Hedorah ヘドラ [Godzilla Fest]

Hedorah [Godzilla Fest]

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Powers / Weapons

Sulfuric acid mist; sludge discharge; pollution absorption




Godzilla vs. Hedorah (2021); Gigan Attacks (stock footage)

Series // Godzilla Fest

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Japan was under attack. A grotesque, poisonous creature known as Hedorah was running rampant at an oil refinery, emitting streams of sulfuric acid mist as it made its way through the facility. The deadly mist was lethal to all it touched, sentencing people and plant life alike to a gruesome demise. Spotting a nearby smokestack, the hideous monster advanced upon it and began to consume the toxic fumes emerging from within. Almost as if in happiness at the sustenance, Hedorah unleashed a stream of poisonous mud from its body, coating a nearby containment unit. However, the Smog Monster soon had its meal interrupted by the roar of an arriving challenger; turning away from the smokestack, Hedorah found itself faced with Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, who had come to put an end to its destructive rampage.

Hedorah [Godzilla Fest]For a moment, the two titans stared each other down, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Hedorah ended up being the first to go on the attack, charging towards its reptilian foe. The two collided and began to grapple with one another, each monster uppercutting the other with their fist as their struggle took them from one end of the factory to the other. A powerful blow from Godzilla caused ooze to burst up from the Smog Monster's body like a geyser of blood, but when the Monster King attempted to follow up with a blast of his atomic breath, Hedorah tackled him, causing the ray to fire harmlessly into the sky. With a headbutt from its large, bulbous cranium, Hedorah knocked Godzilla to the ground. Pressing its advantage, Hedorah began to spray the fallen Godzilla with its sulfuric acid mist, corroding the reptile's left eye.

Godzilla retaliated with a pair of kicks that knocked Hedorah back into a series of power lines, causing their electricity to surge through the creature's slimy body, partially paralyzing it. By the time Hedorah was finally able to get back to its feet, it was too late - Godzilla had done the same. Charging his atomic breath, Godzilla fired it the Smog Monster, scoring a direct hit. Reeling back from the blast, Hedorah let out one last cry before perishing in a mushroom cloud of fire and smoke.

Powers / Weapons
Sulfuric Acid Mist

Sulfuric acid mist

Hedorah's main ability, it could emit a spray of deadly sulfuric acid mist from the tube-like appendage sticking out from just beneath its head.

This mist was corrosive enough to be instantly lethal to smaller lifeforms such as human beings. It also completely corroded Godzilla's left eye and the flesh around it when spraying him in the face. In addition, a tower near Godzilla's head was seen to corrode and wilt as a result of the mist.

Sludge Discharge

Sludge Discharge

Hedorah could launch streams of sludge from its body in large spurts.

Just how toxic this sludge was is unknown, as the monster never used it against Godzilla, only doing so while attacking the oil refinery and in response to feeding from the smokestack.

Pollution Absorption

Pollution Absorption

The aptly named Smog Monster was capable of consuming pollution in any form in order to increase its size and strength.

Hedorah started feeding on the noxious fumes emanating from the factory's smokestack, but was interrupted by Godzilla before it could absorb too much.



When Godzilla knocked Hedorah into the power lines, the resulting electrical current paralyzed the slimy creature as it coursed through its body, and judging by the sparks it also seemed to ignite various chemicals or substances within the monster. It kept Hedorah occupied long enough for Godzilla to recuperate and charge his atomic ray.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed by suit actor Hikaru Yoshida, utilizing the Hedorah suit from Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).
  • Hikaru Yoshida mentioned on Twitter that he considered playing Hedorah in a manner similar to that of the Showa incarnation as seen in Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971), whose movements he referred to as "slimy and eerie." However, after speaking with director Kazuhiro Nakagawa, he opted for a performance that featured more "monster-like movements," since this was the "Final Wars version." He also wanted to make sure the suit acting would be clear to see even for people that might be watching the short on smaller mobile devices.
  • In the behind the scenes featurette, it is shown that green light and sparks were added to Hedorah's death explosion to signify all the toxic chemicals being released by the Smog Monster dying in such a manner. Unfortunately, this green light can't be made out in the final version of the short due to the sunset lighting of the shot and the amount of smoke generated by the pyrotechnics.
  • Despite using the same suit as Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), this Hedorah shares no continuity with that film's version of the character.