King Kong キングコング [MonsterVerse]

King Kong [MonsterVerse]
King Kong

Height : 31.6 meters
Mass : 158 tons

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Kong: Skull Island (2017); Godzilla King of the Monsters (stock footage)

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The last known surviving member of a species of giant apes. Raised on Skull Island in the South Pacific, Kong grew up among a variety of creatures that included his parents. As their notoriety grew, the Kongs were revered as gods by the Iwi island natives. Despite their power, though, the giant apes faced opposition from a subterranean race of reptile-like creatures called Skullcrawlers. Extremely lethal, the larger members of this species wiped out the other Kongs, including murdering Kong's family. Killed on the East side of the island, the remains of the other Kongs were left exposed as a reminder of the Skullcrawlers' power. Young and alone, the great ape brought it upon himself to defend some of the other creatures on the island, such as the Sker Buffalo.

In 1944, amidst World War II, the island was visited by fighter planes. As aerial dog fights occurred near the landmass, two planes were shot down. One belonged to the American forces, while the other was a Japanese zero fighter plan. As the two pilots attempted to kill each other on foot, Kong intervened. Sparring the two men, the pilots came to live with the island natives. They learned to respect Kong as the islanders had, as the great ape continued to defend the isle.

29 years later, in 1973, the island was visited by a large squadron of helicopters. The copters were part of an expedition led by the company Landsat and the government agency Monarch. The latter was an organization created in 1946 to study M.U.T.O. (massive unidentified terrestrial organisms). Escorting the research group was a military unit called the Sky Devils. Proficient pilots, the unit ventured through the storm system surrounding the island. Traveling further inland, a research group was deployed as the helicopters prepared explosives. Instructed to bomb the island for seismic surveillance, the helicopters shelled the forest.

King Kong [MonsterVerse]Unfortunately for the pilots, the explosives were simply a ruse. Monarch suspected the island to be the host for M.U.T.O., and the charges were a way to flush them out. Their hunch was correct, as Kong responded to the destruction brought on Skull Island. Immediately retaliating, the great ape tossed a tree through one of the copters, destroying it. With the threat realized, the UH-1 Iroquois helicopters engaged Kong. However, the beast was able to resist their gunfire, although was damaged by their sharp rotary blades. In the end, over 20 helicopters were destroyed. With the fleet decimated, Kong left the vicinity.

The incident left a small, scattered group of survivors. As they attempted to regroup, one survivor, Jack Chapman of the Sky Devils, found himself near a river. The lone solider was not alone, though, as Kong appeared shortly afterwards. As Chapman attempted to hide, Kong became focused on examining his wounds. The giant ape then proceeded to drink from the river, although appears preoccupied. The apparent distraction was revealed, though, when Kong reached below the waters to engage a submerged Mire Squid. The giant, tentacled beast attempted to constrict Kong, but was overpowered. Killed in the conflict, Kong began to eat the dead squid while he ventured elsewhere on the island.

Meanwhile, other survivors found themselves among the Iwi natives. They also discovered Hank Marlow, one of the World War II pilots who Kong sparred in the 1940's. Marlow revealed that Kong attacked them not only due to the damage being caused, but also to prevent the awakening of a larger Skullcrawler. As the survivors were greeted into the Iwi camp, one of them, photojournalist Mason Weaver, ventured off. In doing so she encountered a nearby Sker Buffalo who was trapped below a fallen UH-1 Iroquois. Weaver struggled to dislodged the large animal, only for Kong to arrive. The giant ape effortlessly removed the helicopter, saving the Sker Buffalo. Kong made eye contact with the young girl before once again embarking for another part of the island.

Eventually, after the group leaves the Iwi village, the remaining survivors reconvene with each other near the river. Once united, colonel Preston Packard of the Sky Devils reveals his vendetta against Kong. Packard also states that he plans to find Chapman, who was still missing. The search for the lost soldier leads the group to the East area of the island, where they find the remains of Kong's parents. Unfortunately, the group is viciously attacked by Skullcrawlers. Suffering more causalities, although not without killing some of the Skullcrawlers, the group discovers that Chapman was already dead. Packard, however, was beyond reason. Despite all they had been through, the colonel had become obsessed with destroying Kong. To achieve this, he secured the seismic explosives. His goal was to use them to lure Kong into a trap. These actions splintered the survivors into a group focused on escaping and another, military group focused on aiding the colonel.

Two members of the non-military group, however, run into Kong. Weaver, in fact gets close enough to touch the beast. The encounter makes them realize that Kong is the benevolent guardian the Iwi natives portrayed him as, and not a mindless beast. The experience caused the two groups to clash, although only after Packard had already lured and incapacitated Kong. Eventually the other soldiers listen to reason, and try to spare Kong. Packard remains vigilant, even as the giant Skullcrawler emerges nearby. In a final act, Packard attempted to detonate the explosives to kill Kong. The colonel was interrupted though as Kong reached out and crushed Packard under his fist.

In a weakened state, Kong was quickly defeated by the giant Skullcrawler. The reptile-like beast was more interested in the survivors than the giant ape, though. As a result, the downed ape is left behind for this other query.

