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Length: 300 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Eight constricting necks
First Appearance: The Three Treasures (1959)
Series:  Showa  


Banished to the Earth for his mischievous ways, Prince Susano would soon make an unlikely name for himself near the River Hi in Uzumo. Orochi of Yamata, an eight-headed dragon with an insatiable appetite, had emerged from a nearby lake year after year to devour the seven siblings of Princess Kushinada. The moment was drawing near when she too would fall victim to the serpentine beast. Susano swiftly took charge of the situation, transmogrifying the princess into a humble wooden comb. Her parents were charged with the task of preparing eight vats of particularly potent sake. The trap was set...

... a fell wind blew, lightning crackled across night sky, and water heaved into the atmosphere like some sort of unnatural storm. The lake overtook its shores and the writhing many-headed wyrm slithered onto land to imbibe copious amounts of the unusually strong sake. That dreaded beast, said to cover eight valleys at once and also said to possess a stomach never devoid of blood, quickly fell into an alcohol-induced slumber and slept as peacefully as such a wretched creature could possibly be said to sleep.

Prince Susano approached, and an eerie glow of primal hatred beamed from the beady eyes of the eight-headed monstrosity once more. In its drunken stupor, it was lured into a tactical disadvantage. A gnarled, seemingly ancient tree stood between the prince and the dragon, and as deadly slashes rained down upon the once proud beast, it began to weaken. It's serpentlike body and eight tails were the last to show any signs of life. A final swipe revealed an unearthly golden glow within the creature, and the sword that was to be called Murakumo was recovered. It would be handed down throughout the ages to defend the country.

Meanwhile, Susano returned Princess Kushinada to her natural form and the two were soon thereafter wed. The defeat of Orochi of Yamata became the stuff of legends!