Cyber Godzilla サイバー・ゴジラ

Cyber Godzilla
Cyber Godzilla

Height : 60 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Radioactive fire breath; high-tech missile launchers; reflector dish; adept swimmer


Godzilla: The Series Episode 16 - Monster Wars - Part 2 (1999); Godzilla: The Series Episode 17


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As the ultimate weapon for their invasion of Earth, the Leviathan aliens had taken the body of the original Godzilla that attacked New York and resurrected it, using their advanced technology to fit it with armor and weapons, even replacing its right arm with a cybernetic replica. When Godzilla arrived to save Nick from the cyborg, he immediately understood his connection to the beast and left Nick for his true parent, and the two swam to Site Omega together, Godzilla now under the invader’s control.

Cyber GodzillaWhen the invasion began, Cyber Godzilla was sent to destroy Tokyo, making short work of the military forces that attacked him. When H.E.A.T. destroyed the Leviathan aliens' mind control device, Cyber Godzilla temporarily shut down, but was soon back in action. It returned to Site Omega to safeguard its masters from the human resistance and rebelling monsters. Soon, it was challenged by the Giant Bat. The fight was short, however. When the winged predator tried using its sonic attack, Cyber Godzilla quickly reflected it back at it, rendering the bat unconscious.

However, Godzilla was freed from his bonds as well and arrived to lend a hand in the defeat of the extraterrestrials. Choosing Nick as his parent over the undead machine, Godzilla betrayed its former masters and a war of the reptiles unfolded with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance. Blow after blow and beam after beam was traded, but the organic Godzilla managed to gain an upper hand. As the fight went into the shoreline, Godzilla tackled its undead relative and began to bite away at its chest cavity, ripping away its reflector chest and tearing out mouthfuls of circuitry. Its unnatural innards gutted, Cyber Godzilla quickly shut down and the alien warlords called for a total retreat.

Powers / Weapons
Radioactive fire breath

Radioactive fire breath

From its mouth, Cyber Godzilla can launch a concentrated stream of atomic energy. Unlike the second generation, this beam is colored blue instead of green but still packs enough force to destroy buildings and vehicles alike in single sweeps.

High-tech missile launchers

High-tech missile launchers

Loaded onto its spines by the Leviathan aliens, the cyborg is equipped with a total of eight energy cannons capable of launching explosive blasts in rapid succession. These seemed to be its primary weapon of choice.

Reflector dish

Reflector dish

Concealed within its chest cavity, the cybernetic mutant is armed with a circular dish that it can use to redirect sonic-based attacks back at their source. This dish was useful at redirecting the Giant Bat's sonic attack, but it's unknown if it could do the same with more energy-based attacks such as Godzilla's atomic ray.

Hallucinogenic toxic gas

Adept swimmer

An ability kept from its time as an organic creature, Cyber Godzilla was still able to swim at remarkable speeds and seemingly swam from Japan to the South Pacific in a matter of hours.

Background and Trivia
  • Its English name is commonly spelled as either "Cyber Godzilla" or "Cyber-Godzilla" in books and other merchandise, while in Godzilla 1954-1999 Super Complete Works (ISBN 4091014704), its Japanese name is spelled both with and without an interpunct on certain pages (サイバー・ゴジラ and サイバーゴジラ).
  • Appears as the final boss in the 2000 Game Boy Color game, Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars. Interestingly, it is referred to with female pronouns by the human characters.
  • Its blue atomic breath and invading of Tokyo are likely references to the Japanese iteration of Godzilla, while the concept of a cybernetic Godzilla could have also been inspired by Mechagodzilla.
  • Was to appear in the cancelled Trendmasters Godzilla: The Series toy line. Prototypes of the figure were still produced, which can be seen in several pictures provided by Jonathan Shyman.
  • The height stat of 60 meters (197 feet) is a rough estimate found using a monster size comparison grid from Trendmasters' Godzilla: The Series Style Guide, courtesy of Jonathan Shyman. The circles on Cyber Godzilla's chest and near its elbows and knees are also referred to as "oval units".