Mechagodzilla メカゴジラ [Ready Player One]

Mechagodzilla [Ready Player One]

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Powers / Weapons

Atomic heat ray; finger missiles


Eye ports


Ready Player One (2018)

Series // [Toho Character]


The time had come to save the OASIS. Parzival, a user of the fully interactive, virtual reality - which up until now had been free for all to access and use - was first in line to win the keys to the OASIS in a contest originated by the online world's creator, James Halliday. Parzival sent out a call to arms to every other user of the OASIS, to come and save their world from Nolan Sorrento, the CEO of Innovative Online Industries. Sorrento intended to win Halliday's contest himself, in order to seize control of and monetize the virtual world. With Sorrento logged into the OASIS, his avatar awaiting in Castle Anorak on Planet Doom - the location of the contest's final key - he watched as Parzival's plea for help seemingly went unanswered. But as soon as the evil CEO turned his back, he suddenly heard the thunderous sound of countless footsteps. Turning back, he saw a literal army storming towards the castle. The citizens had arrived. The final fight for the fate of the OASIS had begun.

Parzival and his army began to unleash every bit of firepower they had at Castle Anorak, but Sorrento had the structure sealed behind a powerful force field, which held strong against even their greatest attacks. Thankfully, Art3mis - a close ally of Parzival and another user in line to win Halliday's contest - was able to log onto the OASIS using an IOI terminal, allowing her access to Castle Anorak from the inside. Sneaking her way to the force field's power source, she was able to shut it down, allowing Parzival and his army to attack. With the castle now vulnerable, IOI's own army was unleashed to deal with the oncoming civilians. But as the people had the ability to base their avatars on any fictional characters they so desired, IOI's soldiers were facing a force to be reckoned with. Sonic the Hedgehog, Chun-Li, Tracer, Master Chief, the Battletoads, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Batgirl, Spawn, Chucky, and the Cyclops from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad were only a small handful of the powerful characters Innovative Online Industries found themselves up against.

Stepping out of the castle's front gates, Sorrento looked out upon the war. The citizens of the OASIS were not falling as easily as he had hoped and they were gaining traction, slowly but surely growing closer and closer to Castle Anorak. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Sorrento pulled up his avatar interface. Opening a menu listing an entire array of giant robots from throughout pop culture history, Sorrento selected a machine known not only for its sheer power, but also its great evil and ferocity. He let the mech materialize and form around him, being raised up into what would shortly become the robot's cockpit.

As Parzival and Art3mis raced through the war zone towards Castle Anorak in Doc Emmett Brown's DeLorean, the latter was the first to spot and recognize the new arrival. With a gasp of horror, she realized exactly what mechanical terror Sorrento had just unleashed against them.

Mechagodzilla [Ready Player One]With a mighty roar, Mechagodzilla had come to life.

The machine was immense, far larger than even the tallest warriors in Parzival's army. With Sorrento at its controls, the evil mech marched down the front steps of Castle Anorak, crushing the stone stairs beneath its feet. Before the mighty robot could begin laying waste to the OASIS citizens, Aech - one of Parzival and Art3mis' closest friends - rushed forward to meet it in battle. Aech's avatar was the Iron Giant, the only thing even close to matching Mechagodzilla in size. Activating an energy cannon located in his right arm, the Giant began to fire blast after blast at his foe. But even the iron defender was dwarfed by the mechanical Godzilla, who used its massive size to ignore the Iron Giant's blasts, then knock him to the ground with a single punch. Before the humanoid robot had a chance to get back to his feet, the metallic monster opened its maw and unleashed a sheet of blue atomic fire. The Iron Giant let out a scream as Mechagodzilla's flame began to superheat and ignite the metal that comprised his body.

With Mechagodzilla distracted, Parzival and Art3mis tried to speed past it in the DeLorean, but the evil robot noticed them and spun around, swatting the time machine away with a swing of its tail, completely demolishing the car. High above, the Serenity spaceship began to descend from the atmosphere. Watching Mechagodzilla down below, Daito - another of Parzival's allies - summoned a power-up item to his hand: The Gregarious 120, a magical gauntlet capable of transforming its user into a famous giant robot for a period of two minutes. Leaping from the Serenity, Daito let his own mech envelope and form around him. In a flash of light, the RX-78-2 Gundam had arrived! Blasting down to the ground, the RX-78-2 intervened and saved the fleeing Parzival and Art3mis from being crushed underfoot by Mechagodzilla. Moving back, the Gundam flew up and delivered a powerful uppercut to Mechagodzilla's jaw with its durable Combat Shield, knocking the evil mech off its feet, crushing dozens of IOI soldiers in the process.

The metallic dragon was back on its feet in seconds, and while the Gundam was far more maneuverable than its opponent, the robotic Godzilla dwarfed the Mobile Suit in size just as much as it had the Iron Giant. Though the RX-78-2 managed to land a slash with its Beam Saber, when it tried to follow up with a kick, Mechagodzilla caught its leg and punched hard with its fist, sending the Gundam hurtling into a nearby mountain. Mechagodzilla pressed its attack, firing its atomic heat ray once again, but the RX-78-2 was able to push the flames back with its shield. Unfortunately, Daito's allotted time was already nearly over. The Gundam charged Mechagodzilla again, but the saurian machine bit down with its jaws and tossed it aside, very nearly sending the Mobile Suit over a cliff into a lake of lava below. Flying up and attacking again, the RX-78-2 managed to inflict a nasty gash across Mechagodzilla's torso with its saber. With only ten seconds left, the Gundam made one final attack and leapt towards the evil mech, stabbing its Beam Saber into Mechagodzilla's shoulder. It was the last attack the heroic robot could make before the Gregarious 120's time limit finally gave out. The Gundam faded away, leaving Daito himself hanging from Mechagodzilla's hull. Plucking him off its body as if he were a parasite, the robotic duplicate glared down at the tiny avatar as it held him in its hand. After making one final declaration of defiance against Mechagodzilla and Sorrento within, Daito was incinerated by a blast of the machine's atomic breath.

