Mother Longlegs バンブー・スパイダー

Mother Longlegs
Mother Longlegs

Length : 5-7 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Poisoned spurs; tendrils; extraordinary jumper; reproduces asexually


Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Series // MonsterVerse


On the north side of Skull Island, a towering class of arachnid lived. Called Mother Longlegs, due to being all-female, the creatures dwelled in the forests. The island's dense bamboo acted as a natural camouflage due to the spider's long, slender limbs. In fact, the species would often sit and wait for their target to unwittingly move below them. When this occurred, the creatures would then go on the attack to devour their prey.

In 1973, Skull Island found itself under siege. The Sky Devils military unit had started a campaign to shell the island with explosives. This was under the direction of Monarch, who were joined by Landsat employees. The goal was to get a seismic reading of the island... and also to flush out its larger inhabitants. The latter was successful, as the explosives summoned King Kong to the vicinity. Acting as the island's protector, the giant ape destroyed the helicopters. This resulted in many causalities, and also separated the parties.

Mother LonglegsOne group, on foot, found themselves in the island's bamboo jungle. Although moving cautiously, the group unknowingly walked under a Mother Longlegs. The spider wasted no time, springing its deathtrap. Quickly raising a leg, the arachnid stabbed a soldier through the mouth with it, skewering them. Rather than feast, though, the giant creature focused on eliminating the other humans. As they opened fire, the bamboo-like spider released its muscular tendrils. This grabbed one of the soldiers, dragging him up to the Mother Longlegs. Snapping its pincers menacingly, the arachnid prepared to feast.

Not wanting to hit the man being attacked, his companions focused on the beast's legs instead. Using their machetes, the group hacked at the appendages. The Mother Longlegs started to lose its footing, although kept up the assault. This included unsuccessfully trying to stab the soldiers with its legs. Eventually, the tendril ensnared soldier freed himself by cutting them. Out of the line of fire, the other troops laced the spider with gun shots. The bullets ripped through the main body of the Mother Longlegs, causing it to plummet to the ground. Badly injured but still alive, the coronal of the group approached the spider. Without hesitation, the man shot the arachnid multiple times in the head, killing it.

After the 1973 incident at Skull Island, Monarch later filed a report on the creatures. During this study, they found vascular bundles of woody xylem within the spider's legs. This discovery revealed that the Mother Longlegs are a hybrid. While predominately arachnid, they also featured flora characteristics. This is due to an abnormal infusion of its DNA with that of actual bamboo. Naturally, this had the beneficial side effect of helping with camouflage.

In 1995, another expedition visited the island. This time, their mission was kept in secret, with a small team venturing there. Unfortunately, the group was attacked, stranded and with heavy causalities. Although saved by a combination of King Kong and the Iwi natives, the group became fractured. Walter R. Riccio, a member of the party, had started to lose his mind. In his madness he became obsessed with the deity Kong that the island natives worshiped. His insanity reached such a level that he willingly destroyed the protective walls the natives had built, just to see if Kong would arrive to save them.

With those walls gone, the Mother Longlegs wasted little time in attacking the village. Three of the large spiders quickly descended on the now unprotected village. Using their legs, the spiders speared people with their poisoned spurs. Other members of the species used their tendrils to grab prey, drawing them toward their mouth for consumption. With the Iwi village in chaos, the lone surviving member of the expedition sought higher ground along with other natives. There they saw another, larger Mother Longlegs arrive. Using his gun, the survivor opened fire on it, attracting the huge Mother Longlegs' attention but not harming it. As the arachnid closed in for the kill, Kong arrived, slamming into the giant Mother Longlegs. Using his fists, the island guardian pummeled and killed the humongous spider.

The death of the giant Mother Longlegs did not go unnoticed. The three spiders that were attacking the village, along with a fourth that arrives, approached and surrounded the huge ape. Kong immediately went on the offensive, grabbing the nearest spider and ripping its body in half with his bare hands. The remaining Mother Longlegs were not intimidated, though, as another spider leaped at Kong from behind. King Kong, though, spotted the airborne spider before it could land on him and grabbed its body. With tremendous force, Kong tossed the spider, killing it on impact. The remaining two Mother Longlegs used their tendrils against the island guardian's forearm, only for Kong to swing his arm to send the spiders into the air. The giant ape finished the battle by grabbing the two spiders out of the air, smashing their bodies together to kill them. Beating his chest in victory, Kong surveyed the dead bodies of the Mother Longlegs all around him.

Powers / Weapons
Poisoned Spurs

Poisoned Spurs

The giant bamboo spider is equipped with eight spiked legs. These appendages were used to try and stab unsuspecting victims below.

Once struck, a poisoned spur would inject venom, immobilizing the target. The legs could also be used to suck on stabbed prey, absorbing nutrients from its pinned victims.



Although the creature's legs could suck on prey, it would also elect to consume others more directly. This was done by releasing muscular tendrils that would attach themselves to their target.

Once ensnared, the victim would be yanked off the ground and drawn toward the Mother Longlegs' open stomach to be consumed. Prey that were not incapacitated would suffer being attacked by the monster's pincers before being eaten.

Extraordinary Jumper

Extraordinary Jumper

Using their long appendages, the Mother Longlegs could leap incredible heights. In fact, they could reach elevations many times their own size. This ability could double as an attack, being used to leap and stab foes with added momentum from their descent.

When assaulting King Kong, a Mother Longlegs tried to pounce on the island guardian with its sharp legs. Although surprising the huge ape, Kong was able to deflect it by grabbing the spider's midsection.


Reproduces Asexually

Mother Longlegs was an all-female species of giant spider. To survive, the huge arachnids had developed the ability to self reproduce.

This power was not seen during the creature's attack on the Sky Devils squad. It is unknown the exact process required for it to give birth. Considering its lack of ability to create webbing, though, it's possibly closer to how scorpions and other arachnids give birth rather than spiders.

Background and Trivia
  • The Mother Longlegs appear in the 2017 comic series Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, which is in the MonsterVerse continuity. The creatures are featured in issue Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #4. The comic also features a giant Mother Longlegs. This larger one has a different kind of face, although is not denoted as different in the comic or in the cryptozoological classification in the publication.
  • The official Japanese site for Kong: Skull Island, run by Warner Bros, lists a different name of "Bamboo Spider" in English and Japanese (バンブー・スパイダー - Banbu Supaida) for the arachnid.
  • Legendary's "viral" site, Discover Skull Island, has a cryptozoology entry for the Mother Longlegs. The cryptozoological classification of the creature there is, oddly, both "Arachnida Acidosasa" and "Mater Crura". The overall classification is florofauna, sub-division arachnid. The site also mentions the creatures as being carnivorous. Interestingly, from the main menu, the creature is given a totally different name as well of "Blade Spider". This name is not referenced of mentioned at all in the actual cryptozoology entry, though.
  • To promote Kong: Skull Island, Warner Bros. Japan released monster stats to Twitter. Mother Longlegs was among them, stated as being 5-7 meters long. This is comparable to the stats listed on its cryptozoology entry, which were 18-23 feet or roughly 5.5-7 meters.
  • Early concept art depicts multiple Mother Longlegs during the forest sequence, although the final film only features one.
  • On March 7th, 2017, Madame Tussauds in New York opened an exhibit called Face the King: Kong Skull Island Experience. This attraction featured a Mother Longlegs as part of it.
  • Initially the Mother Longlegs' stomach was going to open up in the movie, described as similar to a "venus flytrap" by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. However, it was felt too "alien" and was removed in favor of using the pincers of the creature. This detail is noted in Vogt-Roberts' commentary on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.