King Kong [MonsterVerse]As night turned to day, the mammoth Skullcrawler pursued the humans. The monster managed to corner them, only for Kong to reemerge. As the two giant creatures battled, the giant ape got entangled in chains from a nearby sunken ship. Before the reptile could cause mortal damage, though, the beast was distracted by a flare fired by Weaver. This allowed Kong to break free, who then used the chain and a propeller to go on the attack. Fiercely throwing the object, Kong impaled his foe on the propeller blades. Using the chain to drag the Skullcrawler to him, the giant ape violently ripped at his opponent's jaw. The skirmish, however, knocked Weaver into the river, as Kong leapt to rescue her. Although successful, the giant Skullcrawler once more attacked Kong, focusing on the hand that was trying to protect the young girl. Eventually Kong gave in to the reptile's efforts to get at his hand by ramming it down the Skullcrawler's throat. The great ape then ripped his hand out, taking with it the tongue and vital organs of the reptile creature, killing it in the process.

With his foe vanquished, Kong set Weaver down safely. As the helicopters arrived to rescue the survivors, Kong beat his chest and roared.

In 1995, a second, covert expedition was set for Skull Island. Among the group venturing to the isle was Aaron Brooks, son of Houston Brooks from the first excursion to the island. However, their V-22 Osprey was attacked and the survivors become stranded. Their presence attracted a pack of Death Jackals, which killed one of the members. As the animals cornered them in a cave, Kong arrived. Bringing down his giant fist, the Skull Island guardian crushed several of the smaller creatures. Reaching in with his hand, Kong next grabbed others and pulled them from the cave. Finally, the huge ape slammed his other open hand down, ending the attack and saving the humans.

The survivors next were rescued by the Iwi natives. There, one of the survivors, Walter R. Riccio, began to learn about Kong. This included a vision that depicted a huge battle between others of Kong's species and the Skullcrawlers. Another, later vision showed the birth of King Kong. Taking place during a battle with the Skullcrawlers, Riccio saw both of Kong's parents. Kong's father was the first to fall, killed by the Skullcrawlers while Kong's mother was in labor. After giving birth, the huge female ape hid the baby in a cave. Shortly afterwards, she too was killed by the Skullcrawlers, although King Kong was safe.

Unfortunately, Riccio started to lose his mind, becoming obsessed with Kong. This fevered adoration led him to blow up the walls of the Iwi village, just to see if Kong comes to save them. Shortly afterwards, numerous Mother Longlegs swarmed the village. The giant spiders wasted little time in killing island natives, spearing them with their long appendages. As Aaron Brooks and several natives attempted to escape, a giant Mother Longlegs spoted them and gave chase. Thankfully, King Kong arrived, killing the large spider and saving Brooks. The island guardian then did battle with the other Mother Longlegs, slaughtering them. With the last one dispatched, Kong spotted Riccio shouting at him. The huge ape approached the lone man and raised his fist. With a single motion, Kong brought his powerful arm down, smashing Riccio. The island guardian then walked over to Brooks, staring at him. Kong then left, the remnants of the island villagers worshiping the giant as he goes.

Powers / Weapons


Although still growing, King Kong boasts no extraordinary powers, beyond being strong and resilient.

The beast proved sturdy enough to shrug off gunfire, although was damaged by the rotating blades on the helicopters. Strength wise, Kong was able to free himself when restrained by chains. He also showed enough power to toss and lodge a ship propeller into the giant Skull Crawler, which could then be yanked on without easily being dislodged from the reptile-like monster.

Background and Trivia
  • King Kong appears in the 2017 comic series Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, which is in the MonsterVerse continuity. The character appears in issues Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #1, #2, #3 and #4.
  • Motion capture for the performance of King Kong was done by Toby Kebbell, who also plays soldier Jack Chapman in the movie, and Terry Notary.
  • The monster's full name is never mentioned during the American version of the movie. Instead, the beast is simply called "Kong", although is referred to in other contexts as a king. The Japanese verison, however, uses the creature's full name as part of the movie's title.
  • In promoting the film, Warner Bros. Japan released stats surrounding the monsters. This included Kong's height and weight, while also including a subtitle for the monster: Guardian of Skull Island (髑髏島の守護神 - Sharekobe to no Shugojin).
  • The special effects department at one time considered having Kong walk on all fours, giving him primate qualities. Concept art was even rendered around this idea. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, however, stepped in saying that the beast needed to stand upright. He stated that: "this character is not a gorilla, this is an evolutionary offshoot between man and gorilla… kind of a neanderthal." This detail is mentioned Creating a King: Summoning a God found on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.
  • Model supervisor Lana Lan projects that the CGI model to create Kong was over half a million polygons, with almost half of those being in the face to increase the resolution there. This account is related in Creating a King: Summoning a God found on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.
  • To bring the creature to life, a muscle system was simulated on the Kong model. This was meant to give a more realistic performance for the character. On top of this was skin and also hair, with the CGI model of Kong featuring 19 million hairs. This information is cited in Creating a King: Summoning a God found on the Kong: Skull Island DVD.