Pygmon ピグモン

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Height: 1 meter
Mass: 40 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: None
First Appearance: Ultraman (1967)
Series:  (Distributed)  


The Lawless Monster Zone;, an area of Japan of which man has never known until the 1960s. It's an island full of deadly creatures of various shapes and sizes. However, the only one that wasn't a threat was the small creature: Pygmon. When the Science Patrol came to the island, searching for four missing scientists, they encountered Pygmon. Believing it to be a threat, one of them shot at the creature. Fleeing in terror, Pygmon ran away, for he did not wish to fight. Unknown to the monster, however he was tracked with a marking balloon on his back. The Science Patrol members caught up to Pygmon and found one of the missing scientists. The scientist revealed to the science Patrol that his other three colleagues went off into the jungle, presumably killed by the Sunflan in the area. The island's dominant creature, Red King, made himself known as he attacked the Science Patrol by causing a rock slide. Pygmon tried to distract Red King by luring him away; however, one of the rocks Red King kicked hit Pygmon, killing him in the process. His assistance to the Science Patrol would not soon be forgotten.