Giant Squids 巨大イカ

Giant Squids
Giant Squids

Length : 60 meters
Width : 15 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Tar; tentacles


Godzilla: The Series Episode 2 - New Family - Part 2 (1998)


Sound Effect


In Jamaica, a new breed of mutants had appeared. Driven to the surface by an even larger beast, the Giant Squids began to feed on fish and human alike. Cocooning victims in tar and coating vast areas of the sea in their goo, the creatures grew the attention of the United States Army that was already searching for the second Godzilla. Believing this activity to be a new power of this new Godzilla, nobody was prepared for the ugly truth.

The newly formed H.E.A.T. Team arrived to investigate, but Craven and Elsie were captured by the squids. Locating them, Nick and the rest managed to rescue them but the Heat Seeker was attacked by a slew of squids. The cephalopods nearly managed to sink the research ship, but the unexpected arrival of Godzilla saved the day. The colossal mutation grabbed the squids in his jaws and claws. He tore them apart and blasted the squids with his green, atomic fire. The squids were incinerated. However, further research pointed out the true reason for their appearance: a new predator had invaded their ecosystem, driving them away. Now denied its food source, that predator would have no choice but to come on land for its next meal.

Powers / Weapons
Burrowing ability


The Giant Squids can generate a thick tar that can keep their prey alive for an extended period of time, even when submerged underwater. This tar will slowly absorb the nutrients and electrolytes from the victim’s body until completely drained. Once done, the tar will be consumed and the absorbed nutrients given to the squids.

Clubbed tail


Like the smaller cephalopods, the squids are armed with numerous constricting tentacles. These tentacles can be used to grasp prey and can constrict with enough strength to break boats.

Background and Trivia
  • In Godzilla 1954-1999 Super Complete Works (ISBN 4091014704), their Japanese name is listed as "Giant Squid" (巨大イカ - Kyodai Ika).
  • On the domain from around 1998, in addition to providing their length and width, they were classified under the "Anomalies" category.
  • Appear as enemy monsters in the Game Boy Color games Godzilla: The Series and Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars.