Shilarji シラージ [Millennium]

Shilarji [Millennium]

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Powers / Weapons

Size alteration


Go! Godman (2008)

Series // Millennium

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Brought to life from a skin slab of Tsunojiras, Shilarji morphed into existence and sought to attack the humans in its line of sight. But before it could lay a finger on them, Godman shrunk down and intervened, engaging in combat against the hairy creature. This allowed the humans to escape while Godman kept the hairy mutant occupied. But when the second spawn of Tsunojiras, Gaira, threatened them, Godman stopped his fight and protected the humans from the vicious gargantua instead.

Though Godman held his own, when Shilarji entered the fray, the two primal hominids were able to overwhelm the warrior of justice, knocking one of his bracelets off in the process. Shilarji began to strangle the red-donned hero, who was coming close to death’s door. But when Mika Ayase gained the courage to retrieve and toss the bracelet back at Godman, he was able to push back against the duo temporarily.

With the abrupt appearance of Greenman, Shilarji confronted the green hero first, but was easily out-maneuvered. Tossed into Gaira, Shilarji and his ally were blown to smithereens by Godman’s supersonic waves, ending their reign of terror for the time being.

Powers / Weapons
Size alteration

Size alteration

Shilarji is seemingly able to alter its own size, growing from human-sized to giant-sized and vice-versa. However, this ability goes unused during the events of the special, relegating its appearance in the end-credits montage.

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