Cryptocleidus クリブトクレディアス


Height : 60 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Adept swimmer


Godzilla: The Series Episode 7 - Leviathan (1998); Godzilla: The Series Episode 16, Episode 17


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For millions of years, the Leviathan spaceship remained undiscovered at the bottom of the sea. Guarding the vessel, a monstrous pair of Cryptocleidus roamed the waters around it. When the H.E.A.T. team arrived to investigate the source of a mysterious tachyon signal, they were attacked by one of the undersea reptiles. The monster came close to destroying the small submersible, but the arrival of Godzilla saved the day. The giants battled while the humans continued on their journey, eventually reaching the source and uncovering the ugly truth that the aliens sought invasion.

After destroying the spaceship, the team managed to escape in a small pod. However, the pair of long necked giants moved in. Once again, however, Godzilla interfered. This time there would be no escape. The King of the Monsters battled both prehistoric titans underwater. Despite being outnumbered, Godzilla held his own and quickly evened the odds after burying one under countless tons of rock in an ambush attack. With just one dinosaur remaining, Godzilla was able to make quick work of it and sent it into total retreat. Unfortunately, the Cryptocleidus would again fall into the cunning hands of the extraterrestrial threat when the invasion kicked into overdrive.

It was summoned to Site Omega during the beginning of the all-out war where it once again crossed paths with Randy and Monique as they followed the Giant Bat. Thanks to some quick thinking on Randy’s part, they tricked the bat into attacking the aquatic beast. The titans drew battle against one another, but not for very long. The aliens separated them and ordered both of them to resume their journey to the base of operations.

Once united with the rest of the enslaved mutations, the Cryptocleidus was given its mission: destroy Hong Kong. The prehistoric reptile arrived at the dead of night and began ravaging the bay area. Battleships were deployed, but no amount of firepower could seemingly stop it as it tore down skyscrapers. Thankfully, back on Site Omega, H.E.A.T. managed to destroy the aliens’ control device and free the monsters. Its bonds broken, the Cryptocleidus turned on its previous overlords. Snapping at the alien spaceships, the monster was unfortunately overpowered by the aliens when they brought out their most powerful weaponry. Gigantic starships fired a trio of beams at the reptile, plunging it to its death at the bottom of the bay.

Powers / Weapons
Adept swimmer

Adept swimmer

Being a variation of the prehistoric, aquatic reptile of the same name, the Cryptocleidus are excelled swimmers and can survive in extreme depths.

Background and Trivia
  • The height stat of 60 meters (200 feet) is a rough estimate found using a monster size comparison grid from Trendmasters' Godzilla: The Series Style Guide, courtesy of Jonathan Shyman.
  • Appears as a boss monster in the 2000 Game Boy Color game, Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars.
  • On the domain from around 1998, the monster was classified under the "Anomalies" category. Its name was also spelled either "Cryptocleidus" or "Cryptcledius", the latter likely being a misspelling.