Kaishin Muba ゴッドカイシン

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Kaishin Muba
Length: 38 meters
Mass: 2,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Constricting tentacles; able to fire a ray from the jewel on its forehead
First Appearance: Yamato Takeru (1994)
Series:  Heisei  


As sailors navigate the ocean waters, one fear picks at their souls, knowing full and well of what lives beneath the waves. Moving through the black waters of the thrashing ocean, Kaishin Muba, the God of the Sea, dwells. On normal conditions, the demigod would not soil itself to touch such pitiful mortal creatures, but when the dark wizard Sukinowa summoned it, the beast had to answer. Pulling from the ocean depths, during a ravishing storm, Kaishin Muba attacked Oto and Osu. Lashing out with burning light from its forehead, and grasping tentacles, the monster dragged Osu into the waters. Oto, throwing her own safety into the wind, dove in after and fought to save her love. Releasing her fireballs, the young girl managed to relinquish the vice grip of the animal. Oto moved in and pushed her ally to the surface, but for her interference, Kaishin Muba grabbed her. Soon after the entanglement, the soothsayer ended his spell, causing the summoned Muba to disappear. Taking with it, the love of Yamato Takeru.