with the rest of the team out into the desert.

By helicopter, H.E.A.T. landed near the remains of what appeared to be the wreckage of a plane, but were puzzled when the most they can find are bits and pieces and nothing of its pilots. Finding a moment to break away from the group, Randy slides down into a nearby ravine, and is almost immediately stung on the leg by a small scorpion. It doesn't take long before Randy collapses to the desert ground and closed his eyes...

What unfolds is a like a prophetic fever dream. A plane falls from the sky and crashes into the ground. Two men escape the wreck and calmly walk towards Randy. Suddenly, in a bright flash, a massive, nightmarish scorpion looms in the distance, slowly approaching the two men with evil intent as they gawk in disbelief. And just as suddenly as it appeared, the skull-faced creature vanishes into thin air, only to be replaced by men taking the form of scorpions...

Powers / Weapons

Pincer claws / Stinger

The Nightmare Scorpion is equipped with large pincers and a giant stinger. As it only appears so briefly in Randy's fever dream, however, it never had an opportunity to use them.

Background and Trivia
  • The Japanese name provided is an approximation of what its name might be if it was translated as "Nightmare Scorpion" (ナイトメア・サソリ - Naitomea Sasori).
  • Its English name originates from the SciFi Japan article, "The Ultimate Guide to GODZILLA: THE SERIES".