Mire Squid リバー・デビル

Mire Squid
Mire Squid

Length : 27 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Constricting tentacles; scalding ink


Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Series // MonsterVerse


Skull Island's Mire Squid is a humongous cephalopod. Rather than living in the ocean, though, the beast stalks the rivers of the isle. In the event prey are discovered, the creature can reel them in with its long tentacles. When close enough, the aquatic beast will use a complex muscle system to rotate its beak-like jaws. This will create a whirlpool-like effect, sucking the prey into its maw for digestion.

In 1973, human visitors arrived on the island in the form of a Sky Devils military unit. They were joined by personnel from Monarch and Landsat. Through a devastating confrontation with King Kong, the group was dispersed on Skull Island.

One member of the Sky Devils, Jack Chapman, stumbled upon a river. Drinking the water to refresh himself, the hidden Mire Squid observed the human. The two were interrupted, though, by the appearance of King Kong. Washing his wounds, the great ape proceeded to drink from the river. Suddenly, Kong reached into the water, grabbing the surprised Mire Squid. No longer hidden, the giant cephalopod went on the offensive. The creature wrapped its many tentacles around Kong, constricting him. After a momentary struggle, the giant ape lifted and slammed his foot into the body of the Mire Squid. The attack sent ink dispersing in the water as Kong then crushed the squid's body.

Lifeless, the giant ape proceeded to eat the tentacles of the squid, ripping them off with his hands and teeth. Satisfied, Kong dragged its kill behind it, still feasting on the dead Mire Squid.

Powers / Weapons
Constricting Tentacles

Constricting Tentacles

The Mire Squid hosts eight constricting tentacles. These appendages are used to wrap around targets and squeeze them, to subdue or even kill those that the creature was entangled with.

These tentacles were used against King Kong when the creatures engaged one another. This attack proved mildly successful until the giant ape attacked the squid's body, causing it to loosen its hold.

Scalding Ink

Scalding Ink

The giant cephalopod could produce and expel a thick blast of ink. This ink was brought to furnace-like temperatures thanks to the mantal chambers found within the beast. Although used defensively, the scalding ink would boil those who came in contact with it.

When engaged with King Kong, the Mire Squid was unable to utilize this attack. However, when Kong stepped on the squid ink did spurt out. This was likely an involuntary reaction, though, to having its body crushed.

Background and Trivia
  • The official Discover Skull Island site has a cryptozoology entry for the Mire Squid. The cryptozoological classification of the creature there is "Gigantus Leviapus". The overall classification of the water mammal is Megalopod, sub-division Architeuthis Hybrid. The site also mentions the creatures as being omnivorous.
  • The official Japanese site for the movie, run by Warner Bros, lists a different name of "River Devil" in English and Japanese (リバー・デビル - Riba Debiru) for the beast.
  • While promoting Kong: Skull Island, Warner Bros. Japan released stats for the Skull Island monsters. Among them was the Mire Squid, stated at being 27 meters in length. This is equivalent to the lower range of the size listed on the English cryptozzology entry for them. The size there was 90-110 feet, which is roughly 27-33.5 meters.
  • The scene where Kong devours the Mire Squid was an homage to a similar scene in the movie Oldboy where the protagonist eats a live octopus.This fact is mentioned in director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' commentary on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.
  • Originally, Colonel Preston Packard and his men were to have observed the fight between King Kong and the Mire Squid. This was changed to just having Jack Chapman witness it. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts noted this in his commentary on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.
  • The director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, describes the Kong and Mire Squid fight as "an updating and a throwback to the Toho version" of King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) where Kong fights the Giant Octopus. However, he describes the Giant Octopus as a squid by mistake. This trivia is found in the director's commentary on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.