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Height: 4 meters
Mass: 500 kilograms
  Powers/Weapons: Can withstand high temperatures; able to shapeshift his hands into weapons, like a bow or sword; arrows that are fired off detonate on impact
First Appearance: Yamato Takeru (1994)
Series:  Heisei  


Deep in the bowls of the Kumaso Kingdom, alone in the pools of fiery lava, a lesser God is revered. Acting as a symbol of power for the reigning warlord, the Kumasogami burns with lust for death. To quench this passion, Kumaso feeds a young girl to the god once in a great while. However, when fate brought the demon the young girl Oto, the blazing life form would be denied its desire. Rushing to her side, Osu and his band of warriors freed here, and imprisoned the monster again in its chamber. Yet the Kumasogami would not be denied. Using its omnipotent strength, the creature smashed through the wooden gate that thought to hold it in. The beast roared its freedom, and immediately set out to destroy those who stood against it. Morphing its right hand fingers into arrows, and its left hand into a Siege Bow, the mortal humans found themselves in a lot of trouble. Osu was able to stave off the exploding arrows of the demigod for a while, but when the Kumasogami transformed its hand into a giant saber, he found he was outclassed. Death was about to greet him, until his comma shaped jewel, dangling from his neck, flashed to life. The relic gave him the power to emit twin sage bolts of power from his eyes, bolts that destroyed the monster for good. After the god's defeat, Osu was bestowed the Shiratori Mirror, the first of the Divine Lights of Yamato.