Grand King Ghidorah グランドギドラ

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Cretaceous King Ghidorah

Height: 40 meters
Wingspan: 50 meters
Mass: 20,500 tons

Powers/Weapons: Fireballs from mouths; flight at mach 3; hurricane winds from wings; can travel in space by encasing itself within a meteor using the extracted life essences it consumes; able to grow his body back from severed parts

First Appearance: Rebirth of Mothra III (1998)

Series:  Mothra (Heisei)  


An ancient destroyer, Cretaceous King Ghidorah ruled during the age of the dinosaurs, feasting on the large reptiles to its wicked content. However, its reign was interrupted by Rainbow Mothra, who had traveled 130 million years into the past to engage the younger Ghidorah. As Leo had hoped, this creature was weaker than its present day incarnation, as Mothra's beams were able to do considerable damage to the prehistoric monster, even severing one of its tails. Unfortunately for Leo, Cretaceous King Ghidorah ended up being far more powerful than anticipated, as the three headed beast blasted Mothra with a volley of fire balls. The creature then moved in to continue the assault, viciously shredding Mothra's wings with its jagged fangs. Having gained the upper hand, Ghidorah tossed Leo to the ground and lets loose with another series of blasts against its winged foe.

The battle seems nearly won, as the young King of the Terror stands tall over the fallen Mothra. However, Leo, spotting a nearby volcano, makes one more desperate offensive as the giant moth rushes forward to grasp the three headed monster by its central neck. Mothra, with his cargo in tow, then flies directly into the volcano, dropping her foe at such a low altitude that he can't possibly escape in time before sinking into the molten lava. Yet, Cretaceous King Ghidorah tyranny was not over, as the nearby tail that Leo had severed earlier buried itself beneath the Earth's crust, preparing to regenerate its body in order to eventually grow into Grand King Ghidorah.

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Grand King Ghidorah

Height: 60 meters
Wingspan: 80 meters
Mass: 50,000 tons

Powers/Weapons: Flight at mach 3; hurricane winds from wings; gravity beams from mouths; able to fly even with the loss of its wings using a zero gravity field; scales manipulate the light from projectiles to form a protective barrier; can shoot six bolts of electricity from each wing; able to create a dome that allows objects to pass through, yet has a corrosive effect when they try to leave; dome's exterior is laced with tentacles; can teleport smaller beings inside the dome; able to travel in space by encasing itself within a meteor using the extracted life essences it consumes; can install a weak mind control

First Appearance: Rebirth of Mothra III (1998)

Series:  Mothra (Heisei)  


In 1999, a asteroid flies directly toward Earth and explodes in the atmosphere, causing a torrent of small meteors to come crashing down across Japan. One of the meteors falls in Aoki Forest, and begins to cause the nearby trees to uproot and hover above the ground, the King of Terror had returned.

His presence did not go unnoticed, however, as the two Elias, Moll and Lora, arrived on the scene and began investigating the remains of the fallen meteors. They uncover the essence of dinosaurs in the ancient rock, revealing that the creature must have been around for at least 130 million years. Soon after making this revelation, Grand King Ghidorah appears, much to the horror of the modern world. The three headed terror wastes no time, and quickly begins to attack Japan's major metropolises, teleporting the nearby children inside his dome while laying waste to the surrounding architecture.

The Elias arrive in the wake of King Ghidorah and quickly realize that the creature must be planning to extract the life essence from the children, which is strong due to their young age. This discovery leads the two Elias to summon Mothra, who rushes across Japan in time to meet Ghidorah over Aoki Forest, where the creature's dome is being kept. The two titans engage in combat, but Leo proves to be no match for the King of Terror, as Mothra's beams are neutralized by the barrier cast forth by Ghidorah's thick hide. With most of the benevolent moth's arsenal rendered useless, Ghidorah wastes no time in quickly finishing the match as it lands directly on Leo's head, impaling the giant insect into the ground.

Out of options, the Elias and Fairy intervene by shooting at King Ghidorah in a bid to save Mothra. Unfortunately, the blasts do little more than distract the King of Terror, who utilizes his power and takes control of Lora. Seeing the brief window of opportunity, Leo attempts to flee, only to be quickly blasted by Ghidorah's gravity beams, sending the giant moth spiraling back down to Earth.

Meanwhile, with the Elias divided through Ghidorah's mind control, Lora falls into the dome while Fairy saves Moll from the same fate. Moll and Fairy quickly flee from the area and manage to come across a boy named Shota. Together, the three make their way toward the injured Mothra, while Grand King Ghidorah travels back toward the cities to gather more children.

After a short trek, the trio find themselves before the benevolent moth. Once there, Leo tells Moll to send him back in time 130 million years, to a time when King Ghidorah was young and in a weaker state. Moll explains that without Lora he won't be able to return, yet still Leo insists. Eventually, the lone Elias gives in, and Leo flies off as Moll begins preparations. While in the air, Mothra changes into its Aqua form before Moll's powers are utilized allowing Leo to change shape once more, this time becoming Light Speed Mothra and traveling back to ancient Earth.

Once Leo has traveled back in time, Grand King Ghidorah begins to feel sharp jabs of pain in correlation with the damage that Cretaceous King Ghidorah is being exposed to in the past. Then, after its prehistoric incarnation is incinerated in a bath of molten lava, Ghidorah vanishes along with the dome. It would seem that Leo's plan was a success. Unfortunately, the victory was short lived, and without merit, as almost instantly a asteroid is spotted overhead. The giant meteor quickly explodes in the atmosphere, releasing Grand King Ghidorah once more. Mothra's efforts were for naught, as the severed tail of Cretaceous King Ghidorah was able to reform its body, which only managed to delay Ghidorah's arrival by a few days. Unopposed, the King of Terror wastes no time in gathering up the nearby children for later consumption.

Meanwhile, on a nearby mountain side, a small tremor occurs which uncovers a giant cocoon. Once exposed, the cocoon begins to crack as Leo, who over million of years has now transformed into Armor Mothra, emerges. Mothra wastes no time and quickly takes flight in the direction of its three headed rival. Not knowing of Mothra's return, the Elias try one more desperate attempt to thwart the King of Terror, as Lora, who has broken free from Ghidorah's mind control, and Belvera join forces and use the combined power of the Elias Sword and Triangles to attack the King of Terror head on. The assault is successful in gaining Ghidorah's attention, while the Elias are able to surround themselves in a barrier to deflect his gravity beams. However, this ends up being a minor set back, as the three headed demon quickly swap the pair away with his tail. Yet, the Elias efforts would suffice, as just then Armor Mothra appeared, ready to take on his ancient foe one final time. Ghidorah, unfazed by the reemergence of his enemy, quickly discharges his gravity beams against Mothra. Fortunately, the blasts have no affect, as the beams harmlessly bounce of Leo's armor plating. Now enjoying the upper hand, Leo begins its assault and uses its razor tipped wings to slash Ghidorah's wings, before making a return run to ram itself directly into the King of Terror, sending the demon tumbling to the ground below. Ghidorah, unwilling to give up, unleashes another volley of gravity beams, but once again the attack is rendered useless by Mothra's armor. Leo accelerates his attack, this time slashing off one of Ghidorah's wings completely. With the three headed monster severally wounded, Armor Mothra begins to glow as it flies directly through Ghidorah's stomach, causing the creature to crystallize and explode, marking the final chapter of the King of Terror's reign.