Mechagodzilla [Ready Player One]With Daito and the Gundam gone, Mechagodzilla turned, spotting Parzival and his ally Sho running towards Castle Anorak. Raising its arms into attack position, the machine's hands spun around and locked into place, preparing to fire its finger missiles. Seconds before they could launch, the Iron Giant - having recovered from Mechagodzilla's earlier assault - leapt onto the back of the reptilian robot, grabbing its arms and jerking them backward, causing the missiles to fire out in all random directions. As Parzival and Sho dodged the resulting explosions, the Iron Giant attacked with all its might, punching and stomping Mechagodzilla's head before the evil mech could retaliate. But the Giant could not delay the inevitable, and soon the mechanical monster snatched him in its teeth, pulling him down from its back and facing him directly, slashing him with its claws. As the Iron Giant placed his foot against Mechagodzilla's head, keeping the villainous robot distracted, he extended his right arm, revealing Art3mis hidden within his hand. Opening fire with her Pulse Rifle, Art3mis blew out Mechagodzilla's left eye, exposing Sorrento within its cockpit. With dread, Sorrento recognized the avatar that was now staring him down through the evil machine's eye socket.

With Mechagodzilla stuck dealing with the Iron Giant, Sorrento could do nothing as Art3mis hurled a Dust Brain through the mech's shattered eye and into its cockpit. The CEO could only watch as the Madball landed at his feet, then began to cackle before finally erupting into a powerful ball of fire, incinerating Sorrento and setting off a chain reaction that destroyed Mechagodzilla, obliterating the machine's head, neck, and upper torso. Releasing and dropping the Iron Giant, the flaming remains of Mechagodzilla fell to the ground, defeated at last.

Powers / Weapons
Atomic Heat Ray

Atomic Heat Ray

Mechagodzilla's main weapon is a flamethrower-like blast of blue atomic fire from its mouth.

These flames are capable of melting and even igniting other giant robots almost instantly, although the Anti Mobile Suit Combat Shield of the RX-78-2 Gundam was capable of not only successfully blocking the ray, but even pushing it back.

Finger Missiles

Finger Missiles

Mechagodzilla can retract its fingers into its hands and replace them with highly explosive missiles.

If both hands are loaded at the same time, the evil machine is capable of firing up to eight of these powerful projectiles simultaneously.

Damage to Cybanek

Eye Ports

Mechagodzilla's eyes seem to be nothing more than fragile glass lights with no metal hull behind them, allowing them to be easily blown out by even handheld weapons.

Once Mechagodzilla's eyes are removed, it leaves its cockpit and the pilot within extremely vulnerable to attack, potentially crippling or even outright destroying the robot.

Background and Trivia
  • Although Ready Player One (2018) was not directly produced nor distributed by Toho Co., Ltd., its incarnation of Mechagodzilla is nevertheless included on Toho Kingdom due to being a legitimate incarnation of an iconic Toho character with its own unique appearance and abilities that Toho themselves had a large part in approving and designing. Additionally, it played a substantial role in a widely released Hollywood blockbuster, and is noteworthy for technically being the first American Mechagodzilla.
  • Mechagodzilla [Ready Player One]In the original novel of Ready Player One as written by author Ernest Cline, the incarnation of Mechagodzilla utilized was in fact Kiryu from Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002). However, as revealed in a conversation between creature designer Jared Krichevsky and Toho Kingdom President Joshua Sudomerski, when it came time to design the mech for the feature film adaptation, despite Krichevsky coming up with a few of his own original designs, he was requested to come up with something more akin to the classic Showa design from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) and Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975). In the process of getting Toho's approval for the movie's design of the character, they eventually sent Krichevsky Noriyoshi Ohrai's artwork poster for Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993) and told him "Make it like this." He also noted that Digital Domain did a great deal of work in finalizing the robot's design for the film.
  • This would not be the last time that Jared Krichevsky would work on the design of Mechagodzilla, as three years later he would go on to work with Legendary Pictures and create the MonsterVerse's incarnation of the character in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021).
  • Mechagodzilla's theme music in this film is a completely original rendition of Akira Ifukube's classic Godzilla Theme, arranged by composer Alan Silvestri. This new version of the theme is available on the Ready Player One - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as part of Track 13: "Looking for a Truck."
  • The height for this incarnation of Mechagodzilla is unknown, as no official stats have been released for the film version, and descriptions given in the original novel are wildly inconsistent with one another. At one point, Mechagodzilla is stated to be twice the height of Leopardon (a Super Sentai-style mech piloted by Toei's incarnation of Marvel's Spider-Man) who is described as "almost a hundred meters," thereby suggesting that this Mechagodzilla is roughly 200 meters tall. However, it is later said that Ultraman, who earlier in the book is stated to be 156 feet tall, matches Mechagodzilla's height and size "almost exactly." In the film adaptation, though the official height may never be known, 156 feet seems to be more accurate than 200 meters, going off how large the human-sized Daito is when held in Mechagodzilla's hand.