Mothra モスラ (Millennium, 2nd Generation)

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Mothra (2nd Generation)
Length: 36 meters
Wingspan: 108 meters
Mass: 12,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 3; hurricane winds from wings; reproduces asexually; can release scales from wings that will reflect energy attacks and explosions back on their source
Weakness: Scale attack accelerates the decay of her wings
First Appearance: Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003)
Series:  Millennium  


The tranquility of the bubbling clouds was suddenly shaken when an unseen force began to tunnel through the endless mass of vapor. Two F-15s were dispatched to intercept the unidentified flying object, but despite how hard the pilots tried, they could not identify exactly what was barreling through the sky. The two aircraft began to fire on the object when it wouldn't respond to their signals, but something strange occurred. The pilots suddenly heard singing, and in the chaos that followed, contact was lost with both of the jets.

Thirteen days later, the unidentified object landed near a cottage in Karuizawa. It brought with it two tiny fairies called the Shobijin. They were there to submit an ultimatum, and they chose Shin'ichi Chujo to deliver the following message to the rest of humankind: if the original Godzilla's bones, which were built inside the cyborg Kiryu, were not returned to the sea, the monster Mothra would declare war on civilization. If, however, the bones were returned to the sea and Godzilla still attacked, Mothra would protect the people. Outside the cottage, Shin'ichi witnessed the flight of the once unidentifiable object that had carried the fairies. The UFO was Mothra, the same creature that had attacked Tokyo 43 years earlier.

Shin'ichi Chujo traveled to Tokyo, where he warned Prime Minister Hayato Igarashi that the Kiryu project had to be abandoned. The Prime Minister, skeptical of Chujo's story and fearful of Godzilla's ever-present threat to the nation, believed that such a move would be suicide. Unfortunately, Godzilla was already beginning to make his presence known again. He killed a monstrous sea turtle named Kamoebas and destroyed a US nuclear submarine off the coast of Guam. The burly behemoth suddenly emerged at sea, and battle cruisers began to fire on the monstrosity as he continued along his predetermined path to Tokyo! The bustling metropolis was evacuated, and Godzilla began to push his way into the heart of the city. He was heading straight for the bones of his predecessor, locked within the mechanical dragon Kiryu!

Meanwhile, Shin'ichi's grandson, Shun Chujo, had rushed to his now abandoned school. Using an amulet that the Shobijin had left behind as a guide, he arranged a group of desks in the courtyard in a way that resembled a symbol significant to Mothra. When Shin'ichi finally found his grandson at the school, the young boy was just finishing his rendition of the symbol. A shadow darkened the courtyard momentarily, and in the sky, Mothra swam through the air like a majestic bird. She flew around Tokyo and her silhouette cast against the beautiful sunset. The guardian moth scraped Godzilla with her wing, and she began to create hurricane winds. Amidst the confusion of the swirling dust, Mothra grabbed Godzilla and built momentum as she dragged the nuclear menace through the city. She released her grip, and Godzilla was sent crashing into the ground. When Godzilla arose, Mothra again latched onto his head, but her ferocious foe chewed off one her legs with his razor-sharp teeth. The desperate moth began to release the scales from her wings, and she reflected Godzilla's thermonuclear ray back to its source. Unfortunately, Mothra's loss of scales would eventually cause the deterioration of her wings, and ultimately she would not be able to sustain lift. Godzilla again fired his breath as Mothra dodged, and the highly destructive beam left Tokyo Tower in ruins. Another thermonuclear ray suddenly damaged Mothra's right wing, and she fell to the ground, struggling to regain lift. As Godzilla approached the helpless creature to finish her off, Kiryu suddenly arrived. The massive monster and his cybernetic clone fought savagely, but after a long exchange of attacks, Kiryu found itself lying relatively helpless on the ground. When the machine was about to endure the force of Godzilla's ray, Mothra used some of her last ounces of strength to intercept the beam. With her left wing now injured, it appeared as though she could no longer regain lift. As she fell to the streets yet again, Kiryu managed to regain its composure and reenter the fray.

Finally, cavalry arrived in the form of Mothra's offspring. The larvae had very recently hatched from a mammoth egg, which Mothra had laid in the Bonin Islands weeks earlier. While one larva distracted Godzilla with its silk spray, the other began to communicate with Mothra. The larva that had faced Godzilla was grazed by the monster's breath, and its sibling rushed to assist. Both creatures returned to further communicate with their mother. Godzilla, however, was charging a nuclear ray in order to destroy Mothra and her offspring. The selfless, heroic guardian rose into the air and endured the full fury of the beam. Mothra erupted in flames and burst into a massive explosion. The now crimson eyes of the Mothra larvae were glowing with hatred for their enemy, for they craved retribution for this injustice...

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Mothra Larva(2nd Generation)
Length: 43 meters
Mass: 9,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Web attack; extraordinary jumper
First Appearance: Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003)
Series:  Millennium  


Early in the year 2004, Mothra secretly laid an egg within a volcano on Himago Island. Two Mothra larvae quickly grew within the shell of their protective orb, as the Shobijin sang their beautiful native song to awaken the guardian caterpillars. Finally, the colorful egg hatched, and four sapphire like eyes peered into their new environment. Crawling to the shore, the determined arthropods began to quickly push through the surf, for their destination was Tokyo. They had to assist their overwhelmed mother in the defeat of that despised demon, Godzilla.

As the two crawling creatures finally entered the urban sprawl of Tokyo, they separated. While one distracted Godzilla with its silk spray, the other approached its injured mother. The contemptible Godzilla fired his thermonuclear ray on the courageous larva that dared to face him, and the poor being was sent flying. When it regained its footing, it joined with its sibling. Godzilla prepared to fire another nuclear beam, which would completely annihilate Mothra and her young. However, the majestic moth wouldn't allow it, and she intercepted the flaming tunnel of radioactive plasma, sacrificing herself for her children. Mothra vanished in a blinding inferno, and this injustice fanned the flames of hatred and vengeance in her diminutive spawn. Their eyes became rubies of rage, and they pursued their mortal enemy to the capitol. The heartless horror again attempted to do away with the innocent insects, but luckily, humankind's anti-Godzilla weapon intervened. Kiryu, who had earlier received intense damage from its organic counterpart, was again operational. The bionic beast drilled into a wound that bulged from Godzilla's chest. It was a terrible scar that was still visible from their battle one year earlier. Exploiting this weakness, the cyclopean cyborg released an array of concentrated energy beams from its powerful maser cannons. The flowing energy continued to pierce through the chest wound of Kiryu's adversary, and it soon appeared as though Godzilla was losing his will to retaliate. Still seeking retribution, the Mothra larvae took advantage of the situation. They sprayed their soft silk at Godzilla, successfully wrapping their weakening foe in a snug cocoon. Godzilla, that once unstoppable nuclear disaster, was finally subdued.

All did not proceed exactly as predicted, however. Godzilla's roars of suffering had disturbed the soul of the original Godzilla, who anchored a deep bond with the bones used to create Kiryu. The mechanical monster began to disobey orders, as it restrained Godzilla and rocketed into the distance. It soared into the morning, carrying the defeated monster over the sea. Suddenly, Kiryu and Godzilla submerged into the Japan Trench, where they sank thousands of meters into the indigo vault of the watery abyss.

With the souls of the monsters finally at rest, the Mothra larvae and the Shobijin had finally finished their mission. They returned to their island home in peace.