Leafwing リーフウィング


Length :
Wingspan : 1-1.5 meters
Mass :

Powers / Weapons

Flight; anesthetic bone spear


Kong: Skull Island (2017); Godzilla vs. Kong

Series // MonsterVerse


A subspecies of the larger Psychovultures, although vastly different in appearance, the Leafwing are small, predatory creatures. Native to Skull Island, the bird-like monsters travel in flocks on the isle. As part of their flight, the beasts will secrete a fine epicuticular wax to coat their wings. This, however, has led to the creatures being sought after by the Iwi natives on the island. When captured, the natives will grind their wings into a fine powder, which is believed to have psychotropic properties.

Beleaguered by threats, the bird-like monsters are adept at hiding. They are fond of nesting in the mountain summits, where their natural camouflage obscures them in trees. However, the Leafwings will also rest in other areas of the island, even around the dangerous Skullcrawlers.

In 1973, the island was visited by a Monarch expedition. This included members of the Sky Devils military unit and Landsat. After a deadly confrontation with King Kong, the expedition became scattered across the island. One of those groups, comprised of Sky Devils and Landsat members, sighted a tree in the distance. Colonel Preston Packard, using a M14 rifle, spotted a lone Leafwing near the tree. Commenting how ugly the creature was, the Colonel fired, obliterating the creature's head. The Leafwing's death startled a huge flock of the monsters, though, that were camouflaged in the tree. The bird-like beasts took flight, flying into the sky as the Colonel and his men watched them.

Later, the bird-like beings appeared near a different group from the expedition. This group was riding a crude craft, called the Grey Fox, before the Leafwings launched an attack. The assault was directed at Victor Nieves, who the monsters carried off. The others attempted to save him, but could not get a clean shot. Eventually, the creatures used their serrated snouts to kill and dismember him.

After the survivors of the expedition are united, they make their way to the "Valley of the Fallen Gods". This area hosts a graveyard of bones from those killed by the Skullcrawlers. The group is quickly under siege from the slithering creatures, and to make matters worse they disturb a flock of Leafwings as well. The flying monsters go on the attack, although many of them are sliced down with a sword. Eventually the flock moves onward.

More than two decades later, in 1995, a small expedition found itself on Skull Island. Stranded, the group witnessed a flock of Leafwings flying in a valley. These Leafwings looked different from the ones encountered in 1973, though. Instead of black eyes, they featured bulbous white eyes. Their bone spears were also notably smaller, while the beings had no overt necks. It's possible they had evolved, that different parts of the island had different kinds of Leafwings, or that this was the result of them interbreeding with their cousins the Psychovultures.

Sometime before 2024, the storm system around Skull Island began to move further inland. This event devastated most of the life on the island, wiping out the Iwi natives and other species. During this catastrophe, Monarch stepped in. A gigantic containment dome was constructed around a portion of the island. This conserved part of the land as eventually the storm completely engulfed Skull Island. The purpose of this dome was to provide Kong with a safe zone, although the Leafwings are seen still alive and present inside the dome with the titan as well.

Powers / Weapons


This creature takes flight using its two frond wings.

The Leafwing coats its wings with a epicuticular wax, which is secreted from its stomata during flight. This wax then hardens in the air around the wings, providing minor protection to their otherwise delicate structure.

Anesthetic Bone Trunk

Anesthetic Bone Spear

Located on the snout of the beast's face is a long, serrated spear. The serrated aspect comes from fibrous spikes found along the length of the spear. In addition, these spikes are laced with a powerful aesthetic agent. As they pierce prey, the aesthetic is released, numbing senses in the stabbed area.

This spear was used to kill Victor Nieves, a Landsat official. While being lifted, the Leafwings used their serrated snouts to slash off limbs of their prey.

Background and Trivia
  • The Leafwings appear in the 2017 comic series Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, which is in the MonsterVerse continuity. They show up in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1, although their appearance is different from that in the movies, matching more with some of the previously unused concept art that was created for them.
  • The official Discover Skull Island site features a Leafwing cryptozoology entry. The cryptozoological classification of the winged beast is "Icarus Folium". The overall classification of the Spore Mantis is Florofauna, sub-division Reptilia Aves Hybrid. The site also mentions the monster as being omnivorous.
  • Some early concept art toyed with a more bird-like appearance for the creatures, rather than the more reptile-like appearance that was used in the movie. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts laments that they went through a ton of different designs for the Leafwing, as he was looking for something that wasn't resembling of a pterodactyl. This fact is mentioned in Vogt-Roberts' commentary on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.
  • The Leafwing is left off Japanese sources, such as the Japanese site for the movie. It is often grouped together with its cousin, the Psychovulture. The creature's Japanese name, therefore, is a proximation of what this might be if they translate the English name as リーフウィング (Rifuwingu).
  • Originally, the fight scene with the Leafwings was going to take place in a forest. An instance was to occur that would disturb the flying creatures, revealing that the forest was actually derelict and almost dead, and the lush appearance was actually the Leafwings. This would have led to a battle with them. This sequence was removed and they were instead added to the scene at the boneyard with the Skullcrawlers. This detail is mentioned during director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' commentary found on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.