Giant Mutant Rats ミュータント・ネズミ

Giant Mutant Rats
Giant Mutant Rats

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Godzilla: The Series Episode 6 - Cat and Mouse (1998); Godzilla: The Series Episode 15, Episode 16


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Just a few short months after Godzilla’s rampage in New York City, a new breed of terror crept out of the darkness of the sewers. Sightings of monstrous rats began to be reported, prompted the H.E.A.T. team to investigate. To make matters worse, Godzilla could sense these unnatural creatures in his territory and was quickly on the hunt. With the city acting as the map for this dangerous game of cat and mouse, the situation became even more complicated when Major Hicks and the United States army and a trio of “professional” hunters began to search for the giant rodents and nuclear reptile.

Soon, the H.E.A.T. team became separated and Nick, Monique and the trio of hunters were captured by the rodents. Instead of being devoured outright, the mortals were taken to an underground nest where the rats thrived in dozens of numbers. The creatures began to move in, but suddenly Godzilla burst into the nest. He blasted the rodents with his atomic fury, incinerating many of the beasts.

As the humans escaped the nest, Godzilla began to dig back into the ground and created a tunnel that led into the Hudson River. The water began to flood the tunnel and then the nest, eradicating the rest of the monstrous rats just as Major Hicks, Audrey, and the others found the stranded rest. Or so everyone thought…

One monstrous rat managed to survive and was soon placed under the control of the Leviathan aliens during their invasion of the Earth. The rodent was seen scurrying about the larger mutations on Site Omega, but wasn’t deployed to any major city, possibly do to its smaller stature compared to beasts like King Cobra and C-Rex. Whatever happened to the rat following the closure of the invasion remains a mystery.

Powers / Weapons


While the Giant Mutant Rats displayed no extraordinary powers, their claws are sharp enough to allow them to cling to a rampaging Godzilla and they displayed enough speed to outrun a motor vehicle.

Background and Trivia
  • In Godzilla 1954-1999 Super Complete Works (ISBN 4091014704), its Japanese name is "Mutant Rat" (ミュータント・ネズミ - Myutanto Nezumi), though its name is also listed in English as "Mutant Sewer Rat".
  • In the show, there are three types of Giant Mutant Rats: a smaller variant with large teeth, a medium-sized variant with red skin, and a much larger variant pictured at the top of the page. The third is also the only one to appear in any episode outside of their Episode 6 debut.
  • On the domain from around 1998, it went under the name "Giant Mutant Rat" and was classified under the "Anomalies" category.
  • Appear as enemy monsters in the 2000 Game Boy Color game, Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars.