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Height: 20 meters
Mass: 28,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Hard carapace; extendable neck
Weakness: Ultrasonic waves
First Appearance: Space Amoeba (1970)
Series:  Showa  


Shortly after the destruction of the first Ganimes, the Amoeba took hold of another host. The alien learned from its mistakes on the previous hosts, seeing that both Gezora and Ganimes neither had a tough enough skin to stand against the humans. So they infected a native rock turtle, turning the animal into what would be called Kamoebas. Immediately the creature was sent out to hunt down the humans on Selga Island, but was soon stopped. Swarms of soaring bats approached the monster turtle and the newly created second Ganimes, driving the monsters to war. Kamoebas set out and drove the crab to retreat to the summit of a nearby volcano. Yet it was the blood hued crustacean that managed to flip the reptile into the crater. However, Kamoebas managed to bite onto one of the flailing claws, and dragged the crab being with it, to a death in molten rock along with the essence of the Amoeba creatures that sought to control them.