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Sawara's Followers
Height: Indeterminable
Mass: Indeterminable
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; able to enter another individual's body and take it over
First Appearance: Onmyoji (2001)
Series:  Millennium  


Deceased soldiers who worshipped the dead prince Sawara and whose lives were filled with hatred. The creatures are summoned from their resting place by the head Onmyoji teacher of Kyoto, Doson, after he has merged with the deceased prince Sawara. The creatures appear in a phantasmal form, and take flight over the city until they spy an opposing army deployed to protect the capital. Quickly the followers descend on the helpless soldiers, entering the bodies of those closest to them, and making up for more than half of the original troop's rank. The demons quickly attack the remaining soldiers, and manage to easily fight back the forces of Kyoto as Doson enters the capital unopposed.