Hawk ホーク [Monsterverse]

Hawk [Monsterverse]

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Skull Island Episode 3 - What's Up Croc Animal (2023); Skull Island Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 7

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Born in the hostile ecosystem of Skull Island, the Hawk monster choose another path than most denizens of the land. By allying itself with the island's protector - Kong - the Hawk monster bestowed the guardian its keen senses. With it's aerial supremacy and keen eye sight, the Hawk monster regularly spotted offerings for Kong or, in the case of a mauled Sker Buffalo, detected unwanted carnivores within the fragile ecosystem.

Hawk [Monsterverse]This symbiotic bond extended to combat where the Hawk monster proved capable in assisting Kong against the Killer Chameleon scourge that awakened upon the island. After saving Kong's human ally, a Chameleon brazenly latched onto the avian; however, in a show of cunning and confidence, the Hawk monster accepted the reptile's aggression. The crimson creature quickly ascended into Skull Island's atmosphere while spinning at high speeds. Unable to maintain its grip on the avian, the killer plummeted to its death as the bird predicted.

After Kong vanquished the remainder of the horde, silencing this new peril, the Hawk monster proved its loyalty and trust by landing upon his arm. There was no doubt that it possessed the King's favor and that this relationship would be one of strength, well into the future.

Having fully grown in the years that had passed since the Kraken's awakening, the Hawk monster continued to aide in Kong's contested rule over the island. Scouting missions were conducted as the Hawk monster watched over a new shipwrecked group of humans. Offerings to his King's reign continued as well, whether in the case of sustenance or to try and find a replacement for the female human companion that was lost.

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Even as a juvenile, the Hawk monster proved agile in the air. It was able to save Kong's human companion from a free fall and had sufficient strength to soar with a Killer Chameleon in its grasp without any loss in speed.

Background and Trivia
  • While there is no official name for this creature, executive producer and writer Brian Duffield nicknamed the creature "Hawk". This was noted in a Twitter post.