Jikiro ジキロ

Jikiro - Super Jikiro

Height : 78 meters
Mass : 95,000 tons

Powers / Weapons

Lightning ray; magnetism; Gatling gun hand; parachute; light bullets


Zone Fighter Episode 1 - Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile! (1973); Zone Fighter Episode 25

Series // SHOWA

Sound Effect


The first of the dreaded Terror-Beasts, Red Spark, was slain. Unfortunately for the Zone Fighter, their night was far from over. No sooner than it was killed, the Garogas unleashed one of their most dreadful of creations. An inorganic titan of destruction, Jikiro erupted from a missile and came down in front of the victorious Zone Fighter. His energy already lessened from his previous battle, the hero struggled against the relentless assault of the automaton. Displaying its mighty magnet to horrific degrees, the machine threatened hundreds of lives as it drew a passing airliner into the conflict. Mere seconds before the plane could be destroyed, Jikiro is caught off-guard and shoved to the ground by Zone Fighter, who returns the airliner to the skies safely. But it would be his last heroic act for his energy was running dangerously low.

JikiroThe robot showed no mercy as it attacked him full-force. Standing on the outskirts of the battlefield, the Zone Family summoned aid. Smokey was called forth while Raita Sakimori (Zone Great), monitoring the battle from afar, summoned his powerful "Bolt Thunder" thunder cloud. A bolt of lightning from Bolt Thunder struck the armored giant, severing its magnetic left hand. The attack gave the hero just enough time to recover. Smokey bestowed a new energy capsule upon Zone Fighter's head, rejuvenating the warrior of justice. Returning to battle, Zone Fighter was now able to easily overpower the unnatural monster. Not even the mighty Jikiro was able to contend with the raw power of Zone Fighter’s Meteor Missile Might attack and it too was destroyed.

This would not be the last the Zone Family would see of Jikiro, however. Many battles later, the Garoga aliens send to Earth a number of foes previously defeated by Zone Fighter in a brand-new scheme. At first unleashed at the Okutama Mountains, Jikiro and the other monsters are shruken to tiny size and encased in time-gated capsules, which the Garoga disperse across a neighborhood and the Okutama Mountains for a surprise attack. Eventually, the magnetic monster Jikiro, as well as Garoborg and Spider Uros, explode from their plastic prisons and ravage the mountainside. Zone Fighter later appears and attempts to transform into his giant form. However, the three monsters launch their assault, shooting lasers, gas and energy blasts to prevent Zone Fighter from growing. Suddenly, Smokey arrives and shoots a laser at Jikiro's head, slicing off the monster's large antenna. This doesn't stop the metal beast as it proceeds to kick a large mound of rubble at Zone Fighter, trapping him beneath a boulder. But before the hero can be finished off, Smokey swings back around and fires another powerful laser at Jikiro, erasing the monster from existence for good.

Powers / Weapons
Lightning ray

Lightning Ray

By channeling energy into its right hand, Jikiro can fire a yellow bolt of pure energy. This lightning-like bolt was capable of delivering a painful shock to Zone Fighter while, shortly after, being used to detonate a fuel container. Its tail briefly flashes before the electric current is fired.



Jikiro's left hand has the form of a blocky metal magnet. With it, the robot can generate extremely powerful magnetic waves. These waves allowed Jikiro to draw in distant metal objects, including a passive airliner and a radio tower. It was also able to use this magnetism to draw in and throw Zone Fighter around.

Its right hand also has some magnetic influence, though its left hand has the stronger pulling force. Jikiro will often move its right hand in slow circular motions while magnetizing objects.

Gatling gun hand

Gatling Gun hand

Jikiro's right hand is in the form of a four-barreled Gatling gun. On top of having some magnetic properties, this hand is capable of firing concentrated energy in the form of a lightning-like ray or, after being resurrected, as a barrage of light bullets.



After being deployed by a Terror-Beast Missile, Jikiro was able to gently drift to the ground thanks to a massive parachute that emerged from its back. Upon landing, this parachute detached from its back and quickly soared from sight.

The parachute deploys both times Jikiro is released from its Terror-Beast Missile.

Light bullets

Light bullets

Jikiro's Gatling gun hand is capable of firing multiple destructive light bullets, which it used against Zone Fighter prior to him turning giant.

This new ability was granted to the monster much later after its revival for a new plot by the Garoga.

Background and Trivia
  • According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, its place of birth was on the planet Garoga Baron (Japanese: ガロガバラン星), the homeworld of the Garoga aliens. Both of Jikiro's wrists are also said to contain a strong magnetic force, having the ability to draw up to 5,000 tons of metal. Oddly, Zone Fighter was easily influenced by the magnetic pull despite being ten times heavier at 55,000 tons. The book also mentions it firing its lightning-like ray from a horn, despite the ray being fired from its Gatling gun hand.
  • Its subtitle is "Magne Terror-Beast" (Japanese: マグネ恐獣), as shown during its entrance in the show, with "Magne" being short for "Magnetic". It is also known as the "Magnetic Terror-Beast" (Japanese: 磁力恐獣).
  • Is the heaviest of the Zone Fighter daikaiju, weighing in at 95,000 tons, with the runner-up being Zandora at 91,000 tons.
  • Some of its roars are altered versions of the giant mantis monster Kamacuras from Son of Godzilla (1967) with a mix of King Kong from King Kong Escapes (1967).
  • Is the first monster in Episode 25 to be encased in a capsule. There is no mention whether this Jikiro is a revived version of the one Zone Fighter previously fought, or if it is some kind of clone.
  • Is one of three monsters to appear in the opening sequence of the show, next to Red Spark and Spyler, even after the intro is updated starting with Episode 14.