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Tokage Oni
  Powers/Weapons: Constricting tongue; extraordinary jumper
First Appearance: Dororo (2007)
Series:  (Distributed)  


This lizard-like demon relied primarily on brute force to attack its victims, forgoing the cloak and dagger approach of its brethren. Its primary attack was to leap into the air and land on its prey, a devastating strike given that its much larger than a human being. With its target weakened, the armless lizard would then use its long tongue to constrict its foe and eventually swallow them. This means of attack almost worked against Hyakkimaru, but was foiled thanks to the efforts of Dororo who stabbed the creature in the eye with her blade. Given a momentary break, Hyakkimaru used this chance to slash off the creature's tongue before diving into its belly and cutting his way out in order to kill the monster. Oddly enough, despite no human appearance, the demon was one of the 48 who had ravished the body of Hyakkimaru as a child.