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  Powers/Weapons: Can greatly extend its appendages into thin spear points; able to take on a human form except for its face
First Appearance: Dororo (2007)
Series:  (Distributed)  


The Jorogumo was one of the 48 demons that ravished the body of the newly born Hyakkimaru, enabling its power to take on human forms. A spider-like demon that posses tremendous speed and agility, which it uses to attack its human prey. On one such evening, the beast took on the form of a beautiful female dancer. To hide its true intent, the creature wore a mask so that its ghastly face was concealed. Sneaking into a subterranean club, the demon attempted to dance before a large crowd to lure its victims closer. However, the beast's plans were interrupted by Hyakkimaru, who leapt at the creature and sliced its mask in half with his sword. Consequently, the monster's true face was revealed, causing mass panic in the crowd as the demon changed into its regular form. After leaping and stabbing a nearby man, the spider-monster and Hyakkimaru proceeded to attack one another. Despite its formidable abilities, though, the demon was no match and eventually had its head decapitated, causing the rest of its body to rupture into a sea of blood.