Jet Jaguar ジェットジャガー [Godzilla Fest]

Gigan [Godzilla Fest]
Jet Jaguar

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Flight; agility


Operation Jet Jaguar (2023)

Series // Godzilla Fest

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Japan's protector had unexpectedly become its destroyer. Godzilla, who had recently defeated Hedorah and Gigan, had suddenly entered a frenzied state, causing the monster to vent his rage upon humanity next, causing untold damage in their cities. However, mankind was not helpless against the monster's wrath. The Japanese government came together with their most advanced technology and created the perfect anti-Godzilla weapon: An enormous robotic soldier possessing a highly advanced artificial intelligence that allowed the machine to think for itself. This mechanical marvel was named Jet Jaguar.

As Godzilla began yet another rampage, Jet Jaguar was deployed. Launching from his secret base, the machine took to the skies as he zeroed in on Godzilla's location. The robot humanoid soon arrived at the scene, catching the monster's attention as he descended from above. Landing, Jet Jaguar prepared for battle, but Godzilla was ready to end this fight as quickly as possible. As Jet Jaguar raced forward, Godzilla charged and unleashed his atomic ray, forcing the robot to dodge the blast. But the radioactive reptile wasn't content with just one ray and fired another, which Jet Jaguar flipped over. The machine used a nearby building as a leaping off point to avoid another blast, then somersaulted over the next one. After leaping over yet another ray, Jet Jaguar finally closed the distance between him and Godzilla. Ducking under one final atomic blast, Jet Jaguar engaged Godzilla in combat, kneeing the monster in the gut, then grabbing hold of and grappling him. Jet Jaguar attacked Godzilla with a rapid flurry of punches and followed it up with a powerful kick, but the monster wasn't defenseless and responded with a kick of his own, sending the machine backwards.

Jet Jaguar [Godzilla Fest]Preparing for another attack, Jet Jaguar ran in quickly, striking Godzilla with a leaping punch to the chest, but the monster retaliated with a smack of his clawed hand, knocking the robot to the ground. As Jet Jaguar got back to his feet, Godzilla followed up with another kick, then spun around, swinging his tail at his foe. The robotic soldier leaned back, his face narrowly avoiding Godzilla's tail. As the reptile finished his rotation, Jet Jaguar leapt high into the air, landing a devastating kick to the side of Godzilla's head, instantly flooring him. Landing back on his feet, Jet Jaguar prepared for his opponent's next move.

As Godzilla lifted himself up, Jet Jaguar charged in with another attack, but the King of the Monsters was angry now. The mechanical soldier tried to punch Godzilla again, but the creature easily deflected the blow, grabbing onto and grappling with Jet Jaguar, buildings crumbling and exploding all around them. Pushing Jet Jaguar away, Godzilla fired another atomic blast, which the robot just narrowly managed to avoid. Rushing in, Jet Jaguar kicked at the reptile then backed away, and a mutual attempt at punching one another merely foiled both combatants. As Godzilla grabbed the robot's arms, Jet Jaguar just barely managed to avoid a point blank atomic ray. When the monster spun around to strike the machine with his tail once again, Jet Jaguar managed to snatch the limb in his arms. Holding Godzilla's tail tight, Jet Jaguar spun himself around, hurling the monster into a nearby building. With Godzilla seemingly stuck in the structure, the A.I. soldier rushed forward, ready to hit Godzilla with all his might. But the atomic reptile wrenched himself free and avoided the attack just before it landed, causing Jet Jaguar to plant his fist into the building instead. By the time he pulled his hand free, the robot realized Godzilla was behind him, charging his atomic ray. With no time to stop him from firing it, Jet Jaguar ran, trying to avoid the blast and get out of range. But Godzilla was not to be denied, and kept his destructive beam flowing until it glanced the giant warrior, sending Jet Jaguar crashing to the ground.

Damaged by Godzilla's ray, Jet Jaguar struggled to get back to his feet. By the time he succeeded, Godzilla was already upon him, sending the robot backward with a firm kick to the chest. Backed up against a building, Jet Jaguar was helpless as Godzilla approached and grabbed the machine by his head, lifting him off his feet. With a heave, Godzilla tossed the mechanical defender aside, sending him crashing into another nearby building, demolishing it on impact. Dazed and sparking, Jet Jaguar was completely defenseless as Godzilla charged his atomic ray, preparing to deliver the final blow. Jet Jaguar stared up at Godzilla as the monster gathered as much atomic power as he could... only to be struck by a golden bolt of lighting, stopping the attack cold and sending Godzilla crashing to the ground. Confused, Jet Jaguar turned his head and looked to the sky.

In a burst of fire, the evil King Ghidorah made his presence known! Descending from the heavens, the destroyer of worlds crashed down onto the city's pavement and began laying waste to everything in sight. Jet Jaguar watched as King Ghidorah fired golden gravity beams from his three mouths, blowing whole buildings to pieces in huge explosions. Turning his head, Jet Jaguar glared at the fallen Godzilla. The artificial intelligence within the machine raced as calculations were run and risks were weighed. Finally, as the robotic warrior got back to his feet, a decision was made. Approaching Godzilla, Jet Jaguar reached down and took the beast's hand in his own, helping the monster back to his feet. Godzilla stared at his former foe for a moment, letting out a roar of uncertainty.

Jet Jaguar proceeded to answer the reptile's concern with the universal sign for peace and friendship: A thumb's up.

With that, the two previous enemies understood what they had to do. Turning away from each other, Jet Jaguar and Godzilla stood united as they faced down King Ghidorah, ready to fight the golden dragon together and drive the three-headed monster from their planet.

Powers / Weapons


Jet Jaguar could fly thanks to a set of thrusters in the bottoms of his feet.

This flight seemed to only be useful for transportation, however, as he never used it in battle with Godzilla.



Jet Jaguar was not directly controlled by pilots, but instead programmed with a highly advanced artificial intelligence. This allowed the robot to make quick decisions on his own. That, combined with the fact that the machine was notably fast for its size, enabled Jet Jaguar to be quite nimble on the battlefield.

For feats, he was able to quickly sidestep and flip over Godzilla's atomic ray on multiple occasions, even at point blank range. Jet Jaguar also avoided physical attacks such as a swipe from Godzilla's tail. He was even able to outrun Godzilla's atomic ray, albeit temporarily.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed by suit actor Kenya Saito, utilizing a brand new Jet Jaguar suit sculpted by Shinichi Wakasa.
  • On June 26th, 2023, Toho once again launched a campaign on the Japanese crowdfunding website Ubgoe: The Jet Jaguar Suit Reproduction Project. Its final goal was ¥8,000,000 (roughly $53,137) in order to help fund the new Jet Jaguar suit sculpted by Wakasa. By the time the campaign ended on August 31st, it ultimately failed to reach that goal, raising only ¥5,397,552 from 458 backers.
  • Even though this Jet Jaguar's design is based on the original Showa incarnation as seen in Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973), this Jet Jaguar shares no continuity with that version of the character.