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Length: 300 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Constricting body; adept swimmer
First Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Series:  Millennium  


Off the coast of England, the serenity was completely shattered by the sudden appearance of a massive, malevolent sea serpent. Japan dispatched its aerial war vessel, the Gotengo, to assist Britain in the destruction of this mysterious monster. The amphibious craft plunged deep into the North Sea and located the disturbance: Manda, but the squirming dragon wrapped around the Gotengo and attempted to squeeze the life out of its enemy! The large vessel approached an underwater volcano, and when it was close enough, the submarine fired its missiles at the submerged mountain, creating an immense hole in the Earth's crust. Both Manda and its victim were in dire straits, but the insidious reptile relented to the unbearable conditions first. It lightened its grip and finally released the ship from its constricting muscles. Glowing brightly from its encounter with the volcano, Manda approached the submersible from behind as the vessel searched for its cunning quarry. Gotengo spun to meet its opponent, and fired its zero cannon directly into the immense dragon. The intense cold gripped Manda, leaving it vulnerable to attack. The Gotengo's drill was activated, and the cyclopean serpent was no more! Victorious, the battleship began its journey back to Tokyo; however, it did not realize what terrors it would encounter upon its return...