Sker Buffalo スケル・バッファロー

Sker Buffalo
Sker Buffalo

Length : 13 meters
Mass : 22 tons

Powers / Weapons



Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Series // MonsterVerse


Native to Skull Island, the Sker Buffalo is a largely docile inhabitant of the South Pacific isle. As a survival mechanism, the creature has evolved to be amphibious. In fact, the creature will stay submerged for days at a time, grazing on nearby vegetation. In this state the creature's back will often be exposed, although appears like an atoll. This can attract birds to land on the exposed area, complimenting the natural camouflage.

Sker BuffaloDespite this adaptation, though, the species still often ventured on land to graze. This places the animal in danger from predators, notably the Skullcrawlers. Although the Sker Buffalo is dangerous when threatened, prone to charging attackers, it lacks the offensive skills to fight off Skullcrawlers. As a result, the animals have come to depend on the island's guardian, King Kong, to save them from certain dangers local to the area.

In 1973, though, Skull Island was host to foreign threats. Passing through the fierce weather system, a squadron of UH-1 Iroquois helicopters visited the island. These machines were ferrying members of the Sky Devils military unit along with personnel from Monarch and Landsat. As part of the group's experiments, the helicopters dropped explosives on the area. This activity endangered the local wildlife and attracted the attention of King Kong. Consequently, the island guardian assaulted the crafts to halt the bombing. In a brutal battle, the giant ape downed the helicopters, leaving the survivors to venture on foot.

Stuck in fractured groups trying to find one another, a party of survivors ventured toward a lake on the island. They got close enough to the water, though, to disturb the Sker Buffalo grazing there. The gigantic bovid walked toward the shore to investigate. James Conrad, a tracker the group had hired, advised against moving. Standing relatively motionless, the group was observed by the mammoth buffalo. The creature lost interest, though, and left the survivors alone.

Later, the island's guardian, King Kong, came across a deceased Sker Buffalo. The creature was killed by a Skullcrawler, who was feasting on it. As Kong attempted to avenge the giant buffalo, though, the ape was ambushed by a second Skullcrawler. Despite superior, numbers, King Kong proved the clear victor. The giant ape killed both of the creatures, tossing them to the ground and crushing the head of one.

Eventually, near the Iwi village, Mason Weaver, a photojournalist for the group, discovered another Sker Buffalo. The animal, wounded, was trapped under a downed UH-1 Iroquois helicopter. Weaver fruitlessly attempted to move the object to free the beast. However, Kong arrived, effortlessly lifting the copter with one hand. The rescued giant buffalo then slowly walked away, demonstrating its immense faith in the island's guardian.

Powers / Weapons


The Sker Buffalo demonstrated no extraordinary abilities. It does have very large horns, though, which are fused to the base of the skull. These could be used to ward off threats while charging.

The giant mammal was also ambhiobious, able to stay under water for days at a time.

Background and Trivia
  • While promoting Kong: Skull Island, Warner Bros. Japan released stats surrounding the monsters of Skull Island. This included the Sker Buffalo's length and weight ranges. It also mentions the horn length of the monster, which was 19 meters.
  • The official, "viral" site Discover Skull Island has a cryptozoology entry for the Sker Buffalo. The cryptozoological classification of the creature there is "Skerry Bubalis". The overall classification of the water mammal is Megafauna, sub-division Bovidae. The site also mentions the creatures as being herbivorous.