Tsunojiras ツノジラス [Millennium]

Tsunojiras [Millennium]

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Powers / Weapons

Monster spawn; size alteration


Go! Godman (2008)

Series // Millennium

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Erupting from beneath an abandoned town, Tsunojiras went on a rampage through the vicinity. However, its presence stirred the summoning of a superhero from a bygone past, with Godman prepared to confront the reptilian creature. Using its bull-like horns, Tsunojiras charged at the red and white hero, who avoided its reckless stampede. The wild beast clumsily fell on its face, getting back up and charging again without hesitation.

When Godman avoided the attack, Tsunojiras was quick to press the attack by kicking the heroic giant. Keeping him on the ground, Tsunojiras held the temporary advantage over Godman, that was until the hero of justice heard the pleas of a bystander who’s faith kept him going. Able to push back the reptilian brute, Godman used the God-Crush to knock the beast over and gained some distance. Using the God-Sparks, Godman was able to quickly finish off the fight. However, from the many pieces scattered across the town, it became clear the fight wasn’t over...

Powers / Weapons
Monster spawn

Monster spawn

Upon being blown up by Godman’s God-Sparks, the leftover chunks reformed into human-scaled monsters. Among the known monsters spawned from this strange ability are Gaira and Shilarji. Though other pieces are seen scattered across the city, it is never shown if they produced other monsters.


Size alteration

Tsunojiras is seemingly able to alter its own size, with a second Tsunojiras growing from human-sized to giant-sized and vice-versa. However, this ability goes unused during the events of the special, instead displaying this power in the end-credits montage.

Background and Trivia
  • Portrayed by Hirohisa Nagai during the movie, while producer Nobuhiko Ishii portrays the monster during the end credits segment.
  • Reuses the roar of the monster Baragon from Frankenstein vs. Baragon (1965).