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Mirror Man

Height: 1.7-40 meters
Mass: 70 kilograms-35,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Can create a Defense Mirror to deflect attacks; Mirror Eyeshot beams from eyes; able to fire a blast of energy called the Mirror Knife from his hands; ignites his feet to perform a Miracle Kick; can fire a stream of blasts from his hand called the Mirror Shot; able to induce hallucinations using energy from the sun's rays; can materialize a light sword; able to discharge a razor sharp Slicer H, Slicer V, or Mirror Disc energy attack; can unleash a powerful Silver Cross attack; able to enter and reemerge from any reflective surface; can discharge a stream of lightning called Mirror Fire; able to fire a levitating stream of energy from his hands

First Appearance: Mirror Man (1972)
Other Appearances: Mirror Man: Dinosaur Aroza Reanimated

Series:  (Distributed)