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Primitive Mothra

Length: 15 meters
Mass: 2,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Web attack

First Appearance: Rebirth of Mothra III (1998)

Series:  Mothra (Heisei)  


Thrust 130 million years into Earth's past through Moll's sacrifice, Mothra Leo intended to end the King of Terror's reign once and for all while the beast was in weaker state. However, Cretaceous King Ghidorah proved to be a far more formidable foe than Leo had anticipated. As the golden hued dragon appeared to be moving in to deliver the final blow, Mothra mustered up the last of his strength and carried the King of Terror off, dropping the foul demon into a volcano. Yet, as Ghidorah was vanquished, Mothra's life force was starting to dwindle. As Leo is on the brink of death, miraculously three Primitive Mothra arrive on the scene. Spying their injured descendant, the three ancient Mothras begin to construct a cocoon around Leo, acting as a time capsule to protect him in his badly damaged state and ensure that he survives to protect the world again if the need should ever arise.