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Red King
Height: 45 meters
Mass: 20,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: None
First Appearance: Ultraman (1967)
Other Appearances: Unheard Swan Song (stock footage)
Series:  (Distributed)  


The Lawless Monster Zone, an island located somewhere in the Pacific. Four scientists entered this domain, but only one managed to survive the local wildlife. However, nothing that thrived on this remote island could compare to the mighty Red King. The monster proved his awesome might when he attacked Chandlar. The two monsters were sworn enemies, each wanting to prove their own dominance over the island. The white tyrant tore Chandlar's right arm straight out of its socket and chucked a rock at the fleeing foe. Magura observed the event; he knew what Red King had done and was terrified by the mere sight of this terror.

Meanwhile, the Science Patrol journeyed to the Lawless Monster Zone to locate the missing scientists. They encountered Red King before they landed, and the towering beast became enraged and pursued them without their knowledge. By the time that the small monster Pygmon had led most of the Science Patrol to the location of the last surviving scientist, Red King had caught up with them. Pygmon tried to distract Red King by dancing like a chicken, but alas, his attacker merely kicked a few boulders his way, killing the defenseless creature. The balloon that was used to track the creature detached. By the time it had reached Red King's face, one of the members of the patrol fired their gun, stunning Red King for a short time. It was just enough to cause a distraction as Ultraman appeared on the scene. The monster tried to defend his territory from the alien hero, but Ultraman was too much for him. Red King was tossed around like a rag doll! The abomination eventually fell unconscious, losing the battle. The Science Patrol and the last surviving scientist managed to get off the island, but Red King would return one day...