Rodan ラドン [MonsterVerse]

Rodan [MonsterVerse]

Height : 46 meters
Wingspan : 265 meters
Mass : 39,043 tons

Powers / Weapons

Flight; geothermal armor; internal combustion system; cyclonic drift streams


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019); Godzilla vs. Kong (stock footage)

Series // MonsterVerse


After receiving an unsettling video call from Dr. Emma Russell, one of their own scientists gone rogue, MONARCH was able to track her signal to Isla De Mara, Mexico, specifically their own Outpost 56, built on top of the island's volcano. Just as MONARCH realized Dr. Russell's signal had been redirected from another location, the doctor activated her device the ORCA, as well as shut down Outpost 56's pyrostasis containment systems. As the nearby villagers attempted to evacuate, a loud cry could be heard from within the volcano.

Outpost 56 suddenly exploded as Titanus Rodan pulled himself up from within the volcano's crater. Attacked by MONARCH fighter jets, Rodan gave chase as they lead him out towards the sea and away from Isla De Mara, though the destructive drift streams generated by his flight decimated the unfortunate village below. Rodan gained altitude as he chased after the fighter jets and MONARCH's U.S.S. Argo, whose crew had realized that the Titan known as Monster Zero was zeroing in on Rodan's location and decided to pit the two creatures against one another. Unfortunately, although the fighter jets did their best, scoring several direct hits, the Fire Demon's supersonic speed and maneuverability were too much, and he wiped the squadron out one by one until only the Argo was left. Flying at its top speed, MONARCH's flying marvel headed directly into the storm being generated by Monster Zero. Rodan was about to snatch the craft in his talons when he suddenly realized he was about to encounter much larger prey.

Rodan [MonsterVerse]With the Argo quickly diving back down towards the ocean, Rodan and Monster Zero collided. Though at first taken back by the three-headed monster's mass, the Fire Demon did not surrender, tearing into his foe with his beak and talons. Unfortunately, while Rodan put up a valiant effort, it was not meant to be. Monster Zero's two outer heads held onto his wings while the dragon's central head fired a gravity beam into Rodan at point blank range, knocking the beast out of the sky and sending him crashing into the sea. Shortly after, when Monster Zero had emerged the victor of his fight with Godzilla due to the United States military's Oxygen Destroyer and assumed the role of the planet's Alpha Titan, Rodan - having recovered from his fight with the dragon - approached, the first of Earth's Titans to acknowledge the monster's superiority and submit to his rule.

With the other Titans not yet having caught up with Monster Zero, whose true name was Ghidorah, that left Rodan as the only one at his side. Together, the two of them laid waste to Washington, D.C., with Rodan taking out aircraft as they tried to approach and attack his alpha master.

When Dr. Russell's daughter Madison attempted to set things right by using the ORCA in Fenway Park to stop the attacking Titans, Ghidorah immediately honed in on the signal. Godzilla arrived soon thereafter and the two powerful creatures began to do battle once again. When Ghidorah eventually found himself outmatched by the combined might of Godzilla and Mothra, the three-headed monster called out for his own flying companion. Rodan broke through the clouds and began attacking Godzilla's lepidopteran ally, snatching Mothra in his talons. As their larger teammates did battle, the two flying Titans tore into one another, crashing to the ground and knocking aircraft from the sky. Rodan finally sent Mothra hurtling backwards into a skyscraper, pinning her against it with his talons. Though a swipe from her scythe-like arms momentarily deterred him, he was back on the attack in an instant, pinning her down once again just as she'd reached the top of the building. He tried to snap his beak shut on her face, but she managed to move her head aside. A second attempt failed as well. Aiming directly for the center of her face, Rodan went in for the kill... only to find himself impaled by Mothra's deadly stinger, which had entered through his left shoulder and burst out his back. Releasing her grip on him, Mothra shoved the pteranodon from the building. Hitting the ground, Rodan writhed in agony, effectively removed from the fight.

Thanks to Mothra's sacrifice and Godzilla's unyielding power, King Ghidorah had been vaporized down to his very last atom, leaving Godzilla as the ultimate victor in their eons long conflict. Mere moments after Ghidorah had been destroyed, the monsters he had called finally began to arrive. One by one, Behemoth, Scylla, the Queen MUTO, and Methuselah gathered. Rodan, having recovered from Mothra's stinger, landed in front of Godzilla and roared in fury at him for slaying his master. But all it took was a single snarl from Godzilla and Rodan instantly reconsidered his actions, immediately bowing to the new Alpha Titan and King of the Monsters.

Some time after the events in Boston, Rodan was said to have begun nesting in a volcano just north of Fiji. Later, as Godzilla sought a place to rest after his duties as Alpha left him weary, he found a location that allowed him to sense and communicate with all his fellow monsters around the globe. Feeling that the Earth wouldn't be able to support the sheer number of active Titans that had been originally released by the ORCA and King Ghidorah incident, Godzilla decided to order the others to rest once again.

Powers / Weapons
Supersonic Flight


A pterosaur-like Titan, Rodan possesses the ability of flight. The creature is extremely maneuverable, able to dodge, dive, and spin through the air with the greatest of ease in order to avoid oncoming attacks and plan his own assaults.

Rodan's flight speed is high, though an exact speed isn't given. It is said by MONARCH to be in the supersonic range, above mach 1, which would make him faster than King Ghidorah.

Geothermal Armor

Geothermal Armor

Titanus Rodan's natural scales are extremely similar to rock, acting as armor which helps to contain the Titan's internal combustion system of magma-like blood. In addition, centuries of slumber within the Isla De Mara volcano has caused Rodan to become encrusted in a layer of volcanic sediment, creating a secondary 'skin' that not only toughens his armor even further, but also helps to camouflage the Fire Demon among mountains, volcanoes, or rock formations.

Internal Combustion System

Internal Combustion System

Rodan's body possesses an internal temperature of 1200° Celsius, which allows him to withstand the intense heat within his volcanic home, completely unaffected by its later eruption when Outpost 56 is destroyed.

Due to his body's temperature, Rodan's blood is essentially liquid magma, which can be seen when the Titan is stabbed by Mothra's stinger; the edges of the wound glow and fire escapes from within.

Cyclone Drift Streams

Cyclonic Drift Streams

Due to the supersonic speed Rodan flies at, combined with the tremendous force of him flapping his wings, extremely powerful drift streams are created, tearing through and laying waste to anything caught below as he flies overhead. These hurricane winds devastated the village near the Isla De Mara volcano due to Rodan simply passing by, ripping inhabitant, vehicle, and structure alike from the ground and pulling it along in his wake.

Background and Trivia
  • Though Godzilla: King of the Monsters marks Rodan's first physical appearance in the MonsterVerse, the first hint of the creature's existence comes in the form of a cave painting in the post credit sequence of Kong: Skull Island (2017).
  • Rodan's MONARCH Outpost is number 56, a reference to the year 1956 in which the original Rodan (1956) was released.
  • Though one of his titles, "the Fire Demon," is spoken in the film by Dr. Ilene Chen (Ziyi Zhang), he has another mentioned within his file on the official MONARCH website: "The One Born of Fire."
  • In jest, Michael Dougherty said in the film's audio commentary that he likes to consider this Rodan the offspring of the two original Rodans from Rodan (1956).
  • Also in the audio commentary, Dougherty theorized that Rodan would be capable of causing volcanic eruptions around the globe by dive bombing down into a volcano and flying through the hollow Earth, triggering multiple eruptions as he passed beneath volcano after volcano.
  • In the film's end credits, Rodan is said to have been played by "Himself."