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Height: 20 meters
Mass: 15,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Grenades on belt; can emit a hypnotic light from atop its head; able to unleash a tremendous amount of light from its eyes

First Appearance: King Kong Escapes (1967)

Series:  Showa  


Based on the studies of Carl Nelson, Mechani-Kong was created in the likeness of the legendary ape King Kong. Although Nelson designed the blue prints for the mechanical beast, his interest in the field of animal studies prevented him from ever turning his idea into reality. The international Judas Dr. Who, on the other hand, foresaw a powerful new tool in Nelson's designs, and quickly set out to construct the machine for his own purposes.

After construction, Mechani-Kong was first deployed in the North Pole, on an assignment to mine Element X, a powerful new element used in the creation of weapons of mass destruction. However, the effects of Element X were more potent than even Dr. Who realized, as the powerful substance shorts out his robot while being unearthed from its icy confinement. Adjusting his plans, Dr. Who instead captures King Kong and, while the creature is under his mind control, sends the ape into the icy depths to unearth the needed elements. Again, Dr. Who miscalculates the effects of Element X, as they short out his mind control device, causing the giant ape to run loose in his underground lair. The ape bursts through rock and ice, and emerges back on the surface. Dr. Who quickly deploys Mechani-Kong to try and cut off King Kong's escape, but the robot monster is too late. Kong has already begun his swim away from Dr. Who's hideout by the time Mechani-Kong arrives near his position.

Unmoved by this recent string of failures, Dr. Who sends out his robot to hunt down Kong. Locating the monster in the heart of Tokyo, Mechani-Kong is sent into action. Kong clashes with his mechanical double, but Mechani-Kong gains the upper hand through the use of his hypnotic light. However, Jiro Nomura shoots the light atop Mechani-Kong's head, disabling the weapon and giving Kong the edge in the fight. Dr. Who, surveying the options, orders his robot to ignore Kong and capture Susan Watson, a nearby girl for which Kong has taken a liking to. The robotic Kong quickly obeys, grasping the girl in his metallic hand as he rushes off to climb Tokyo Tower. Kong gives chase, and the two behemoths continue their fight while scaling Tokyo Tower. The confrontation is cut short, however, when Ms. Piranha unplugs the Mechani-Kong controller, causing the robot to loosen his grip as the tower snaps in half, sending the robot plummeting to the Earth, shattering it into several pieces upon contact.