Scylla スキュラ


Height : 103 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Temperature Manipulation; Poisonous Bacteria


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019); Godzilla vs. Kong (stock footage)

Series // MonsterVerse


A large, cephalopod-like beast, Titanus Scylla had existed since at least the days of Ancient Greece, written about in texts from the time period as a sea monster. Eventually discovered by MONARCH, the organization kept the Titan dormant and contained within Outpost 55 located in Sedona, Arizona.

With the war between Godzilla and King Ghidorah coming to an unexpected end thanks to the United States military's Oxygen Destroyer, the three-headed monster used the opportunity to seize the throne and claim the position of Alpha among all the Titans of Earth. Letting out an unearthly cry that was heard across the globe, King Ghidorah summoned the massive beasts from their slumber. Scylla was one of these Titans, breaking free from the outpost that held her. Under the false king's orders, the aquatic creature attacked Phoenix, tearing into buildings with her spindly legs. After the Titan's rampage went on for several hours, the ORCA - a device capable of simulating the audio signature of an Alpha Titan - was used to bring the global assault to a sudden end. Sensing that the current Alpha was in need of assistance, Scylla began to make her way towards Boston as King Ghidorah once again engaged Godzilla in battle.

By the time Scylla arrived, however, Godzilla had already emerged the victor, slaying the three headed monster and assuming his rightful place as the new Alpha. Scylla acknowledged Godzilla's new position and bowed to the King of the Monsters.

Some time after the events in Boston, Scylla found herself going mad from hunger. She sensed and sought out a nuclear warhead that had been lost to the ocean floor that was currently in the process of being retrieved. Coming into conflict with the United States Coast Guard, Scylla did not back down from her prize. Before long, Godzilla appeared, having sensed the struggle between man and Titan and realizing the danger the warhead posed. He let out a fearsome roar, ordering Scylla to stand down. This time, the ancient sea monster was not as compliant as she had been once before, unwilling to let even the Alpha stand between her and her meal. She went on the attack and crawled onto Godzilla, stabbing him with her sharp legs and ensnaring his head with her tendrils. As they fought, they crashed into a coastal gas plant, causing an enormous explosion. With the two Titans surrounded by fire, Godzilla struck Scylla with his tail, sending her skidding across the ocean's surface. The blow was enough to knock the fight out of her and Scylla disappeared into the depths, far faster than Godzilla underwater.

Later, as Godzilla sought a place to rest after his duties as Alpha left him weary, he found a location that allowed him to sense and communicate with all his fellow monsters around the globe. Knowing that the world could not support so many active Titans all at once, Godzilla ordered them back to their places of rest, commanding them to sleep.

Powers / Weapons
Temperature Manipulation

Temperature Manipulation

Courtesy of the news reel at the end of the film, Titanus Scylla's presence is said to have helped slow down the melting of the polar ice caps. However, whether Scylla accomplishes this via a special ability she possesses or something passive such as an extremely low body temperature is unknown.

Temperature Manipulation

Poisonous Bacteria

Scylla, a scavenger by nature, feeds on the carcasses of dead Titans and, in the process of absorbing the nutrients, creates a deadly bacteria that can poison water sources. It is because of this that MONARCH disposes of the bodies of fallen Titans as quickly as possible.

Background and Trivia
  • Scylla appears in the 2021 Legendary Comics prequel comic Godzilla: Dominion, written by Greg Keyes, which is in the MonsterVerse continuity. This is also where it was revealed that the Titan is female.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization incorrectly sites Scylla as having eight legs like a spider, when in fact the Titan only has six.
  • Legendary Tweeted a bio of Scylla during the MonsterVerse WatchAlong event. This revealed the height of the monster, 341 feet (103 meters), as well as the poisonous trait of the Titan. It also revealed that she possesses the ability to shed her shell like a hermit crab, using rocks or ship wreckage to form makeshift armor until she can grow a new shell.
  • Again in the bio Tweeted by Legendary, it was stated that MONARCH had found evidence connecting Scylla to Easter Island which suggested that the island's famed mo'ai statues may have been originally intended as scarecrows to keep Scylla away from their shores.