Godzilla ゴジラ [Godzilla Fest]

Godzilla [Godzilla Fest]

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Powers / Weapons

Atomic Ray; super regenerative power


Godzilla vs. Hedorah (2021); Gigan Attacks

Series // Godzilla Fest

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The toxic aberration that mankind called Hedorah was on the rampage, attacking an oil refinery for the the oil and fumes that were precious to the beast. But just as it began to consume the noxious fumes coming from the factory's smokestack, it found its meal interrupted by a fearsome roar, informing the Smog Monster that it was not welcome there. Turning around, Hedorah found itself faced with Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, and it was trespassing on Godzilla's domain.

For a moment, the two beasts stared each other down, each seemingly daring the other to attack first. Hedorah eventually obliged and rushed at its foe, but Godzilla didn't hesitate and ran to meet the sludgy creature, sending debris into the air as he tore through buildings to reach him. The two giants collided with each other and began trading blows. Godzilla nailed Hedorah across the face with a powerful uppercut from his left hand, only for the Smog Monster to mimic the tactic, hitting Godzilla with an uppercut of its own. When Hedorah tried to attack again, Godzilla stopped its attempt cold with another punch, following it up with a strong kick, sending the slimy beast staggering back. Grappling with his opponent, Godzilla landed another vicious blow, sending a geyser of sludge-like blood into the sky. Pushed back, Godzilla decided to retaliate with a blast of his atomic breath. He began charging the radioactive energy in his mouth, only for Hedorah to lunge forward and tackle him before he could release it, causing the blast to fire harmlessly into the sky. As Godzilla continued to struggle with the creature, his tail coming down and destroying another section of the refinery, Hedorah tackled him again, hitting him with a headbutt that sent the Monster King sprawling to the ground.

Godzilla [Godzilla Fest]Just as Godzilla began to get back up, Hedorah unleashed a cloud of sulfuric acid mist directly into his face. The damage caused by the mist was almost instant, corroding Godzilla's left eye, the flesh around it burnt until it was the color of charcoal. With a desperate kick, then another, Godzilla managed to force Hedorah away, knocking it into a series of power lines. As the electricity burned and paralyzed the oozing creature, Godzilla rose up to his feet, his dorsal fins brimming with power. Just as Hedorah managed get back up, Godzilla unleashed his atomic ray and hit his target dead on, destroying the Smog Monster in a huge explosion.

Godzilla watched as the fire burned. With Hedorah slain, the King of the Monsters was victorious. As the sun began to set, he turned away from the oil refinery and began making the long journey back to the ocean. By the time night had fallen, his eye had healed and he had reached Tokyo, oblivious to the humans that were watching him on his way home. But then something happened that he could not miss; a burst of blinding light high in the night sky, lightning crackling as another threat, another challenger, appeared. Emerging from the light came Gigan, an evil cyborg from the blackness of space. Descending from the dark sky, Gigan landed in Tokyo and readied his alien weaponry for battle.

Godzilla knew he was in for another fight. Deciding to end this one as soon as possible, he charged a blast of his atomic breath, firing it at the cyborg. To his complete shock, Gigan blocked the ray with his metallic hammer-claws, letting it detonate against them harmlessly. As if to mock the failure of Godzilla's ray, Gigan opened fire with one of his own, firing a laser beam from his forehead. The beam hit Godzilla hard, blasting him back. Furiously, Godzilla charged at his foe, only for Gigan to fire his laser a second time, then a third, blasting the reptile and the buildings around him. Despite the explosions, Godzilla pressed on, but as soon as he reached his foe, Gigan swung his right arm at him, slicing open Godzilla's cheek. The Monster King's rage only increased when he realized the cyborg standing before him had drawn blood. When Gigan swiped at him again, Godzilla ducked the attack and lunged at the space monster.

Furiously, the two titanic creatures grappled with one another, exchanging powerful blows over and over. Hand and claw met metallic hook as the beasts struggled against each other, inflicting severe damage to Tokyo in the process, with Gigan's claws slicing entire buildings in half. Grabbing hold of Gigan and spinning him around, Godzilla got the cyborg into position, then proceeded to strike his foe across the face with a powerful right hook. Stepping back, Gigan decided to retaliate with his laser once again, but this time the cannon merely groaned and sparked - Godzilla's fist had irreparably damaged the alien's laser. With his opponent's weapon broken, Godzilla lunged forward, but the extraterrestrial was infuriated. Rushing forward to meet Godzilla, Gigan activated the Universal Cutter located in his gut. Ensnaring Godzilla with his hammer-claws, Gigan pulled him into the rotary blade and let its teeth do their work. Godzilla cried out in agony as the Cutter tore through his flesh. Tossed aside by Gigan, Godzilla fell, crashing through an overpass and hitting the pavement below, a bloody gash decorating his torso from his neck to his stomach.

Beaten and bleeding, Godzilla lay among the rubble, his motions growing slower and weaker until he laid completely still. Coming over to survey his handiwork, Gigan looked over the fallen reptile before him. But as the cyborg raised his sickle arms and prepared to deliver the final blow, Godzilla sprang to life, reaching up with his arms and snatching Gigan's claws in midair. With Gigan recoiling in shock, Godzilla held on tight to his arms and forced himself back up, until he was standing on his feet once again. Despite Gigan's struggling, Godzilla's grip held firm until he was face to face with the alien cyborg, then began charging his atomic ray once again. This time, the space monster had no means of defending himself. Godzilla unleashed a radioactive blast directly into Gigan's face, sending the creature reeling backwards before falling over onto his back, exploding into a massive ball of fire.

For a moment, Godzilla stood still, waiting to make sure that the fight was truly over. He soon received confirmation as Gigan's scales began to fall from the sky like snowflakes. Rearing his head back and letting loose with a bellowing roar that could be heard for miles around, the King of the Monsters announced his victory.

Powers / Weapons
Atomic Ray

Atomic Ray

Radioactive energy released in the form of a beam-like blast from Godzilla's mouth, the atomic ray was the King of the Monsters' main and most powerful weapon.

Heralded by his dorsal fins glowing with a similar blue light, this ray was strong enough to kill most monsters in a single shot, and did exactly that to both Hedorah and Gigan. Despite its enormous power, however, it could still be blocked if one had the means to do so, such as Gigan with his crossed hammer-claw hands.

Super Regenerative Power

Super Regenerative Powers

Godzilla's nuclear-powered body possessed amazing regenerative abilities that it used to heal itself whenever the monster would receive an injury.

This power had far reaching feats, with Godzilla in hours completely healing his burned out left eye from Hedorah's sulfuric acid mist attack.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed in both shorts by suit actor Naoya Matsumoto, utilizing an "action suit" of Godzilla from Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).
  • In the behind the scenes featurette of Godzilla vs. Hedorah (2021), Matsumoto said that the suit used for Godzilla was even lighter than a promotional suit, and that it allowed for a much wider range of motion and was far more pleasant to act in as a result.
  • This Godzilla is technically the second to appear in the Godzilla Fest shorts, with the first appearing in Godzilla: Godzilla Fest Appearance in 2020. That Godzilla was meant to emulate the look of the suits seen in the 1990's films. However, the short ends with the suit actor removing the head of the suit to greet the audience. The short doesn't share the same narrative structure of Godzilla vs. Hedorah (2021) and the later shorts, nor does it share continuity with them.
  • Despite using the same suit as Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), this Godzilla shares no continuity with that film's version of the character.